To take and cancel!

To take and cancel!

Periods may become quarterly.

And even years. Among gynecologists is believed that the critical days need not all.

The most outstanding inventions of the XX century, according to a poll of British sociologists, women recognized oral contraceptives (OK). In addition to monitoring the pregnancy, drugs recommended to relieve the symptoms of PMS, hormonal correction and treatment of related diseases. The next step in getting rid of women’s suffering — the possibility to postpone the use of tampons and pads for the long term. For example, a medicament as Seasonale, reduces the number of menstrual periods to four times a year, and tablets Lybrel, which appeared in the American market in 2003, and completely eliminate the «these days» for the whole year.


Pharmaceutical companies are convinced that the abolition of — a vital necessity. They cite research data: 60% of Americans wanted to avoid monthly bleeding. On the side are pharmacists and economists. Compensation costs the state of women’s health in the 8% payroll. It is clear that no one is going to rebuild the body for the prosperity of the industry. But do bring discomfort of menstruation and reduce the ability to work!

Without them — BETTER?

One of the theses to facilitate women’s participation with the help of synthetic hormones — monthly menses are not historical norm. Compare the life cycles of women in ancient times, and today gives the following figures. Puberty occurred in 16 years, now — at 12.5 years. Since giving birth 19.5 years — an average of 6 children, the interval between pregnancies was 3 years old. Modern girls become mothers for about 24 years and rarely give birth more often 2-3 times. In America, many of the children are breastfed up to 3 months, and half of the babies are bottle-fed.

In historical perspective, the global increase in the number of eggs that the female body is able to produce — a successful strategy. However, due to the fact that women are less likely to become mothers, they suffer more from monthly hormonal surges, they often expressed the painful symptoms of PMS. Endometriosis, anemia, some forms of cancer of the reproductive system — all these troubles are related to hormonal imbalance. They can be neutralized with the help of drugs that bring the body to a state of pregnancy.


Today, few physicians would argue with the fact that Sint-cal hormones — a great tool correction hormonal and one of the most effective methods of birth control. However, continuous oral contraceptives is still a matter of debate.

Supporters of the constant use of tablets explain: in the monthly bleeding that occur when using the OK, there is no need. Week break in reception (7 placebo pills that take hormones after 21 servings) — tribute to social stereotypes, not medicine. In the 50-60-ies, when work began on creating OK week break was scheduled to simulate a normal cycle. The woman was able to make sure that she is not pregnant, and today, when there are pets rapid tests, monthly blood loss is not necessary.

The phenomenon, which occurs during the placebo period, menstruation is not really in the full sense of the word. OK reduce the activity of the growth of the endometrium (the mucous membrane for implantation of the embryo), which is rejected during menstruation


Our foremothers had ovulation about 50 to 160 times in a lifetime. Modern daughters of Eve because they live longer, better nourished and less give birth to ripen 350 to 450 eggs.

Uncontrolled experiment

That is called interference in the functioning of the female body gynecologist Susan Rako in the book about the suppression of menstruation


Because the protection against heart diseases. Each month, women reduced pressure, and the body of excess iron out

Lowered testosterone levels

In the women’s body can lead to decreased libido affect muscle tone and brain activity, according to the doctor in young healthy woman is better to avoid interfering with the hormonal system

If it increases a little bit, rejection takes place in a very scanty. Moreover, the body is not necessary to get rid of the unfertilized egg.

This classic regimen compared to the operation of the vehicle in which the driver, stopping on the road, the engine switches off, and then it starts again. On the one hand, this is good, because the system does not turn off completely and ovarian function is not impaired. At constant reception is OK without placebo period the body is temporarily «preserves» the reproductive system.

This eliminates the ladies from hormonal storms, mood swings, pain, bleeding, and other «charms» of being a woman, doctors emphasize that opt ​​for prolonged intake of contraceptives.

But! Opponents of preparations for the abolition of the monthly point to the fact that they have not been tested for over a year, but this is not enough to have an objective picture of all potential risks and consequences.

Modern contraceptives contain much lower doses of hormones than the first generation OK


«When choosing products — emphasizes Lyudmila Bondarenko — a very valeno discern what they prescribe. For the treatment need one dose for contraception — other. Less interference — the better. «

Manufacturers Lubrel argue that the level of hormones in their preparation is safe. But still need to understand what happens in patients receiving estrogen-gestational genetic resources. Hormones block the function of the pituitary gland, which is to regulate the operation of the ovaries, and they are «asleep.» When an artificial blockage is removed, the system is restored … But not always. Therefore, a healthy young woman is better to avoid manipulation of the hormonal background. Of course, if the question is: abortion or OK, you should choose medicines. Moreover, it is proved that when taking contraceptive pills onkoproblem amount decreases from the ovaries and uterus.

Unfortunately, this is not the breasts, especially if OK appointed before delivery. When a woman becomes pregnant and bears the child, she gives birth and feeds in the breast undergoes natural cycles, and updated cells not exposed to cancer risks. It is worth remembering that the breast — a tissue sensitive to the ratio of sex hormones. If they get the wrong food, great likelihood of breast, fibroids and other ailments. In general, women who plan to give birth, it is better not to delay this step for the distant future.

But before choosing a remedy for unwanted pregnancy, you should consult a doctor. It helps to choose the product with a minimum level of hormones. By the way, OK new generation that are on the shelves of our pharmacies, perfectly relieve PMS. Thus, the «hunt» for drugs that have not yet entered the domestic market, it is not necessary!

Cool meeting

Our wonderful climate hardens in winter — frost and in summer — the heat. And develops in February learn to avoid frostbite in August — heat stroke

Earn this year a «surprise» is simple. Especially when a shadow over +30 ° C. The body enough to get outside or to develop their own excessive amounts of energy — and hello, heat stroke. It is therefore important to understand and properly controlled. Primarily a reduction in heat generation, and to ensure the removal of excess heat — again.

Temperament influences the tendency to overheat. You choleric emotional? Forget the heat in any tonic, adaptogenic, with iodine preparations.

muscle. Teach them to relax, because the heat is produced in the body muscles. In the midday heat, reduce locomotor activity to a minimum. Such a method laid down in static poses, which uses yoga.

On the plate you have something that can cause heat stroke. Therefore, if it becomes not just a warm and hot from the diet consistently have to disappear red meat, then — red fish, poultry, white fish, eggs, milk and milk products. They contain proteins too rapidly warms the body and will be useful when the ambient temperature begins to fall. Your diet at temperatures up to +30 ° C — Mlada vegetarianism (white meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products), and above +33 ° C — only dairy products. Vegetables and fruits in the summer heat is not limited, as they are — one of the sources of water.

It excreted heat output primarily by evaporation of water and convection — blowing. To make it that evaporate — monitor water balance. Indicator — the number of images per day urine (it should not be less than 1 liter), and lack of thirst during the day.

It is important to take any liquid body temperature. Such water will penetrate into the body and carries the excess heat. If you attempt to cool the body slash icy mineral water, you run the risk of «awaken» germs in the throat, upper respiratory tract. And on hot summer amid angina read in another article.

Lawless Heart

Anyone can be in place of the one who needs help, or should it have. Clear procedures will not get lost in an emergency.

Do you agree that:

1Vnezapnaya cardiac arrest is rare

2Nepryamoy heart massage is ineffective, so do not need to do anything before the arrival of emergency

3Ostanovku heart can be prevented


1No In developed countries, for this reason, die every year from thousands of one adult. And Ukraine — is no exception. This insidious disease for age does not matter. In addition to patients with structural heart disease, for example, after a myocardial infarction, the risk group includes people with genetic disorders — the syndrome of extended interval C) T, Brugada syndrome, hyper-trophic cardiomyopathy. For years, they may be asymptomatic, appearing at puberty or during extreme physical exertion. However, the victims of an accident may be even healthy people if joined by a lot of stress, heat, large doses of alcohol and nicotine.

Any 2NET First aid is much better than it subjects them. Get on your knees, put your palms down the protrusion of the chest. Others — put on top, having closed his fingers lock. Start rhythmic pushes straight arms with a frequency of 100 times per minute, the depth of shock — not less than 5 cm. If within 10 seconds. the blood circulation is not restored, continue chest compressions until the ambulance came.

3DA The first — thanks to a healthy lifestyle. Maintain weight within normal limits, control pressure, cholesterol, and glucose in the blood. Be sure to find time to exercise. The frequency of accidents in people who regularly perform moderate physical activity, almost 70% lower than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Psihomimetikoy allergy

Sometimes in order to get rid of allergies, you do not need mountains of pills. … Just look at yourself. And heal! The history of our heroine Helena — an example of this «ordinary miracle».

How many can remember, May is not my month was visiting bot garden. When others rejoiced violent flowering, I have laid the nose, the face is terribly swollen, and the light hurt his eyes so that even at 7 am, I was sent to school wearing sunglasses. Frankly, I had grown accustomed to. And nothing surprising: Dad — allergies, and if you dig deeper into the race, we can say that allergy — family heritage.

In the language of psychotherapy allergic reaction — is evidence of the attempt on the personal comfort zone.

HOW smells of the sea, you feel? «

Soon the «normal» seasonal rhinitis already began to appear in the company: severe bouts with temperatures up to 38-39 so he went to the pharmacy for hormonal antihistamine spray. For a long time it has become my only savior.


How it all began «


Tatiana DUGELNAYA, a psychologist at the Center for Family Psychology «Lelek»

From the standpoint of the soul, an allergy is an intolerance of anything bordering on the desire to «go away» if it is the desire not to be satisfied. Therefore allergic pants — from the inability to breathe the same air that irritates him, as well as from the strong repressed anger. Often hidden sources of allergy in childhood, and they are connected with different views on life and the child’s parents. As a result of this confrontation toddler may lose the ability to quickly adapt and respond to the circumstances quite harmless as traumatic (language allergic reactions). Overcoming our heroine seems easy at first glance — in fact, it stands a great job as a therapist (certainly not «accidentally» left on this problem), and most of Elena. d. It is a big job that requires courage and patience, but the reward for it (the victory over the disease) is very significant.

Instructions for husband

— Olga asked in a confidential conversation. Suggest inning.

External influence is impossible.

Behavior Artem not surprised. They began to acquire property: at someone there was a considerable bank account, someone in addition to the earnings — and even a solid tummy …

Not so bad. But it is the «hooky» became his main way to solve all the problems.

Not ready for the seminar? — Yes, well, it will go to drink beer. Not passed the order on time? — You can turn off the phone, and then something lie. Artem showed real commitment only when it attempted to influence. Now you can be sure that he will do anything but what he is asked. Do not help any arguments or tears.

But what to do in specific situations — but at least a visit to the doctor — and not yet decided. Still husband — not the boys who can lure to the dentist, promising a new car …

Partner impossible to alter. But you need to strive together to create something new. «

And the first thing you need to stop treating her husband like a child. It seems that it behaves like a boy? But look at the passport, somehow, he lived up to his age! The resistance, refusal to obey without a murmur — a sign of growing up, but not infantilism.

Not fully aware of this fact, many women want to see next is not independent, and obedient husband.

How to negotiate?

Recognize that in front of you — adult. Took care of her husband as a little child is futile.

Make sure that you have heard. Sometimes it is right to ask, «Do you understand me?» It is important that a serious discussion has not been adopted as a tantrum.

5Dayte him to decide.

Transfer responsibility (in «their» sphere) the consequences for him and for the family. And be prepared to make that decision.



In the late 90s psychologists often asked for advice ladies, who thought his companions tyrants. Today the situation has changed. Composed women are increasingly complaining that their husbands are not sufficiently independent.

Imperious ladies are not ready to listen to others, or caring woman who decided to pull the load of family burdens on themselves, their actions can encourage mates to infantile behavior.

The model of family relations, organized on the principle of «mother and son» inharmonious. And the woman is the victim and her companion completely loses all his manly features.

Relations with muzhchinoy- patron (a la «father and daughter») are slightly more likely to succeed. The golden cage getting crowded? «Growing up,» the young woman could upset the balance. Choosing her: comfort or freedom.

He listened only yourself!

Anya’s first husband showed the classic pattern of immaturity.

New WHO-Loves immediately put things in order: married, he fathered the baby, decided to housing problems, started his business.


Next to the man who used to take responsibility for themselves, comfortable and convenient. But this does not mean that he will indulge all desires. I would like to be heard? The recipe is a little different.

Better and explain, rather than trying to secretly manipulate. And often the pursuit of the benefits of not talking about greed, but a simple lack of attention. Therefore, a woman must be very clear what she wants in fact.


Red eyes?

Expert answer

In all need a sense of proportion. Using eyedrops based tetryzoline strictly follow dosing regimen. Do not overdose and prolonged use — otherwise you face the development of toxic effects: secondary swelling, redness of the eyes. If, after the start of the drug occur headache, floating spots before the eyes, double vision, redness, consult a doctor immediately. If you wear contact lenses, before instillation of the drug is required to remove them and put on after 15 minutes. Direct contact lenses and eye drops may impair the transparency of the latter.


«Vasoconstrictive drops do not relieve you of eye diseases. And fatigue will not remove. Only narrow the blood vessels — and over the top. This increase intraocular pressure *. As a result — even more redness. «


«Vasoconstrictive drops — the quickest and surest way to get rid of broken capillaries and redness in the eyes. If you spent the whole day in the hard work at the computer, the drop does not help to look tired. «


Psychophysical rehabilitation method was patented, then — set up the project «System of rehabilitation and improvement of the nation.» In the 90 years of a unique methodology and its author had devoted a lot of publications, book «Drive correctly — and be healthy.» This publication describes the exercises recommended for self-development.

Homeopathy movements

Or «micro burden in macro doses» — describes the essence of his healing techniques first Soviet coach and psychologist, Arnold Grinshtat from Kiev.

His wards — athletes with severe injuries — written off. After training with the coach they became Olympic medalists and world champions. Stories of people who were returning to normal life, at times reminiscent of medieval tales of miraculous healings. Therefore, patients and journalists sincerely rehabilitologist Arnold called rescuers.

Himself Arnold M. considered himself, rather, a specialist in human capabilities. His system of exercises designed not only for professional sports. It can be recommended as students and pensioners, and the list of diseases for which helps gymnastics, — half of the medical encyclopedia.

It is important to know

STRESS transcend additional bonus for those involved in the system Grinshtata — the ability to easily cope with difficult situations. Workouts are taught to endure sharp changes in heart rate and blood pressure, and after all this is the physiological effects of stress.

Good morning Did not thinking to take charge of the morning? Do not blame themselves for nothing. The body has not yet woke up and not ready for the intensity.

In the traditional gym has a great alternative «for the lazy»: lying in bed, you need to twist left and right buttocks, and then turned over on his stomach, lift legs alternately 5 cm to 10 times. Repeat 20 times. 10 min. such exercises — and the body receives the daily range of motion needed to supply each cell.

A matter of minutes «Office» option exercises — for those who spent whole days at the computer. Sit on a hard chair by springy legs and body movements, as well as reducing the gluteus «jump» for a minute.

Then a minute rest, completely relaxed. I do not need any

Holistic approach

«Modern popular exercise — said Irina Tapkova-Grinshtat, continuer of legendary coach — often directed to ensure that correct figure.

Overall strengthening of the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and skeletal systems — an important difference method with which I work. Slim, smart and correct posture muscles become visible embodiment of beauty of movement, of which the exercises. «

harmonize the work of all systems of the body is possible only when the muscles are constantly working. That is why exercise Grinshtatu-thought out in such a way as to make the maximum number of movements per unit of time.

Prevention of osteoporosis — is another area that can help busy. What is prescribed in the case of fractures? Gypsum, peace and calcium supplements. However, calcium is deposited wherever moleno, just not at the point where the bone is broken because it prevents swelling. But the exact dosage system allows vibration to normalize blood circulation, resulting in broken bones fused several times faster. «Of course, the injury should be treated only under the guidance of a specialist — emphasizes Irina Tapkova-Grinshtat. — I learned that her husband of 20 years. But you can prevent problems by yourself. «

HOW STRONG muscles, there is a strong bone. It is better to do gymnastics at a young age, but mature years — not a reason to neglect the opportunities that gives system Grinpggata. Right thinking, power and movement — is an easy way to life without the hospital and tablets.

Build beautiful figure should be competently: the muscular system should become «second heart» for the body

In the example of the right rhythm vibration loads — the first and basic exercise of the whole complex, «vibrate» the body by light bending the knees. Suffice exactly stand up, put your hands along the body and perform rhythmic movements, making the exhale while moving down and breathe with your mouth open as you move up. Working 5 minutes to the rhythm of 120-160 per minute, you can give your muscles the volume of activity comparable to walking at 2-3 km. In this movement, synchronized with the heart rhythm, start the whole circulatory system. Due to the activation of metabolic processes of the endocrine glands, improves peristalsis, leaving stagnation.

Blood circulation is similar to natural processes: a powerful blood flow can be compared with pure mountain river. The lake water, which is not updated, overgrown with reeds and mud. Similarly, blood clots in the blood vessels are formed and cholesterol deposits

Sore throat: I do not expect?

Discomfort can cause both seasonal factors and chronic diseases. Objective: To identify and neutralize the summer of provocateurs


Anna GORBACHEV, otolaryngologist highest category of family medicine clinics «Family Health»

Most often, the summer plague acute pharyngitis (sore throat), exacerbated by chronic tonsillitis. As well as communication-mine, inflammation and lymphoid tissue of the throat can cause general or local hypothermia.

Even in the hot time up there-enough risk: swimming in the cold waters, the coolness of the night, sudden changes in temperature between the outdoor heat and air-conditioned rooms and cars.

What to do when suspicion falls on the virus, primarily physician should individually choose antivirals and supplement their auxiliaries. In other cases «first aid» — a rinse spray antiseptic preparations. From sore throat caused by a hot overdried air, help oil inhalation.


Rose Doroshenko, internist, a gastroenterologist MC «Dobrobut»

Pain and burning in the throat may be associated with problems of the gastrointestinal tract: esophagus when the stomach contents is adjudged, inflamed mucous and signal a problem pain. This chronic condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease. The most common GERD occurs in people with a hiatal hernia, or reduced cardiac sphincter tone.

What should I do to get rid of the pain, to normalize diet and lifestyle. There is often a fractional not wash down the food, do not bend over, stay and lift weights after a meal, do not eat before going to bed. Limit the load to the press. Of course, diet is very important. You can make flax seeds: 2 hours. L. per cup of boiling water,

15 minutes. stir, drain and divide into 3 doses — for 40 minutes. before meals. If for 5-7 days, the symptoms persist, seek medical attention.


Yulia Kosovan, an allergist medical center «Allergist»

Cough, sore and even a sore throat — the whole set of trouble can be caused by an allergic reaction. The main culprit in the summer season gets pollen. And if experienced allergies know which representatives of the kingdom of flora provoke aversion in them, people for the first time faced with hay fever can sometimes be mistaken for the common cold. Unlike colds, allergy does not cause an elevated temperature. However, the disease may overlap. Deal will help the doctor.

What should I do to find out which of the plants makes you suffer in summer days, you can use the tests. And with allergy symptoms often struggle by receiving antihistamines.

But the best solution — a comprehensive survey, which will help deal with hay fever.

Keep shape

«Easy» popular summer cocktails deceptive. Even unsweetened drink with lots of ice — the enemies of harmony.

Alcohol body burns calories, saturated fat, and does not consume supplies, which would be easy to give up summer

A few words about margarine


«The quality margarine, unlike oil, completely lacks cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease. With this margarine is considered physiologically whole foods. «


«British doctors believe that eating margarine increases the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Scientists recommend instead of butter and margarine to use natural vegetable oils. «


The basis for the production of margarine are vegetable fats (soybean oil, palm oil). The use of genetically modified soy can cause severe allergies. Also trans fats contribute to disorders of carbohydrate and fat metabolism, liver and pancreas and lead to the development of obesity. Contraindicated to use products containing margarine, pregnant, breastfeeding, children and diabetics.

Rented pride

To diversify the winter menu with use, it is important to follow the basic rules of conservation. Are the approaches to our home-made?

Do you agree that

1B home-made no use: destroy everything of value acid or high temperatures

2Marinovanie — a more reliable method of preserving vegetables than pickling

3Obnaruzhiv bank jam mold, the contents should be immediately sent to the trash


1NEVERNO. Caloric content of vegetables and fruits, the content of organic acids in food-curl and pectin for canning does not change. Much depends on the intensity of the heat treatment. The most intrusive option — pasteurization (treatment at a temperature no higher than 85-90 ° C), for her best suited berries and fruit with acidity: cherries, apples. Pasteurization can save up to 40% of vitamin stock.

2 TRUE. That is why industrial production is concentrated in the canned pickles. In this way, the workpiece is carried out «double attack» on bacteria: their activity neutralize the vinegar, and then — heat treatment.

But pickling and salting saves more useful items. Lactic acid bacteria isolated useful, is less invasive to the stomach than acetic acid. However, the bacterial balance in tubs with salt is much more fragile than in banks with pickles — they must be stored in a cool place (in the cellar, refrigerator), or the product perekisnet.

3 TRUE. «The center of civilization» in the form of mold stains can be removed, but there is no guarantee that its arguments have not spread throughout the product. There are many types of mold, some of which are highly toxic to humans. Lingering in the body, the poison affects the liver and causes allergic reactions.

It’s time to honey collection

From this buckwheat honey tickle in the throat. And he quickly candy. So say experts. How to distinguish a true gift from the bee syrup and that the similarities between these products?

Question born on purpose. Honey can actually receive prikarmlivaya bees sugar syrup, cans, which will give an equal amount of gold goodies. This is one way of product falsification.

And it is quite effective: even a honey crystallizes, however, benefit from it — no.

Experts advise to pay attention to as honey «behaves» when it is poured from one container to another. This, if it is not sugar, spreads, fits tape, and if you will drop, if it bounces. During this property is called elastic, although it looks strange definition and in relation to this product.

It is believed that dark honey useful light because richer in minerals. But it’s best to buy a cellular — speak of him as a curative.

Another feature of the honey is its ability to crystallize. Do not crystallized unless Acacia — but it remains clear even in the fall.

from the past

At different times in different nations honey equated with monetary unit: the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and then — the Slavs. The penalty could pay money, cattle or honey.

With Pasek — the company

Extractor, which was evacuated honey from honeycombs, operates on the principle of the centrifuge. Then it is filtered, sorted by banks and cans and sent for sale. Sometimes a mediator between beekeepers and buyers become honey processing plant. The factory is checked supporting documentation and send product samples for analysis.

Since virtually all types of honey crystallize before filling it is heated to a temperature no higher than 45 ° C (as in the hive). You can use thermal cameras and conventional incandescent lamps (they are considered the most soft heaters).

Deceived simpleton?

Delicious «natural» honey can be fake. One way of falsification — pumping crude saturated with moisture honey. Then the buyer pays for water, not for the nectar. This «young and green» honey yields in mature utility, in addition, it can turn sour over the winter, as well as losing the taste. You can give out honey for a cheaper one that is more expensive. For example, from acacia to obtain more valuable «fake», you can add starch and flavoring. Forgery can be determined by a drop of iodine. If under the influence of his honey color changes to blue, it makes sense to think about.

All available

It is believed that the first attempts were made beekeeping more in 700 BC. e. Getting involved in honey in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. For a long time because of the high cost of this product has been affordable only to the richest. Furthermore it has become available after the steel used in cooking sugar.

Progress in the production of honey was outlined in the XIX century, when the West was filled with the culture of beekeeping. Then it was invented equipment for apiaries — extractor, waffle iron to cells of multi-hive.


Some consumers are concerned about the question becomes whether the toxin honey, when it produced a breakdown product of sugars (hydroxymethyl). Experts assure that there is no reason to worry: there is a substance by heating the honey or in the process of «age changes» taking place in it. But that’s no reason to be afraid of a mature product that he has become dangerous for the body, you need to eat a few dozen kilograms of sweets

Beware of the food on the beach!

Its seaside holiday without «baklava honey» does not represent 50 of the 100 respondents Ukrainians. If we resist the temptation of summer fast food is not possible, we will try to protect yourself

Most, going to rest on the local resorts, argue quite sensibly: everything is familiar, speak their native language, unknown fruits and exotic cuisine are not poisoned. That’s about the last is debatable.

All the food is sold illegally on the beach, and this business is considered one of the most efficient in the segment of «seasonal». Vendors in flip-flops and shorts are credible on a psychological level that we used to think that the house can not cook stuff. That spreads the warm breeze over the beach from morning to evening: «Hot smoked fish, homemade wine, samosas, chak-chak …


Top seller on the beach. Few refuse sugar cobs.

NOTE whether there is mold. Rotten part sellers cover their hand when you hand over corn. Therefore, before the cart with corn moves on, carefully consider the cob from all sides.

Corn freshness often carry in tight plastic bags, wrapped with a blanket. The bags are used for protection from sand (however, if the seller accidentally dropped an ear, he just wash into the sea and throw back into the bag) and a blanket — to keep warm. For a couple of hours in the package at a temperature of +35 ° C every product inevitably begins to turn sour, so the corn can be purchased only before 10 am, when the fermentation process has not yet begun. Do you find yourself fresh or sour cob from 10 to 16 — knows only the sky and the seller. Do not buy corn after a day of bad weather, when the beach was empty. Unsold corn yesterday just once brewed and sold under the guise of fresh.

2KOPCHENAYA or salted fish

Pampered child on the beach much easier than her husband. One of the safest beach goodies — a tube with condensed milk and cotton candy. They dismantled very quickly, and they do not have time to go bad. But the husband is unlikely to give up cold beer with a snack.

NOTE than smells. If shrimp or mussels smelled all bouquet of spices, it is possible that the seller is hiding them, not just for the aroma of fresh spices.

who lives there buying dried gobies do not forget to look in their abdomen. If you’re lucky, there will be empty and dry, and if not — learn how to look fly larvae. Few of the year fast food manufacturers bother to manufacture protective nets against insects. Fish dried and vyalitsya and flies around nobody believes. Dangerous also different kinds of Salmonella resistant to perfectly dried, salted and smoked. Salmonella bacteria, once in the body, causing his intoxication and dehydration.

One of the signs of intoxication — diarrhea. Symptoms that appeared during the day after a meal, talk about the food poisoning. And if an upset stomach showed a few days later, it may signal the intestinal infections (dysentery, typhoid, cholera, ehsherihioza, giardiasis or cysticercosis). Children’s body cope with adversity is much more difficult than adults. If you suspect poisoning, consult a doctor immediately.

they say. Sellers are assured customers: the fish has been caught recently. The truth is that the beach gets businesses a product for the second, third and the remaining degrees of freshness. And only thanks to their technological ingenuity the most rotten thing turns into a beautiful and tasty appetizer.


On trucks with food marker is written loud statement about the natural product. Genetically modified foods on the beach is not a place, find sellers, assuring customers a one hundred percent, «This is our land, from your area grapes, corn and peaches.» Most often it is not. Fruits are bought on wholesale bases, the nitrate content in them no one checks, information on the cultivation without the use of chemicals is not requesting. The inscription «GMO» is used as a marketing ploy beach business.

A bottle of pure water on the beach More Than bag stuffed with food. Overeating and dehydration provokes a heat stroke gram of salt contains 100 grams of dried fish. And this is more than the daily rate


What’s the catch, because the drink always give on trial?


WHAT try and what to buy that wine that give on the sample, and one that you handed in the end, they may well be different in terms of quality and taste. House wines are divided into three categories: the first were made of the powder, the latter purchased in the wholesale warehouse, and others bought there, but diluted with water and poor-quality alcohol. The consequences of the use of such drinks in the hot beach sun obvious. The relative safety of alcoholic drink is beer bottling gym shoes. His duality is only a plus health.

And belyashi 4PIROZHKI

Using stale products for dough pies difficult to notice, and stuffing — even more difficult. Sanitary regulations require

Cooking with plums

On the title of «the female» it claimed many fruits. Among them and discharge — fruits contribute to harmony and cherish the breast cancer cells

ON-Zakarpattia dough gambovtsev prepare very different: luxuriant rain or based on boiled potatoes


700 g of cottage cheese 1 tbsp. flour 1 tbsp. semolina

5 eggs

3 tbsp. l. A sugar / h r. l. salt

600 g fresh plums major 50-70 g sugar Cinnamon to taste (for stuffing can also be used plum compote)

Cottage cheese, semolina, flour, eggs, sugar and salt Stir until smooth. Allow the dough to stand. Then, separating the pieces of dough, roll them in tortillas. In the middle put the plums, flavored with sugar and cinnamon, form balls. Boil in salted water. Serve with plum and rhubarb sauce.

Time to eat fish

On its benefits not only speaks lazy. Traditionally recommend eating fatty varieties.

But not when before us set the goal — to lose weight.


1For dieting SUITABLE lean fish — pollock, hake, plaice. Fat can be added little by little. It is better to boil, braise, bake. Instead of salt use lemon juice and spices.

2B as a garnish — vegetables, except for eggplant, radishes, potatoes and tomatoes.

3Razreshaetsya about 100 ml dry red wine a day.

There are two options for fish diets: 7 and 10 days. In the first case it is possible to reset 3-4 kg, in the second — 3-5 kg.

Lunch: 200 g boiled fish, green salad,

150 g fat-free yogurt, green tea.

Dinner: 200 g boiled fish,

150 g fat-free yogurt, raw vegetables and green tea.

MENU FOR 10 DAYS Each morning starts with a glass of water. Precede it, and every meal. On the day you need to drink 2 liters of water.

Breakfast: 1 -2 eggs, a glass of low-fat yogurt or yogurt, after 15 minutes. — Fruits with a lot of vitamin C, and later —

2 cups of green tea without sugar. Lunch: 50 g of a fish and a glass of warm water, after 15 min. — 200 g of the same fish, vegetable side dishes, fruit.

Snack: Low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt.

At night you can drink tea.

NATALIA Mikhnevo gastroenterologist, a. M. N., Assistant professor of internal medicine №1 NMU them. Bogomolets, nutritionist Medical Center «Healthy Eating»

Diet is possible for a short period. It does not provide essential nutrients. It completely absent from cereals, so we recommended the rules of healthy eating. Furthermore, with such an abundance of fish in the diet it may cause allergies. There can be 3-4 times a week at one of the main meals.

Pilates: selling program.

The beauty of these exercises is that they can be done anywhere: on the beach, watching the child, in a clearing in the woods near the house.

While the soul relax on vacation, the body improves its form

Pilates — a system of exercises created by Joseph Pilate- catfish over 100 years ago and became widespread in our day as one of the areas of fitness «Reasonable body.» In other words, this method of training is based on the idea of ​​indissoluble connection of body and mind. That is, each movement is done consciously accompanied by breast-deep (diaphragmatic) breathing techniques with complete control of movement. One of the benefits of Pilates — exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and has various modifications allowing increase the burden or, conversely, to be engaged in a power saving mode. Pilates moleno recommend and as a rehabilitation program after spinal injuries: these exercises help to restore the natural curves of-WIDE, remove stress and improve health. Holiday complex, specially designed personal trainer JUICE «Planet Fitness» Olga Blokhina, aimed at increasing muscle tone, improved flexibility, the development of the mobility of joints, improve coordination and balance.


To exercise was as effective as possible, do not forget to respect the basic principles:

1Kontroliruyte breath. As a rule, the preparation of breath, as you exhale — the movement, on the force — exhale.

2Vnachale each exercise to strain center of the body (abdominal muscles).

3Obraschayte attention to the position of the lumbar spine: in the course of a series of exercises lower back must remain in a neutral position — to maintain the natural curve of the spine.

4 To perform non-exercise where the pelvis should remain fixed, that is stable.

5B series of exercises using the phased movement of the spine — twisting, during which the vertebrae opus cabin, or climb one by one slowly and under control.

6Stopy at «Pilates» — heels together, toes apart. This position relaxes the front of the thigh, includes the work of the external and internal surfaces of the thighs and buttocks as possible activating the center of the body.


Works: glutes, hamstrings, the muscles stabilizers — back extensors, deltoids.

Lie on your back Put the foot parallel to the width of the pelvis, the spine is stretched, shoulders slumped, hands at your sides.

At the center of the body tense breath, exhale, twisting tailbone and lower back pressed to the floor, slowly, vertebra by vertebra, go straight at the blade.

Inhale — pull your left leg up and exhale do swing, lowering the leg to the knee and flexing the foot. Perform 5 Mach one, and then another 5 th other leg. This is one repeat.

Inhale — pull up the center of the body, exhale vertebra by vertebra back to its original position.

IMPORTANT: During the strides the pelvis remains stable.

The number of repetitions 6-8 times.

Balance control

WORK: abdominal muscles, chest, hip flexors

Sit on the mat, pull up right leg, the left — on the floor. Back straight, stomach pulled. Hands — on the right lower leg.

Slightly twisting the pelvis and lumbar rounding back while inhaling slowly rolled back to the blades. Thus legs are straight, elongated, angle Mezhuyev right and left legs steady. On the exhale, return to the starting position.

IMPORTANT: Going by a busy center of the body, instead of rocking and inertial forces.

Reps: 5 times on each leg.

FROG (stretching of muscles in both legs)

WORK: abdominal muscles, pectoral muscles, hip flexors, extensors of the back, buttock, calf.

Lying on his back, legs — heels together, toes and knees apart. The upper part of the body slightly raised, belly tucked up, arms stretched above the floor.

On the inhale, straining the center of the body as much as possible, at the same time pull the leg forward at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor, keeping the position of «heels together, toes apart» (on foot), hand — to the ears (as if stretching in the morning in bed). As you exhale, bend your knees, revealing hips, hands to the sides of the circle. Return to starting position.

IMPORTANT: do not bend at the waist, it is firmly pressed to the floor, and a spot — to each other. The upper part of the body is stationary. Avoid bulging belly. Reps:

10 times.

PUZZLE rabotayut.- abdominal muscles, chest, hip flexors. Lying on his back, hands up, legs extended and slightly stretched. On the inhale tighten the center of the body. On the exhale, raise your hands, then her head, shoulders, vertebra by vertebra to curl up. At the same time parallel to the pull and lift the right leg at an angle of 45 degrees, and place the left foot fixed. Finish the movement in a sitting position with your back straight, stretching the spine as much as possible, as well as the muscles of the arms and legs. On the inhale pull your belly button to back, exhale slowly twirling tailbone, lower yourself to the starting position. Then pull on the rise left foot, right stabilizing.

IMPORTANT: Movement VYPOLNYAY- are slowly and smoothly.

The number of repetitions 6-8 times.

Swimming in emphasis

WORK: latissimus dorsi, rozgibateli back, glutes and hip muscles.

The emphasis on the knees and on the straight arms: hands under shoulders, knees under hips width of the hip joints. The spine is stretched, pulled stomach, eyes pointing down.

On the inhale, activating the center of the body, slowly pull dissimilar arm forward and back leg parallel to the floor without lifting the shoulders and without changing the position of the pelvis. On the exhale, holding the balance and posture of the spine, bend your hands, gently pressing blade toward the spine. Inhale — again pull the arm forward. Exhale — return to the starting position. Repeat, changing the hand and leg.

IMPORTANT: Keep your balance. Raised arm and leg should be parallel to the floor. Loins not sag.

The number of repetitions: ON 5 times on each leg and arm.


WORK: abdominal muscles (direct and oblique), hip adductors.

Sitting on the left thigh, put the right foot ahead of the left, his left hand in line with the hip. The chest was opened, shoulders slumped, his stomach tightened. The right hand take aside.

On the inhale tighten the center of the body, exhale — slowly push the pelvis up, tear off your hips off the floor, pull the legs and go to the emphasis on direct arm, trying to feel the bump side. Second hand pull up behind his head. Breathe. On the exhale, slowly return to starting position.

IMPORTANT: The palm up position should be under the shoulder. Keep balance, do not carry the weight of the body on the wrist. Reps: 3-5 times on each side.

Mahi up and down

WORK: latissimus dorsi, erectors, glutes and hip muscles abductors

Standing in the palm on his left knee, pull your right leg to the side. Lean to the outstretched leg. This hands in line with shoulders pulled stomach.

Inhale — return to starting.

The sea is calling!

For lovers of fresh breeze every self-respecting designer offers cruise collection: lightweight fabrics and silhouettes flying

EQUIPMENT The main rule when choosing a stamp for a boat ride — its lightness. Striped vest made of soft jersey and is not pricked saves from erosion. Salt spray, sun and wind will bring only pleasant


The water surface otzerkalivaet the sun’s rays, so you useful points with strong dimming. The best option for a boat ride — in the Plaza teak frame: not bask in the sun, skin irritation on contact with salt water do not leave


Selecting voyage to the bottom, do not forget about the wind, which quickly raise your skirt like a sail. Only loose pants

TATTY DEVINE, MOSCHINO CHEAP&CHIC The main objective of all cruise accessories and jewelry — emphasize the tan. And then — to show the status of the owner. Ideal inconspicuous things bright colors

MARC JACOBS Little striped clutch is what you need for a short boat ride


Staying on a sailing vessel will require you to sustainability. Squadrons of textile bright shades are comfortable and practical. They are well pass the air, and do not rub the feet

Step by step

Exotic cuisine has not gone in my favor. But I’m convinced: life in motion and confidence of the Sipah can change everything!

For a long time I did not have to complain about the figure. Overweight gave victory in the competition … philologists. Internships in Korea benefited practice the language, but not the waist. Woz-can, the locals eating in the student dining room and seemed diverse, but I think there were fed two meals: something horribly acute and rice. Since the «something» is, it was not possible, there was only rice, and as a result of metabolism «revenge» for the unbalanced diet.

Back to the old forms? In my training schedule will be in the pool and in the mobile phone — the app that measures the number of steps. Those who can not get to the gyms, I sincerely advise: active movement is possible without special tools, because the pedestrian walk is accessible to all.

I do not live so close to the university, but I try, whenever possible, to avoid the traffic. The day manage to go up to 15-16 km, a reward I get in good physical shape and able to accurately count your schedule. What’s that, and traffic jams did not delay!

In the near future I’m going back for training. At this time in China. Fortunately, in the region where I was invited, the kitchen is not too spicy!

where to begin

If radical changes in life seem unbearable, you should start small: Yes, even with having to walk more! As soon as the results become visible, it is unlikely anyone would want to go back to the traditional way of life previously.

And, of course, it is important to change the inner spirit. You can lie on the couch and dream about how things will change, but … I think that laziness has the upper hand over those who do not appreciate myself and do not respect.

Super Plan

1DIETA impetus for weight loss has become a diet Kim Protasov: initially the main focus is on raw vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products.

2VODNYE PROCEDURES lessons in the pool to help not only the part with the weight, but also to give the elasticity of the muscles. And once a week — a sauna.

3AKTIVNOST available to all, and always, it would be only a wish. You can think about your daily itinerary so that more re-move on foot. It is simple, but very effective.

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