The head and the main for the production of «Katyusha»

The head and the main for the production of

Experience of artillery orders have not been Compressors, required equipment was not mass-produced drawings for the installation was not — it only remained to be developed … there were only eight pilot plants, and those recently subsided to the front (seven had subsequently celebrated Battery Captain Flerov, eighth gave the fleet, Sebastopol).

A term for everything about everything, of course, the shortest.

In short, with the fervent desire to perform any military order, this seems unrealistic. But nothing can be done, the war!

The right decision was made, and spent 32 years in the life of Vladimir Pavlovich Barmin — almost a young man by today’s views, however, have the chief designer of the plant. There were two factory integrated design services, OGC and CSC, formed the headquarters of the leading designers to quickly solve technical issues, the work attracted a number of co-operative enterprises, initially advised the authors of a pilot plant — the representatives of the Jet Research Institute.

Day Is night whether — values, of course. It had. Incredibly fast, by the end of July, tested the first samples of the combat vehicle BM13, ie in August, it was approved by the serial drawings, «Compressor» perform the task, has become the leading enterprise for the production of launchers «Katyusha» and CB factory — head on improvement plants and the development of their new models.

After World War II began a new stage in the development of rocket technology: meteorological rockets, missiles and special powerful booster rockets to launch artificial satellites and spaceships. It took longer just launchers, to launch complexes, which include, in addition triggers a large number of special facilities, compressor and pumping stations, gas tools, refrigerators and air heaters, vacuum systems, gasifiers, means of transporting rockets and install them on the start devices, power systems and systems of remote automatic control processes of preparation, testing and launching missiles and others.

Who is Vladimir Pavlovich Barmin — academician, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State Prizes, the author of many inventions.

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