Sunday Pope

Sunday Pope

Scriptwriter — Edward AKOPOV director — Naum Birman operator — HEINRICH Marandzhyan artist — composer Vsevolod snail — Veniamin Basner lyrics MICHAEL Matusovskiy soundman — Galina Gorbonosov

Roles performed:

Alyosha — DIMA Grankin

Dima — Yuri Duvanov

Masha — TAMARA Akulova

Zoya Alexandrovna — Galina POLISH

Peter — Boris Shcherbakov Dima’s father — Victor Shulgin Dima’s mother — Nina Urgant

Lena — Vera Glagoleva

Nina — Anya Nahapetova

«Lenfilm» 1985 Cached

Color. 9 parts, in 2329 m. R /

Number 1110485 22.1 /8.2


For the past six months, the young couple Dima and Masha in divorce. Half of their young son Alyosha saw my dad on Sundays. And today my father’s old «Zhiguli» takes away missed each other men meet extraordinary day filled with a variety of events — sad and funny.

They have a lot of common affairs: it is necessary and a car wash, and watch cartoons, and visit the ice-cream parlor, and get to the rodeo. And, of course, always at least an hour to stay with grandparents who all week not wait ™ loved grandson. However, much of the intensive program is faulty. But the main thing is possible to — just to be together, to communicate: son tells a lot about myself, about my mother. But some of his actions lead to confusion Dima. If he was always there with her son, which is so necessary! ..

And Alyosha all day coming up with tricks to connect loved ones and — it is certain — still loving each other father and mother. One of them seemed to manage, and the «Zhiguli» rushes to their mother. But the door to the apartment opens harmonious pilot, in a businesslike confidence was holding a screwdriver. On my mother — elegant dress, and on the table — a huge bouquet of roses.

And then Dad decides to «keep up» from her mother and left with the son of the city, immediately making a marriage proposal (but not heart) my good friend. On the relations of adults guess Alyosha and Nina — a little girl friend Dima. And suddenly showing real solidarity, children decisively alter the course of events.

…By agreement between the former spouses Alyoshka and Dima was allowed to spend a Sunday with only one condition — they must be back by seven o’clock in the evening. And this time they stayed as no hurry. Sitting in the car near the house, we are now anxiously glancing at the clock, then at the approaching gloomy mother. What will it be? And suddenly I saw my mother’s face as zateplilas smile of forgiveness and hope …


The name of the film in itself should attract the attention of viewers. It viewed the theme picture, it stands for one of the most pressing contemporary problems: family breakdown and its consequences, which are reflected primarily in children.

It is advisable to involve in the campaign psychologists, sociologists, educators, and to arrange a demonstration of painting their performance. After the film show possible discussion.

The film should be included in the film shows «Family Matters.» «On the — family», recommend it to clubs for young families.

In drawing up the text for the press, radio and television programs should pay attention to the genre of the tape. It’s a comedy, a little sad and at the same time lyrical.

It is to inform you that the film put director H. Biermann, whose works are well known to the viewer.

Especially recommended to note in the film such popular actors as T. Akulov, the Polish, Boris Shcherbakov. In all kinds of display advertising, use footage with their participation.

The music for the film was written by composer V. Basner, much fruitful work for the movie.

RECOMMENDED USE: for Kinopanorama and television transmission — h. 6; for the sound of advertising: h. 1, from the words of Zoe Alexandrovna: «Maybe it does not display …», including word Alyosha: «Because it is Sunday»; h. 3, from the words of Alyosha: «Cafe» Flora «. Write on a piece of paper, «including the words:» This is because in the house there is a man’s hand and smack me no one «: am. 8 by the words of Nina:» Hello, Uncle Dima, «including word Alyosha:» She has got our car e «; h. 9, from the words of Alyosha: «Dad, how long?»., including the words: «And I do not need anything, and I do not need your weekend …».


Which only tricks are not going a little hero of this sad and funny film to connect dispersed father and mother! After all, he loves them both, so it is necessary that they reconciled and were together again …

Only once a week is seen six Alyosha with his dad. And the audience witness a film that’s this Sunday, filled with a variety of events — funny and sad, and not very important. But the main thing — a boy filled with love to the Pope and to his mother, his passionate desire to have both of them, his certainty that they can not love each other. They definitely need to be together! I can understand and his young parents? Will the time to correct his mistake and make a step towards each other? After all, if their child is not «Sunday», but a real daddy …

As in his previous work — the film «Magic black and white», directed by Naum Birman (known audience and the films «Chronicle of a dive bomber,» «Singing Teacher,» «I serve at the border», «Step Forward», «Next to earth «,» We have looked death in the face «) is developing a major contemporary theme in the genre of lyric comedy. But if «Magic black and white,» he made the main focus on the relationship between the guys in his new tape addresses the problems of young families, shown through the eyes of a child.

«Already in the title of our film -» Sunday dad «- says the director, — read one of the most pressing contemporary problems: the collapse of a young family. Transience of marriage and hasty divorce, manly independence of women and feminine weak-willed man recently became the subject of attention of sociologists and journalists.

However, the picture is not our divorce as such, and not even about the social evils to which they often lead. It is primarily addressed to the emotional memory, the memory of feelings, save that, if not for yourself, then for the sake of the child — is necessary. Our film — a comedy, though a bit sad, because if the humor in life to take what is happening in the family quarrel and, most importantly, to himself — everything can change for the better. It is necessary, first of all, learn to look not only into each other’s eyes, but in the eyes of their children to protect them from unnecessary emotions. «

Written by EDWARD AKOPOV you sign for the films «The Soldier and the Elephant», «Flat for rent with a child», «Vanity of vanities,» «Be my husband.» «Riot daughters.»

Main characters in the movie — the pope Dima and Masha mother — played by the young but already well-known actors Yuri Duvanov and Tamara Akulova. Actor of the Moscow Drama Theater named after Stanislavsky Yuri Duvanov we have seen in the films «mile Long War» (Klimchuk), «It’s all about my brother» (Andrew Kalitkin), «My Life — Army» (Wolves), «Quarantine» ( Pope), «Once a brave captain» (Andreychuk). A lot of roles in films and managed to play TAMARA Akulova: «Who’s That Knocking at My Door …» (Ala), «The Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe» (Lady Rowena), «Three on the highway. (Lena), «European History» (Greta) and others. The undoubted success of the film «Sunday dad» became a performance as the young debutant Alesha — Leningrad schoolboy Dima Grankin.

The employment picture also popular actors Galina Polish (mother Masha), Boris Shcherbakov (contender for the hand and heart of Masha), Victor Shulgin and Nina SD GANT (parents Dima), VEGA Glagoleva (Lena).

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