Sea views.

Sea views.

Our people made the beds to sunbathe and swim in the pits. If you spent the summer again, not where they wanted — you have a chance to go on a voyage, if not in reality, then certainly in the pages of Naked Science. We’ll tell you about the most incredible passenger ships, present and future — on the largest cruise liners and the most incredible technical solutions in shipbuilding.


At all times, the main feature of ocean liners had their value. Perhaps no single work of human hands are not attracts as much attention as the giant ship. So the story we start with the description of the largest passenger ships in the world.

Meet the class of the largest cruise ships — Oasis. This is the name of the class received the name of his firstborn Oasis of the Seas, commissioned in 2009, the year. At that point, Oasis of the Seas was the largest passenger ship in the world. For its size it surpassed Launched in 2008, the year-class cruise liner Freedom Independence of the Seas. The length of the new vessel was 361 meters. This corresponds approximately to the length of the five largest in the world airliners Airbus A380, built in a row. The width of the «Oasis of the Seas» is greater than 60 meters, and its height — 72 meters.

For comparison: the length of the legendary «Titanic» was equal to 269 meters, a width of 28 meters, height — 53 meters.

Displacement Oasis class ships is 225 282 thousand. Tonnes. At the time of his birth Oasis of the Seas can boast not only the largest in size, but also the highest capacity of all existing cruise ships. The ship can carry 6,400 passengers and crew of the ship is 2100 people. These include waiters, animators, stewards, and of course the technical staff.

Customer giant liner was amerikanonorvezhskaya company Royal Caribbean Cruises. I build ships in Finland, the company at the shipyard STX Finland, which is part of the Norwegian company STX Europe. His first cruise giant made at the end of 2009.

«Oasis of the Seas» has three large and four small propellers. The diameter of the main rotor is greater than six meters. The total power of the engines is 132 thousand. Hp, so the ship can reach speeds of 22 knots (41 km / h).

And this ship -The real resort.

On board, passengers can find the street, which even have their own names. For example, there is a street named Royal Promenade. The vessel has Central Park, and many gardens. On board the «Oasis of the Seas» in general can find everything from bars and restaurants to the chapel, a night-club and a tattoo parlor to a theater and an amphitheater, from the ice rink to the jacuzzi. The creators of the ship paid a lot of attention to sports entertainment. Fans of extreme tourism will even be able to practice surfing, for that on board there is a special pool. Passenger comfort given special attention.

Many cabins are located A sort of a way to have a view of the

Central Park and other attractions vessel. A total of 270 vehicle cabins and 28 suites.

But the palm is among the largest passenger ship owned by another vessel. The biggest cruise ship is today considered not Oasis of the Seas, and his twin brother — Allure of the Seas. This ship was the second-class cruise ship Oasis, it was launched in 2009 and put into operation a year later. The length of the body of the new vessel is 362 meters, against the 361-plus his brother. It is noteworthy that Allure of the Seas were only five centimeters longer than Oasis of the Seas, but it was not enough for the recognition of a new world record.

Visually and on the technical characteristics of these vessels are almost identical.

But there are differences. To avoid damage when faced with waves of Allure of the Seas have provided additional fairings and lifeboats «Allure of the Seas» (eng. «Allure» — the charm) are mounted near the rear of the chassis. Between the ships, there are differences lay.

In particular, Allure of the Seas boasts even more restaurants (on the Oasis of the Seas and twenty), and the presence of 3D-cinema.

The main contingent of cruise passengers — a family with children. Therefore aboard Oasis class ships increased attention to the entertainment for young travelers. There are various programs for children six months to seventeen years. Godmother of Allure of the Seas became the Princess Fiona — a character from the popular animated film «Shrek». On board Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas also hosts theatrical performances with famous cartoon characters. Both ships have a kindergarten, a water park, children’s disco and a variety of attractions.


The story of modern cruise ships would be incomplete without a description of the Queen Mary 2 — one of the most incredible vehicles in the world. Like its distant progenitor RMS Queen Mary, the new ship became a true symbol of its era. The Queen Mary 2’s appearance contrasts with the appearance of modern cruise ships. The ship miraculously combines the style of the first half of the XX century and the technological advances XXI. Visually, the Queen Mary 2 is a bit like the legendary cruise liners of the past, at the same time the ship has absorbed all the technological advances of our time. Each tour of this vessel becomes a kind of world-class event. The Queen Mary 2 was built in the year 2004. At that time, the ship was the largest cruise ship in history, surpassing class ship Voyager «Navigator of the Seas». The length of the Queen Mary 2 was 345 meters, width — 45, height — 72 meters. The ship can carry 2,620 passengers and its crew of 1253. The ship is capable of speeds up to 30 knots (56 km / h) and is the fastest cruise ship in the world. The construction of the Queen Mary 2 allows you to fly with a full load and in all weather conditions.

The ship was built in French shipyard Chantiers de l’Atlantique and operated by British company Cunard Line. Godmother of the ship became the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II.

Unlike the vast majority of other cruise liners, the Queen Mary 2 on there is the concept of class: premium or luxury. The main feature of the ship cabins -izyskannost interior, reminiscent of the golden age of transatlantic travel. On board, travelers can find everything your heart desires. Among other things, Queen Mary 2 boasts art exhibitions, a planetarium and a ballroom.


It’s hard to believe, but in the future, the world can see passenger ships of such a size that even the largest cruise ship of today seem pleasure boats. Most of these ships — only projects of the distant future and there is no guarantee their implementation. But the most interesting concepts available today.

One of the most ambitious projects of our time was the ship received the symbol of Pinnacle. His presentation was held in Italy in 2009, the shipyard Fincantieri. Italian designers set themselves the difficult task -postroit largest passenger ship in history. For its size Pinnacle should far exceed the largest of the existing cruise ship — Allure of the Seas. To date, any specific information about the new ship practically no. It is known that the capacity of the vessel should be about eight thousand people. Developers expect that their ship will be not only the biggest but also the most revolutionary from a technological point of view. In particular, the movement of the passengers on the ship to be used Monorail. Another feature of the ship deck is huge, dubbed the «Promenade». Right in the middle «Promenade» is planned to be a large pool with a glass roof. And here will accommodate park, recreation areas and business infrastructure. Developers have not disclosed all the details of the project. Perhaps, as the realization of the concept of waiting for major changes and improvements. You can be completely confident in only one — if the ideas will be able to realize, that this ship will comply with the most sophisticated audience.

But the fate of Pinnacle promises to be a challenging project was born at the wrong time in the wrong place.

As you know, Italy has become one of the European countries in which the most heavily hit by the crisis in the eurozone. It is very likely affect the economic difficulties and plans shipbuilders.

If Pinnacle in the near future has the potential to be the largest passenger ship, the EOSEAS — the most innovative. Nowadays, increasingly heard calls for fight for the preservation of the environment. I was no exception and shipbuilding. As part of the creation of «green» vehicles ECORIZON company STX Europe offered his vision of the future of the cruise liner. The project was the working title EOSEAS, and its presentation was held in the same year 2009.

The new ship will be remembered? First of all, their appearance. EOSEAS is a giant pyatimachtovy sailboat, length 305 meters and width — 60 mast height will reach 100 meters. EOSEAS be able to take on board 3311 passengers, the crew will be 555 people, number of cabins -1403. Creators of the project argue that the ship will move with the help of wind energy. Is this possible?

For comments on this issue, we asked the Dean of the Faculty of Shipbuilding Odessa National Maritime University Professor Alexander Lyashenko, «In our time, the construction of cruise ships is one of the priorities in shipbuilding. If we talk about alternative energy sources, in the future wide spread can get rig (meaning ship rigging, sails and so forth. — Approx. Aut.). It is my personal opinion. However, when it comes to large-capacity cruise ships, to use a rig is seen not so unequivocal. In any case, the implementation of this project will be an extremely difficult undertaking. «

Creators EOSEAS provided and replacement options of how to make the ship move without causing harm to the environment. For design EOSEAS when necessary be able to produce energy itself.

In the center of the vessel is expected to mount something like a power plant generating electricity or other forms of energy. It is expected that the ship will also be able to use solar energy. For this EOSEAS on board will be set up to one thousand square meters of various solar cells. The fuel developers also hope to use the gas released from the waste.

Compared with the existing cruise ships, EOSEAS creators hope to reduce energy consumption by 50%.

Despite this, even if the concept EOSEAS realized, in the long term it risks seem only mediocre cruise ship. All because of the project, designated Freedom Ship. «Freedom Ship» -The most ambitious idea in the shipbuilding industry of all time. For design, the length of the vessel should reach 1395 meters and width — 203 (!) Meters. The movement of the ship will result in dozens of propellers.

Designing the ship is led by American entrepreneur Norman Nixon. Freedom Ship-not just a cruise ship, more than 40 thousand people will live on board permanently. In the night the ship will take up to 30 thousand visitors, and its crew of 20 thousand people. The upper deck is one large airfield capable of accommodating about twenty passenger airplanes. It is not hard to guess the size of Freedom Ship will not allow him to fall into one of the existing ports. All their service life Freedom Ship will be in motion, making a round the world cruise after another.

Construction of the vessel is also to be carried out directly on the water.

According to the creators, the astronomical cost of the project is to be recouped by the sale of property on board. The cost of apartments will be comparable to the cost of penthouses in the largest metropolitan areas. Whatever it was, today the Freedom Ship is only a draft. It’s hard to imagine that today investors will invest serious money into it. In the future, anything is possible.

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