Return of the (anti) hero

Return of the (anti) hero

The bald, muscular, he loves bladed weapons, wears glasses miner hiding unnaturally bright eyes. The charismatic criminal Riddick became the most popular way of Vin Diesel, and 12 September for the third time the hero will visit the big screens.


Riddick first appeared before a wide audience in the sci-fi thriller «The Black Hole» Thirteen years ago, where not even a central character. We get to know him a little time to a little bit earlier — on the official website published a cartoon picture of Riddick escape from prison. Writers Uity brothers and directed by David Twohy created an old-fashioned science fiction about the survival of a group of people on a dangerous planet with an eye on a story by Isaac Asimov «The arrival of the night.» Scenery bleak future had been deprived of the traditional glossy gloss: firearm was like modern designs, interior and exterior spaceships was conceived in accordance with the real design techniques. People colonized the planet, but the life of many of them remained at the level of settlements, farming or search for precious minerals. All this is not more like fiction and western.

Cinema has become a launching pad for Vin Diesel, appearing as selfish criminal. In spite of the hot temper, his hero saves people, that the original plan was to cost him his life.

But it rewrote the ending, and history has evolved.


In the second part of «The Chronicles of Riddick» creators had grandiose plans — they have at their disposal about 100 million dollars. Riddick made the protagonist, the movie was stylistically resemble a fantasy space in the spirit of «Dune» by Frank Herbert. The film was shown nekromongerov monarchical state, which began to capture the global population. There was a kind of magic mind reading through communication with the dead. The film turned out epic, spectacular, not as grim as the «black hole.»

Along with «The Chronicles of Riddick,» the creators of the franchise took over the active development they invented the world: it was produced anime «Dark Fury,» about the time interval between the ribbons on the shelves there was a video game Escape from Butcher Bay, tells the story of the escape of Riddick from the prison colony before the events of «Black hole. » A few years later came its sequel titled Assault on Dark Athena.

As a primer on the website «Chronicles of Riddick» could play a short flash game acquainting the viewer with a new history. Either way or another connected with the character of the product is now the proud had the subtitle «The Chronicles of Riddick.» Vin Diesel has always belonged to the franchise with love-he produced the game and personally announced to them his hero. Back to the image of a thug in the glasses for a third time and then prevented the circumstances: a pair of unsuccessful projects shattered reputation, then an actor stuck in the continuation of the «Fast and the Furious.» This Riddick The fan community has grown so much that any news about their pets on a page on Facebook Diesel gained tens of thousands of likes.


David Twohy studio bosses presented two scenarios for the third part of «the death of the universe» and «Furianets.» We stopped at the first, more severe and gloomy stories in the spirit of «black holes». As you approach filming Tui corrected the story, so some elements of the draft «Furiantsa», apparently, were also included in the final version. In the new film focuses on the fact that Riddick has become more relentless and cruel. The hero will fight monsters and bounty hunters on the planet perished, have time to go in shackles, make some unique acrobatic and gravity ride on a motorcycle. Nekromongery promise to appear, but in flashbacks. On the stage of production tape was entitled «On the trail of a dead man», soon it became more concise — «Riddick». Several months ago, the creators have presented not only the trailer but also a short cartoon, foreshadowing the events of the film. By the reaction of online communities is noticeable that Riddick waiting. Sarcastic and cool action hero, full of flaws, real bad guy — the last of its kind. If the film will perform well at the box office, it is quite likely that Riddick finally fly home to save the Fury.

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