Natalia Merkulov.

Type of activity: director, screenwriter («private parts»)

Of the new products at the Cannes Film Festival with Lesha we managed to see the «troublemakers» Alex van Varmerdarma, «Behind the Candelabra» Steven Soderbergh and «It’s not me,» Maria Saakyan. At the festival, «Palic» in Serbia watched «In the name of …» Margaret Shumovsky. At the festival in Karlovy Vary — a film by Bruno Dumont’s «Camille Claudel 1915», a movie of Philippe Godot «11.6» and «Vic and Flo saw a bear,» Denis Côté. In Sochi «Kinotavr» looked almost the entire program. At MIFF looked «Eat. Sleep. Die Another Day «Gabriela Pichler. In Moscow cinema went to the «Pacific Rim» by Guillermo del Toro. House watched the movie «The Legend №17», «Trahateli garbage cans» Harmony Korine «premiere» by John Cassavetes and the first season of «Homeland.» My favorit- «rebellion calm.»

Plans new film by Lars von Trier’s «Nymphomaniac». Because this is my favorite director. I would also like to see «In the Fog» by Sergei Loznitsa, as well as «a long and happy life,» Boris Khlebnikov. I very much want the Americans withdrew another set of «Transformers.» Among the foreign actors would like to work with Naomi Watts and John Markovic. From the Russian — Arthur Smolyaninov, Vladimir Mashkov, Renata Litvinova and Pauline Agureeva. An infinite number of times I can review the «Breaking the Waves» and von Trier’s «Devstvennitsy- suicide» Sofia Coppola.

I have three favorite genre: horror, fantasy and art films such as von Trier and John Cassavetes.

Alex Chupov.

Type of activity: director, screenwriter («private parts»)

Among the foreign films really want to see «Elysium». Because Matt Damon. «Only God Forgives». Because Ryan Gosling. «The Hunger Games 2». Because Jennifer Lawrence. Another new Coen brothers film «Inside Llewyn Davis» and the new creation of Jim Dzharamusha «Only Lovers Left Alive.» These pictures are me, unfortunately, not able to see in Cannes, and very anxious. From our films, of course, the main expectation — «Hard to Be God» Herman. Another great expectation — my favorite film by Valeria Gai Germanicus, «Yes and yes.» It is also interesting to see «eternal return» of Kira Muratova, «Stalingrad» Bondarchuk, «Dumplings», «Winterreise», «About Football» and «Combine ,, Hope ‘.» For me, this movie events. And like that, «Sunstroke» Mikhalkov turned and brought the same pleasure as his earlier films.

When asked about the favorite foreign film, I always did not hesitate to answer — «Once in America.» But still like to revise «Magnolia,» «Fargo,» «Breaking the Waves», «American Beauty,» «Lost in Translation,» «Pulp Fiction,» «Fight Club» and «The Taming of the Shrew» with Celentano. And from our film — «Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano», «My Friend Ivan Lapshin,» «Autumn Marathon» and «The Diamond Arm».

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