Time is money

Time is money

What could be better than a couple of small cars, which are desperately pushing tend to get first to the finish line? The answer is obvious (at least for the company Psygnosis). Thus, it is necessary to build 15 avtomobilchikov that would differ in their parameters, and everything else, look aesthetically pleasing. Experience of Micro Machines, DeathRally and other cartoon racing arcade brilliantly demonstrates that the type of «top-down» and the story called «race-non-stop" the game provides a complete success and immortal fame.

Despite the desire to present a wholesale «statins" violence, developers Rush Hour immediately decided to exclude any option of armed clashes between the competing parties. «Breakneck speed — this is a true delight"- The authors of the game. No bonuses and restore your reservation: all should be honest.

If you’ve watched quite famous thriller «The Rock", It seems, drew attention to the luxury race Ferrari vs. Hammer. It remains only to imagine that you see it’s you and Rush Hour by Psygnosis.

The game will be completely different landscapes 8 made carefully and with love. After all, how many allowances delivers ride in a Porsche along the winding mountain roads of Italy! Not to mention the development of snowy Alaska Ford Monster Truck or a cursory examination of the Pas-de-Cape from the window of a powerful Ferrari Sports GT. As already mentioned, the machinery is not limited to the three instances, and gives the player a fairly wide range of cars — from the Sport / Utility (SUVs) to pure sports cars. For each of them you are free to choose the automatic or manual transmission.

Rush Hour in store for fans of racing for three types of competitions: Single Race allows you to train on any track, Time Trial, «a race against time,» and, finally, Championship. And everywhere the user can set the desired level of complexity to it (one of three). What Gov. mode is now supported by Rush Hour, — that’s split screen for two players. But what else is needed arcade racer in this life ?!

Psygnosis RH announced the release this spring.

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