Military radio operators.

Military radio operators.

Communication — the nerves of the army. On the radio, telegraph and telephone during the military operations carried out interaction between the armed services.

During the Great Patriotic War, fighting for the motherland, wireless operators have made many glorious feats of arms. Under enemy fire, in the difficult conditions they maintained uninterrupted communication. Their battle path marked by a truly heroic deeds.

A special place belongs to the army radio. The rich experience of the Great Patriotic War confirmed that radio is the most reliable and often the only means of command and control on the battlefield.

In the postwar years, the rapid development of all types of military equipment — increasing the speed and maneuverability of aircraft, tanks and ships — is immeasurably increased the role of radio in the army and navy. Commanders and superiors are trained radio operators due in strict accordance with the requirements of the modern battlefield. Clearly organizing training of soldiers, they are making concerted actions of the crew, the ability to communicate in any conditions and in the shortest possible time.

Modern combat presents to the soldiers of all arms highest demands. In the fight against a strong, well-equipped enemy forces needed enormous stress, skillful and dexterous action. Soviet soldiers constantly cultivate these qualities. In the classroom into the field on. ranges and shooting sports are relentlessly improving their skills, master the complex combat equipment.

Military radio operators, as well as the entire staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR, met XX Congress of the CPSU and the 38th anniversary of the Soviet Army and Navy with new successes in combat and political training. Among them growing ranks of honors — class specialists, masters of continuous communications. For successes in combat training, many of them awarded with breast signs of excellent and very distinguished soldiers of the Komsomol — diplomas of the Komsomol.

These pictures show some episodes of combat training of soldiers radio operators.

— Open the station! — Gives the command sergeant Yu Brusnikin. Skillfully operate warriors radio operators. In carrying out the task, they quickly deployed station

Right sverh.u down:

The classes in the field. Radio operators provide management division commander.

Radio communication is established. At a given wave hear the call signs. Radiogram receives Excellent combat and political training Corporal E. Denisov.

Air gunner Sergeant M. Shtyrenkov shares his experience with radio operators M. Krasovsky and E. Tavrizovym.

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