TWO apiaries — two indicators

TWO apiaries - two indicators

In the spring of 1963 we moved apiary assistant 150 bee families in the multihull content. As we later received new hives transplant completed only by the end of May. This, of course, affected the normal development of bee colonies. In addition, because of the bad weather in the spring absent any support bribes and the bees had quite a long time to feed sugar. Still, the family developed a good idea.

In mid-May, in order to prevent swarming in the apiary, and build more bees to the main bribe, was formed 115 cuttings in mature queen cells derived from family-kindergarten teachers without orphaning. Slips organized in the upper body.

Combining cuttings produced in the beginning of the main bribe without removing the old queen, than save a lot of time and labor.

To make fuller use of bribes with lime, apiary, we transported 120 kilometers, where the linden blossom four days later. In August, as usual, the family were exported to the autumn grasses.

As a result, we received 84 kilograms of honey per family gross and 1,030 kilograms of wax. In addition, bees rebuilt the honeycomb frames 2260.

It is interesting to note the following fact. Next to us was another apiary is our own collective farm, which, together with us wandered to honey This apiary beekeeper, too, with one assistant served 130 families in Dadant hives. In the spring, these families were stronger than ours. However, they have collected 67 kilograms of honey gross, 0.65 kilograms of wax and have built 780 new framework.

Thus, multiple-apiary is ahead on all counts, despite the fact that this year we had what is called organizational.

I would like to note the following positive aspects of multiple effect of beekeeping. New Hive contributes to a better development of families; it quickly and in large quantities at once rebuilt combs; Honey obtained mature and of high quality; it can be pumped directly into one or two steps; working with bee families much easier. Based on this experience, I can say with certainty that the 150 families in the multihull hives — is the norm for one person, and that, perhaps, is not complete.

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