Neutron dosimeter DKS-09S

When stationary dosimetric certification systems created on the basis of high-intensity neutron radiation sources (reactors, neutron generators, special isotope sources) and intended for testing, calibration and verification of military dosimetry equipment is used dosimeter DKS-09S.

It consists of three sets of detection units to measure the absorbed dose and gamma-neutron radiation (BDMS-06c, BDMG-09S; BDMS-07S, BDMG-10C and BDMS-08S, BDMG-11C), the container with the control source, and a digital processing device UNO-58C. The detectors are used six homogeneous hermetic ionization chambers, outside the detection units.

The measuring principle is based on the fact that the detection units in turn is placed in the field of gamma-neutron radiation dosimetry system. Thus the gamma and neutron radiation, interacting with methane or carbon dioxide being in the detection unit ionize it. Charge and current proportional to the dose of the ionization chamber and its power. The limits of the current measured with an ionization chamber of the dosimeter in a working range between 10 ^ -12 to 10 ^ -9 A current measurement is carried out with the electrometer amplifier input stage, built on field-effect transistors. Information about the time of measurement, and the dose of its power is issued in digital form on the indicators. Dosimeter is graduated in units of Gy dose and absorbed dose Gy / s.

Controls dosimeter provides: measuring dose, including pre-setting of the dose and time; holding one, three or five dose rate measurements; control of the current measurement time. Using the keypad controls operation of the dosimeter, the output data of the average value of the measured value and its standard deviation from it, as well as the input of correction factors. End of dose measurements with pre-installation by light and sound signals.

The dosimeter can measure the dose and dose rate in the range from 3 to 10 ^ -6 to 100 Gy and 3 ^ -10 -8 to 0.1 Gy / s, respectively. Energy range of measurement of neutrons from 120 keV to 10 MeV and 50 keV to 14 MeV for accompanying gamma radiation. Energy dependence of the detection units of type BDMS-06c, BDMS-07S and BDMS-08S in the range up to 14 MeV with respect to the neutron fission spectrum (CA-252) does not exceed ± 60%, and when the energy of gamma rays from the 120 keV to 10 MeV — ± 30% relative to the sensitivity for a source with cobalt-60 isotope.

The confidence limits of error certification dosimeter at a confidence level of 0.95 to 10% with the certification standards for workers and 16% — for the exemplary source of the first category (GOST 8.347-79).

Continuous operation of the dosimeter at least 16 hours (instability of not more than 1.0%). Operation mode setup time not exceeding 30 minutes. Anisotropy dosimeter for neutron radiation spectrum fission, characterized detecting unit sensitivity change depending on the direction of incident radiation flow relative to the sensitivity of the detection unit in the operative position, when the axis of symmetry of the detector is perpendicular to the axis of the radiation beam is not more than ± 30% within a solid angle.

Power dosimeter carried by an AC voltage of 220 V ± 10-15% with frequency (50 ± 0.5) Hz Power consumption 40 V — A.

Weight measuring console 12 kg, set detection units (with connection cables) — 10.5 kg.

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