The video card GeForce GTX 770 Palit JetStream

The video card GeForce GTX 770 Palit JetStream

Seven hundred series of graphics cards from NVIDIA has been released to the market some time after the announcement of the GeForce GTX Titan, but thanks to sensible pricing and good positioning «accustomed» to the market.

Titan said about the same thing will not work, but it has been a niche product, so they will remain.

If we draw an analogy, it is something between a prototype and the most powerful engine in the line — like commercially produced, but the price is too high even for the most tricked production sample.

If you analyze seven hundred series, the focus of gamers, which is not alien to a pretty picture, but at the same time, the purse is not broken on the big bills will be paid on the second power card, GeForce GTX 770: the performance of less than about 15 percent, and the price varies on average 30.

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