Prepare to winter

Prepare to winter

With the approach of autumn beekeeper must use all his experience and knowledge to wintering bees was successful.

Spending poslevzyatochnuyu audit.

After removing the extensions necessary to find out the condition of families and try to create the conditions for building the bees going into winter. Such work in any case can not be postponed, because bribes can completely stop and come bees theft, resulting in a detailed examination of the families will be reduced to zero.

During the examination, the family need to determine its strength (number of frames occupied) and the quality of brood (seeding density), food stocks, or fitness combs. The old (black), as well as new, which had not yet deduced brood, it is best to remove from the slot. If these cells would brood, they should be moved to the edge of the nest, and after his release to remove.

Often in the old comb is a lot of sealed honey. Such frameworks need to print and deliver for Zastavna board. Once the bees will take the honey into the slot, remove them immediately. For oviposition the uterus in the middle of the slot to put the frame with a large area free of bee cells. Short slot so warm pillows.

In weak families tend to be of poor quality and the uterus. They need to be replaced by younger, taken from cores (cuttings). But before you start such a change, understand the reason why the family is gone. Perhaps was gathering flying bees on migrations, maybe, this family has brought a lot of honey and order deteriorated. Look in your apiary log and analyze the situation. Weakened family with a good support framework uterus brood at the output or attach a spare strains.

Sometimes found queenless family. They need to be corrected, adding to a complete family. But before you do that, you need to have the absolute conviction that the family no uterus, even barren. To do this, put in the nest box open brood, taken from another family. If it two days later will be drawn fistulous queen cells, the uterus does not. The absence of the queen will indicate the presence of the family of the uterus, but it is a barren old egg production ceases.

Three conditions are safe wintering of bees:

— strong families with a large number of young bees;

— good-quality food in the right quantities;

— matching the number of frames in the nest power of the family.

Building up the bees in the winter

Optimal variant. Best of all, when the uterus vigorously continue to lay eggs in August and ends September 5-15.

It is important that the winter has gone as many bees fall output not involved in the work. These bees are able to tolerate any frost, and in the spring — to feed the larvae and build honeycombs.

Typically, the bulk of the winter up Podmore bees coming out of the cells at the beginning of August. Late laying uterus too bad, because after the bees can come the cold and they do not have time to fly around and go in the winter with a packed intestine. In winter, the bees are worried and do not survive until spring.

After the end of the main bribe should try to create the conditions for families in which the uterus is able to develop a high egg production and good feeding bee brood.

Four conditions conducive capacity of bees:

1. To take the autumn period there was a large amount of brood in the family must first be young queen.

2. The nature should be bribes (without even the good queen will not work at full capacity). Therefore, the apiary is necessary to bring up to the late sowing of buckwheat, oilseed radish, arrays heather.

3. The family must be large reserves of honey and pollen.

4. The presence of a sufficient amount of free space for oviposition of the uterus.

The quality of feed stocks

Often sotoramkah honey is collected from cruciferous vegetables (such as winter spring rape, oilseed radish, winter cress), unfit for bees in winter. After 2-3 weeks, after sealing it crystallizes. Bees winter at negative temperature are not able to fly out and bring water to the cleavage of crystals.

In addition to the rapidly crystallizing honey bees can bring more and honeydew honey.

Pad — a sweet liquid secreted by certain insects that live on different trees and grass and feed on plant juices. This colorless, sweet liquid is different from nectar and its chemical composition is close to it.

Such honey is not suitable for the winter, as it causes an upset stomach, and then the death of bees.

It is not harmful to humans and can be up0treblyat food. But leave this honey in the hive for winter is not necessary, it should be replaced with sugar.

Pick up all the honey from the hive is not necessary. Removing polnomednye frame around the edges should be left to those containing 1-1.5 kg honey. Bees will fill up the missing stock due syrup. Since the sugar syrup will be distributed below the honey, the bees all winter they will eat, and in the spring will go to honey. In this case, an impurity or crystallized honeydew honey bees will not harm much. Early in the spring they will be able to bring the water and dissolve the crystals in it.

To prepare the syrup using ordinary granulated sugar in a ratio of 2 kg of sugar in 1 liter of water. Utensils must be enamelled or food aluminum, stainless steel. In normal milk cans pour half a sack of sugar (get on the restriction of the can), and pour 20 liters of boiling water (10 liters initially, stir, add the remaining water and prevent until complete dissolution).

Boil the sugar syrup is impossible, as it can burn slightly and become harmful to bees.

Poured into the feeder and give a better evening. Wherein the syrup temperature should be above the temperature of fresh milk.

Feed better in the winter in large chunks from 3 to 10 liters. And continues as long as the nests accumulate the required amount of feed (at least 2-2.5 kg per frame).

After removing the feeding troughs and no other jobs are not needed, as the nest of bees have been prepared in advance.

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