That company is!

That company is!


This cat walking on its own, as befits a real cat, she was born in the spring, summer walking and decided by the autumn, to see, to find a shelter. Baba Fenya milked a cow for a third when two of her cat, Tisha and Misha zafyrchali loud and wary.

«Again, I suppose, rat bazovok come» — sadly thought Grandma. No! Near the bowls in which cats splash tasty fresh milk, sat ladnenko, dark-haired, with white muzzle and shirt front chest, kitty-boy. «Look at you, what occasion — a stray profit», — he said the woman Fenya aloud and poured into a bowl of milk. Kitty clung to the bowl, a long time Lacan milk, is seen was very hungry. Bewildered cats stood by and watched the actions of red hussy. Sated, kitty licked her paws muzzle disgust shook legs in white socks and proudly left the ladder to the hayloft.

One day a woman Fenya namayalis on the farm, I forgot about the hussy evening Pribluda reappeared in a barn-farming village near the saucer.

— Well, I suppose you are still accustomed — decided Fenya woman.

Surprised cats, Misha brought Bat and placed near the cheats bowls, Tisha, after she ottrapeznichala, licked her the muzzle.

— Look, grooms! — Zarugalas old. — More cats in the neighborhood is not, except this red Pribluda!

I do not have but desperately zasopernichali cats. Once the herd, milk the cow, baba Fenya usually sat with neighbors on a log near the house, sit darkling. So this evening, telling her friends the next fable, grandmother felt someone rubbing against her leg, looking, and it Pribluda about a foot rub, murmurs something and grooms Tisha yes Misha distance sitting, loving eyes with cats is not arch. Here too pohohotat neighbor: «What Ivanovna, with a profit of you!» So Pribluda entered the house, clean, beautiful cat, it would still be evil — two cats in two languages ​​nalizyvayut. The cat was not a problem, the toilet along with the cats in a closet in a hole in the cellar climbed, crushed rats brought and piled up to the porch: «They say, look, hunter, I like!» Neighbors razzavidovalis: «You, Fenya as Pribluda kittens will bring we are the first in line! «Pribluda brought three, one exactly like Tisha, another Mike and a third red, the spitting image of her mother. Pribluda fed children and daddy licking their tongues. Well, you die with laughter, seeing a picture. On the table Pribluda not climbed, and from unwashed cups there will not be a lady redhead, she slept only women Fenin feet, still would be a foot in the old woman hummed as the bells of the wind. So I lived, so ladnenko druzhnenko. Santa Yasha Fenya woman, two cats and a cat Pribluda.

One woman woke Fenya what Pribluda madly myauchit, scratched her. His head was buzzing grandmother, chest brewing nausea.

— Oh, we are carbon monoxide poisoning, pipe, chat, zahlyabyanili! — Cried the woman and ran to save his grandfather, a cat and a kitten in front of her teeth out.

Long sick grandfather with a woman, because little old already, and Pribluda — savior of all purred. Looks like telling on your cat’s tongue of this terrible event.

So we lived, survived the elderly, and with them the animals. The first dead grandfather Yasha him Tisha Misha went out of the house, to see, to die. To Baba Fyenya granddaughter with family inhabited, haunted pribludy children, and she, proud cat, went to live in a barn. Granddaughter at the request of the women Feni every time milk is poured. Milk is eaten, and in the hands of Pribluda do not give anybody.

Tikhon about the cat.

Tishka — son Gzhelka gray kitten with black stripes, has been given in good hands. «Good Hands» consisted of Uncle Volodya host, hostess Sonia and their sons Yarik and Eureka. These so-called «good hands» was taken away from the urban dweller Tikhon his mother, from the delicious «Whiskas» and crunchy "Kiteketa" in the village called the sun.

Tikhon was orphaned, he was shy, her cat crying tears. Strange, sometimes pungent smells cut his sense of smell. Yarik sorry for the poor guy. He stroked it, put to bed with him. Burying the armpit to the boy, Tishka felt safe, it was warm and cozy. And in the morning in a bowl Sonia splashed fragrant warm milk. Well, very tasty! It gradually grew Tishka Tikhon, climbed to the hayloft, where thugs mice, milk he poured straight into the barn, fought with the neighborhood cats and fall in love all cats, regardless of color and age. Soon in the district almost all kittens born striped. Mistresses delinquent cats threatened Sonia alimony. Sonia offered in response to stricter guard the morality of their pitomitsy.

One Tikhon feared most — a cry Uncle Volodya. stomping his feet. The «good hands» had terrible feet and huge fists, Tikhon came to the house only in the absence of Uncle Volodya. Since neither good nor bad flown five years. The owners have decided to move in Troitsk, home Tikhon. Loaded things in a huge machine, a basket of Tikhon took Yurik knees, and went to the «nine» Uncle Volodya in the city. Tikhon was scared, he is the second time in his life was driving the car, the cat was shaking his hand and pressed to Eureka. Sonia fed Tikhon sausage and fresh cucumbers, cat calmed down, ate and fell asleep.

In the Trinity to a new home first made Tikhon. Again unfamiliar, strange smells tickling. In a corner was cut in the floor of the square hole, she smelled of cats. Tishka, dived into the hole, hiding from everyone. Topalo many legs, buzzing other people’s voices, plops down on the floor some bales, placing furniture, cat watching with interest all, something to be! By evening, almost all the people dispersed, lit the stove, fed Tisha, lure him sausage and cucumber — the favorite delicacy Tikhon. It was night, the first in a new place, Tikhon dreamed cats, many cats, red, black, mottled, and then zaskoblilis, squeaked the mouse. Tikhon rushed to hunt in the morning hosts found six pieces of crushed mice on the floor. Tikhon is now a city dweller, sweet sweet sleep.

Bad habits of Vasilisa the Beautiful.

Recently, our family appeared addition — the son picked up on the street, a young cat. They called us a striped vredina Vasilisa. Why vredina? Because the character at Kitties was not sugar, and it is from the early days of visiting the apartment behaved like a real lady of the house. We had to buy a book about cats, read the information on the Internet to learn to understand the behavior of beauties.

Wool Service.

Our Bob began waking us every morning quite early — five, six, seven hours. Like the food, and it has not hungry. And the toilet clean. What do want? It was found that cats have a peak of activity at night and early morning. After all, they are by nature predators. Here Vasilisa and I demanded that we got up and played with her. But with whom she still hunting? We had to buy her favorite kinds of toys that night she was not boring. Now in the evening Vasilisa issued soft balls, tennis balls. My favorite toy — a box from under the shoe, which cut little windows on the size of the cat paws and boxed ball, ball, and the little mouse from artificial fur. Box tightly closed lid, and Vasya midnight trying to get through the windows of items from the box, but the whole trick is that these windows are not crawls. In general, now it has something to do.

Favorite place — on the cabinet.

Vasilisa loves to climb on the closet and sleep there. The first time we fought it this habit, and then read that clever cat-hunter always chooses a place to sleep above. She needed to see and control the situation around, always be alert. So we put on the cabinet cover with boards from the box to Bob in a dream not fall from this height, and calmed down. Let him sleep wherever she likes.

He sleeps on our things.

I come home from work, take off my clothes — and Vasya immediately placed on her to lie down. Well, what is it? It turns out that cats love to sleep in the places where the most strong smell of the host. It turns out that Vasilisa just misses me, that falls on the clothes I wore.

It pulls in your mouth everything.

If Bob is nervous, he starts nibbling everything: wires, pencils, pens, string, paper, flowers home … Therefore, all the wires in the house we menthol oil lubricated. And to Vasya sharpener their claws on the couch — periodically sprinkled with oil of citrus.

Of course, we all adore our vredina. Let her and difficult character, but it is immediately obvious that the cat is intelligent and has a sense of self-esteem.

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