Sin, God …

Sin, God ...

To begin with, that «demo" we have already seen. Someone loved it, someone somewhere, but like those who do nothing good for themselves found, almost was not. And that, generally speaking, could have been foreseen long before its release. Very much was evident in advertising and on the approach to the game developers, which is preparing something big. With programmed successfully. The same blockbuster, which we are trying to say in this issue.

The tradition of the good old Soviet times requires me to describe the correct order: first it is necessary to praise, if there is a way, and then you can and should point to some shortcomings. No! Do not wait! This time I naedyatsya first, and then I will understand, there remains something worthwhile or not. Especially from a blockbuster.

Music written by real …

I am a man of modest and simple. I do not have a lot, especially the music. To play the game, and that more or less fit. I have no problems listening to Metallica and Rammstein. I was even able to understand and accept that something more abruptly, if you really need. Only here … Do I have it in the game? And to whom?

I remember when I first started SiN (not «demo», but the real, full version), waiting for something outstanding, and received, oh how it happened. Ears still hurt. Why is there such music? Claustrophobic, annoying. Later, however, I calmed down a bit, but it’s better this does not become …

Yes, it is even formally switched «the mood» -but, pardon me if I decided to knock on the wall with his fist — whether it’s an excuse to play dashing military melody (if this combination of air fluctuations can be called)?

By the way, homework to those who read this article: Two hours Talking Mr PeZhe "ku"And then the same number think that this music and why do I need it in the games of the genre Action. Leading question: Is the music of Trent Reznor’s soundtrack to Quake? On the performance report on, and immediately.

Artificial stupidity.

If literally decipher the abbreviation AI (or her English friend AI) applied to the SiN, alas, we get Artifical Idiocy. And nothing else. No, of course, Einstein was right, and everything is relative, but dumber local enemies — only the guys from my favorite Shogo.

Personal record of one of the monsters — several times he successfully ran for a box and looked out of it in order to shoot a little. True, he did it quite independently of my behavior, just wanted to run. Naturally, during the next running out, he got his without the slightest effort on my part.

As Shogo, almost all of the enemies are either instantaneous weapon (guns, machine guns), or almost instantaneous (some obvious tracer bullets flying, however, is so fast that from ordinary bullets, and they do not differ). Alas, make an interesting game where you have to move carefully, did not happen. We leave in the forehead, shivering under a hail of bullets in a lush little head tselimsya witnessing bloody rain, regularly watering the wall.

Instead exercises dancing skills (remember DOOM — there when you wish you could run even the most complex levels with almost no shots) Get real cowboys battle: two stand against each other, fire-one dies, the other crawls to lick their wounds. It is a pity, however, could have been more interesting if the enemy gave blasters instead of guns …

Beetle in the Anthill.

So it is possible (and quite rightly) to describe the version of the game that is in the box. As it has become fashionable in recent years, before leaving to play at least two or three patches simply impossible. The launch of any executable file lying on a CD, similar to the opening of the box with insects, which immediately begin to crawl on all accessible parts of your body, ugh, Winchester.

Among them are large beetles (for example, to run the game from the menus. Occurs when the alarm «Autostart" on Windows, it is impossible — it will not start from the hard disk, as it should be, but with the «compact"And therefore will not be able to play), and the mass of small ants that cover even layer hands move and bite and do not give to get their kicks from the rightful purchased games.

Some bugs have to list and tell us how to treat people and the groans drown out even the rumbling in the belly of hunger, what many now seen in connection with the crisis. So, in order.

Launched from a beautiful menus, which itself appeared when the inserted CD. Not a game. Exit, close a menu, go to «Start / Programs / Sin / Sin" and run it, darling. Everything will be OK.

The level of debt burden or not loaded. There are two ways of treatment. The first — a drug. Treat will be tea. We go into the kitchen, put a kettle, wait for boiling, brewing, waiting for brewing, drink, expect not-say-what, go to the toilet, make clear that we return to the computer. And we find that all downloaded, as it should. Button to press requests. Click play. Well, really, what can you do, if it’s really a miracle for so long to boot!

The second method — surgery. From a patient will be worse, but to live in this world, it will remain, at least until the release of the patch. We go to where to put the game out and go in the subdirectory base. If you do find the file default.cfg — fine, then we got to the right place. Open the file autoexec.cfg (if not — create) and write it to the end of the following lines: set developer 1, set flushmap 0.

The effect is twofold: on the one hand, we do not show a beautiful picture with the load, and when the game appears on the screen a bunch of irrelevant messages, but mostly we will: load time, especially if we do not change the level, but just died and want to try again in the same place, it will be reduced twice, maybe more.

After some time, a SiN dies or loneliness, or dragging behind him on the light Windows entirely. I am not a magician and not a programmer from Ritual — Leave me alone and wait for the patches. Sooner or later polechat, you are not alone, the whole world suffers.

Sound Blaster Live. Well, it does not live with him. It seems that you can screw the adjustment (to put sound quality at the lowest, and the like), and it will work, but not all. Twist and wait for patches.

In the game itself … 0-ho-ho … In the game itself is also more than enough problems, say the bourgeois in the reviews, but personally I still lucky I am, apparently, they just do not get. If suddenly something will happen, but got the win — go to, to the «Community / forums», and forum Action tell what was and how to win. People will not forget you.

Let’s give a little hint: is there such a file, runsin.bat, very useful. If it prescribe something like "sin + set player PG% 1% 2, and so on «(can guess that there must be in place, etc.) and to make a link on the desktop on him, then at the start stop to ask, not whether we Blade , hour, name.

Twenty minutes into the empty pool.

Interactivity — it seems to be the second «feature" Game of the efforts expended, and the first on which it will remember. Alas, little ingenious levels stored and forgotten in a month, but that’s crawling on the «virtual Winchester" at "Virtual DOS" — It is a long time. They were the first, for which he will receive its rightful place on the tables and in the annals.

I later I will sing the praises of this very interactive, and while it would be necessary to demonstrate and honesty. Yeah, cool, yeah, it’s interesting, but Holy smoke, you can not scoff at the player! And how else can you call a situation: dropped out of the door (lights went out behind you, all filled up, obstructed, nowhere to go) in a hefty pit. Smooth wall, several pipes are laid on the ground, one of them — the valve. On one wall, too high to jump, entrance somewhere, too, in the form of a tube. It is obvious — it is necessary to fill the pit with water, right? We go to the gate. Twitching. And he is stuck and not working. So, what is next?

Yes, I protormozil. Yes, I know, love quest and desire to follow their rules do not lead to any good. But I sat there for twenty minutes. I tried to jump back into the door (not Zaprygivayem), I tried to jump out of the pit, even tried to jump directly into the chimney. Having exhausted their acrobatic abilities began to try gate. Honestly I applied to him all that was — a weapon (shot all the bullets), objects in pockets. Does not work. So what?! Probe and shot all the walls. And then he turned his eyes upward. And there, far above that something similar to the lighting tower in the stadium — as I later realized, the crane is holding some kind of beam. And it is necessary to shoot a beam. She, like every piano in the bushes, drops to within a micron in the valve, turn it, the water flows — all as expected.

You can not do it this way. You can not, for the claim to realism does not tally with the piano in the bushes. And the more you can not repeat the same mistake many times in a row. Why, as soon as the alarm is triggered and the siren starts howling all around me know immediately and start shooting? After all, I have a suit remained the same, local, svezhekradeny, and bear the same kind of protocol as it was. How I would say Stanislavsky Nemirovich-Danchenko, "I do not believe!».

But, of course, is not all bad — a lot of things to do in a rush. At a bulldozer to break the wall, on the truck — smashing boxes. Pedestrianov again, as in «Karmageddone"In turn the puddles. Search passwords and feel hacker introducing them. Gates, safes and other things — again with the computer. Fairy tale, and only.

Comedy our town.

That is — that is. Game «for their" — For those who live in the atmosphere of the game, all Web-sites remembers by heart, and everyone who works in the gaming companies, and know in the face and by name. Look at the small collection hohmochek (five per cent of what will meet in the game), filmed me.

Here and fun for Romero, and his marriage to the Duke Larisa Ivanovna Kroftovoy and very savvy searchers discovered the secrets of even one of the screens loaded page However, in a mirror image — it promises in the short version of the fix.

And on one of the computers in the game is not difficult to find that the harsh and guards do not mind to play 3D action, in one of the subdirectories there is suspiciously similar in size and file type programm Gloom, which at start gives everything that is necessary to give the old man DOOM’y but, alas, does not start on the computer was not the mouse, and without it — what kind of games?

About all sorts of manipulation of bank accounts and other little things I mentioned when speaking of the demo, so I will not repeat. Anyway, just do not tell — jokes so much that after beating the game for the first time will inevitably want to put the lowest level of complexity of the nose and literally plow each level, searching for small pleasures.

We begin to praise.

Actually, I have a few paragraphs how to stop swearing, and began to praise, without knowing it. And why? Yes, because after the cut-off parts of stillbirths remains a considerable chunk of the living, warm and bleeding meat, which is silent about it would be a crime against you, the reader. Alas, SiN came late, left in the room for him only three miserable little page, so that the details will not fit, but briefly to enumerate.

Levels. Levels of Levelord’a and other talents. Right level. And for a single game, and for the network.

Monsters. Correct, beautiful, good move (for hand-drawn, of course — on monsters Shogo ahead of a large margin).

Screenplay. Though simple, linear, but believe in it. Everything that is done, due to previous events, the serious stuff. In some places, even fearful.

And most importantly — Elexis Sinclair. This is not Larochka — a real woman. And for those interested in a particularly sensitive You’ll last. Come on, take it SinView fresher, open pakO.pak, go in the models / plelexis and see there a secret location. What’s in it — do not tell. How to use — do not tell! Otherwise, your parents would kill me and razyschut. And so, of course, finish off — there she is, photo lies as evidence, but still will not say. For evil I am naturally.

Death around the corner.

That’s where it lurks, here! So, for what it is, I’ll keep this game in his hard drive (or rather, on both domestic cars). For a game with friends in defmatch! Levels of Levelord’a — it’s something … Weapons of Ritual — it is more than anything. All right, all right. Yes, the play could not be longer, perhaps, after a while people will reveal flaws, but it is best for defmatch since the «Duma». All competitors (Quake with its half weapons, Quake 2 with its pop cheapness, and along with all the newcomers — Halt-Life, Unreal, Shogo) resting in silence.

In short, take and play himself. Nobody will listen, even me. No, listen to me, and then go and play. For the game there — the one with the true craziness, distinguishing it from pitiful imitations. Nobody confess only to you but it’s the first game since the days of Quake, which I am pleased to pass through. True fact, it’s about something said?

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