Specials Moscow

Specials Moscow

To sell tours to the capital profitable and promising for travel agencies. «Tourist Industry» to discuss topical theme with the leaders of the two operating companies among the leaders in the field of domestic tourism.

Increasing tourist attractiveness of Moscow’s apparent growth in tourist traffic in the capital, according to our statistics, considerable. I think now the main task — to increase the number of return tourists, the development of interest in Moscow among the different categories of clients of travel agencies. While the majority of tour operators prevail school groups. Parents want to show the children the Russian capital, many come with them. But I am sure that Moscow will enjoy and adults traveling without children. In addition, this city — a promising direction for corporate rest. Couples, companies, individuals booking of a trip to Moscow and get acquainted with the city as part of prefabricated tour groups (thus, the tourist can go to any convenient day for him), but the number could be higher.

It may interfere with the stereotype perception of the capital city as a business. From the intense rhythm of the big city people who came from the regions, tired. But they have not seen another Moscow — Moscow, giving its guests joy and hospitality, amazing sights, great opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Convincing people that should go to Moscow for a vacation, travel agents can experience our partners proves it. But not all regions have companies who are able to «sell to Moscow.» This, in my opinion, an excellent opportunity for regional agencies to take a promising niche. Open direction — is not only to earn now, but to get a steady stream of customers in the future, because tourists travel to Moscow will be associated with a particular agency.

Moreover, now the agency offering Moscow the program, receive a number of benefits. We almost always can guarantee your reservation confirmation, Moscow hotels take a huge amount of business Travellers sors on weekdays, and on weekends, public holidays, in the summer ready to give their rooms at prices comparable to prices in hostels. For example, we offer a two-day tour with an overnight stay in a good 3 * hotel, meals and sightseeing as low as 3,820 rubles. The two-day tour — a great opportunity to see the sights of Moscow for those who go through the capital on vacation. Moving from the station to the airport, from the airport to leave the tedious and not the best impression of Moscow. Why not offer tourists go at night to the hotel, rest, walk around the city, go on an interesting tour, and the next day to go next? I am sure that these people will want to return again to Moscow.

A variety of sightseeing opportunities, a lot of attractions and facilities, which are not in his hometown of tourist — the specificity of Moscow as a tourist product. Your visitors have already seen the Kremlin, Red Square, the Tretyakov Gallery? But that’s not all! And Pushkin Museum and noble estates, gardens and parks in Moscow, a museum of famous writers, a large number of architectural monuments? And Ostankino Tower and Exhibition Center, planetarium, zoo and circus, which can be visited with a guide? The impressive complex of Moscow City, year-round trip on a yacht, an icebreaker on the Moscow River, famous theaters?

An interesting program can be put together taking into account the financial capacity of a tourist. Tours, including a fascinating city walks, sightseeing tours, site visits to the minimum admission fee or no fee, are no less enthusiasm than the more expensive programs. There are wonderful themed tours on the history and architecture of the capital, literary programs, combined tours that include a visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg, stay in the capital city and a trip to the Golden Ring. I think it is very important to apply the program — it is the task of the tour operator. Equally important is the talent guide who can tell you about the city so that guests have a desire to return. Our guides know how to do it. But without the active interest of travel agencies can not do. The educational work of the Committee on Tourism and hotel business in Moscow, a road show to cities in Russia and promotional tours for travel agencies contribute to the fact that in the regions learn more about tourism opportunities in the city. For our part, we are ready to provide increased commission agencies that are willing to join us to develop this area. In the eyes of our customers’ image of Moscow is very inconsistent. Moscow only recently turned to face the tourists: there is an extensive advertising campaign, created pedestrian zones, develop parks, offer new services, such as bike rental. But for a long time the capital was seen as a city for business, the city is not a very safe city for adults. In our company, the most popular cultural sightseeing tours with a rich program of excursions from 2 to 5 days. Sales Leader — collecting tour «Acquaintance with Moscow.» During the New Year holidays in high demand program «Christmas in gold-domed Moscow». During school holidays are very popular group tours «Holidays in Moscow» and «the golden-domed Moscow». Tourists from neighboring regions (they are a minority, they often book the hotel only, and is likely to visit museums on their own) are buying tours in a short period of time, preferably for 3 days.

Parents with children usually prefer lightweight program «ekskursionka.» Their goal — to not only visit the museum, but simply to show children Moscow: go to the circus, to visit entertainment centers, water parks, in a word, to get what they lack in his hometown. For this category of travelers we have a tour of «Show me the Moscow!», Which includes a city tour, a tour of «the Kremlin’s Cathedral plus», visiting the zoo, the circus (or dolphin), and the boat trip. For all categories of tourists, we have developed tours with classic full excursion program in Moscow for 3, 4 or 5 days — «Moscow — the eyes of enchantment», «Relationship with Russia», «Walk on Moscow.» The program includes sightseeing tours in the Kremlin Armory Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum-estate «Tsarina» and the Museum of Novodevichy Convent. For independent travelers interested in history, we offer walking tours that allow you to more closely acquainted with Moscow and see the sights that are not usually seen during the excursion. For example, a tourist, choose the program «Moscow — The ancient city of» explore the Zamoskvorechye, Volkhonka, Old Arbat, and of course, visit the State Tretyakov Gallery. «Moscow — the city of wonderful, ancient city» — another interesting walking tour that includes a visit to the Donskoy Monastery. Tourists who have often been in Moscow, but returned again to see something new, will appreciate the tour of the «Seven Wonders of Moscow.» During this program they will be able to visit and see the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, underground, an outstanding monument of monumental art — «Worker and Collective Farm» Stalin skyscrapers, the Ostankino TV tower. The tour also included a visit to the Diamond Fund and the Moscow Planetarium. Every year for the new season, we offer a new program in Moscow. This year, I put up for sale and is already in demand tour of «Hello, Moscow!» From 2 to 7 days with arrival on any day of the week, which is very convenient for tourists. It is important to mention the cost of the programs. The average price of our tours for 3 days starting from 8000 rubles per person, for 5 days — from 10 thousand rubles. Prices for accommodation in Moscow hotels are readily available from 2,500 to 3,000 rubles for a double room. With most hotels we work for a long time. Our basic hotel — a «Space», «Gamma-Delta» (GC «Izmailovo»), «The Tourist». They differ in the best location with a good level of service and attractive prices. Also, we try to cooperate with metropolitan hostels.

Arrivals in the capital is undoubtedly growing. In the past two years felt more attention to Moscow as a tourist destination. Thanks Moskomturizmu all in motion: developing new programs, greater emphasis on museums, hotels. In our work we feel this support. On our side, we held a huge work with numerous travel agencies of the Russian regions. We provide the Agency Commission: Comparison — 8% on tours — 10%.

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