Victoria Dayneko

Victoria Dayneko

Word on the body

Ask yourself, «Would be better if the favorite will disappear forever from my life?» And answered honestly: «No». So, make any sudden movements, it is not necessary to break off relations.

Kores ready, waiting for you in a tattoo parlor! — Shouted into the phone Laysan.

— But I’m not ready right now.

— You said you wanted to get a tattoo?

— Well, I say …

— So, I organized. Forward!

Arguing with Utyasheva useless, and do not want to. And it’s amazing: I’m Taurus horoscope, that is always standing on his own, I was unrealistic to knock the course. But Laysan — like a big sister, always listen to it with pleasure.

We met a few years ago on the set of «big races», which took place on the French Riviera. We settled in a small village inn, it was absolutely nowhere to go, so the project participants spent much time together. Somehow I ended up with Laysan at one table and just a few minutes of conversation I realized that I met a kindred spirit. Believe me, that to me does not happen often, I am not enthusiastic girl who, faced with an interesting personality, immediately fascinated by it.

Back in Moscow, we continued to chat, and now Laysan — my closest and beloved friend. It became a familiar thought: «It is necessary to consult with Utyashev-ing.» She feels very peo-ple, just admire her wit and wisdom. Opinion Laysan for me — the law. If you say, «You do not need this ‘or’ Do not mess, no good thing will not end» — and doing. She had never made a mistake.

It is not surprising, therefore, that as soon as I wanted to make the first TAGU; I immediately called Laysan. Utyasheva approved: «It’s about time, right tattoo in the right place can change destiny.» From ancient times, people use tattoos as a talisman or spell for the future. Christina Aguilera is trying to protect his love — as a wedding gift Jordan Bratmanu she wrote on waist phrase from the Song of Songs of Solomon: «I am my beloved’s, and my beloved — me.»

Following their favorite singer, I also believe that the best stuff is not a symbol, not a picture, namely the word — important, important to keep in mind. They lead through life, give new meaning to their actions. I wanted to do that, that on the wrist and certainly white paint that was unnoticed — just for yourself. Master opposed:

— This tattoo will quickly turn to mush. The white color is suitable for drawing, not a motto.

— But if you write in black, it will read everyone, even someone I do not want to devote to your thoughts!

— It’s okay, let them see and read. Tattoo — a message not only themselves, but also the world. Just you’ll invest in it yet and its own special meaning.

I still did not agree with the philosopher of the tattoo parlor. And I found a less prominent place — on the neck from behind. Moreover, reasoned as follows: if a positive message will be located closer to the head, there is hope that it can strongly influence the course of my thoughts and mental attitude.

And that machine hummed, heart pounding in fear, but I willed myself to calm down ordered: poor me has already happened. And I do a tattoo in the first place to get worse. An hour later, flushed and neck ached, but her flaunted an inscription: Enjoy Every Moment — «Enjoy every moment.»

Reasons to try to change their attitude to life was more than enough. The year 2009 was a turning point for me. It would seem that where I am, and where the global economic crisis? But he hit and artists. The concert was much smaller. In the twenty years that there may come a rainy day, somehow did not think. It’s one thing to learn how to earn money, and quite another — to spend it correctly. I — a girl from an ordinary family. We did not need, but frills currently not allowed. Therefore, when I suddenly fell considerable sums, began to throw money down the drain. Almost literally. She thought: just a lot of work, so I have the right to treat yourself and friends. Countless dresses, shoes, bags … serve at their whim: could fly to Paris for shopping or a stroll along the waterfront of Cannes. I enjoyed with a friend to go to the store, and if one liked jeans or dress, but could not afford to say: «And let me buy them for you!» Just like that, for no reason. He spends nearly all earned.

Suddenly, life has changed dramatically. Finance «sing songs». I began to worry about — not so much for himself as for the parents. They moved to Moscow; We took an apartment in the mortgage. Fortunately, found a job: Mom got a programmer in a pension fund, the Pope headed the department of automation in the other. It was nice that they are in no need, because I am able to help them. Always brought gifts of travel, but my question «What did you buy?» Followed the invariable answer: «Nothing.» Parents — the most dear to me people on the ground. And when the material well-being deteriorated somewhat, the first thought was about them: that happen, I can not support them!

Put your head in place able to fairly quickly. I deal with the situation, I learned to save, beat his hands, if they recklessly dragged on to the next pair of shoes with a price tag of transcendent. In general, it did not fall into poverty and made a very valuable lesson: we must take responsibility for the money.

On a personal level it was much more difficult. Favorite changed me almost in front of me in the next room. I will not go into details, it hurts. But I’m a grown man and could not cope. When love drama experienced at fourteen, it was much harder. Despair, anger, disappointment so rolls over, it seemed — no need to live: at this age, everything is perceived as a global catastrophe. Thank God, I chose without loss. The bitterness of disappointment turned into a poem about unrequited love, and I felt better. Empirically, I checked the old truth: heart experiences not punishment but a blessing — they burn, but also give the opportunity to feel that you’re alive. And I realized that with a strong emotional pain can be managed with the help of physical pain. I’m not the only one, remember how many Hollywood stars when they feel that they are losing their love, make tattoo or piercing. It is in this situation, I said, Laysan, I want to fill the phrase «Enjoy every moment.» These words are simple and very precise: the sad and happy moments are unique, because we live only once.

Can not believe it, but after the appearance of a tattoo really changed much in my mind — Utyasheva, as always, was right. I stopped to dig into the tormented me-nya situation. Why, if you are not able to change it? Ask yourself, «Would be better if the favorite will disappear forever from my life?» And answered honestly: «No». So, make any sudden movements, it is not necessary to break off relations. What’s wrong if a person with whom I was happy to remain in my life? Now, thanks to the tattoo I Ishu everywhere positive. I enjoy the fact that there are, for example, that mom and dad are alive and they are fine. What’s next great friends. And I do not take offense at destiny, even if it throws up a meeting not with that person.

When the girls complain that no one to get married, I very much understand. These men are in short supply. I will not stir up the past, the story is not worth special attention. Let me just say that, like many of my friends to avoid situations in which you want to make a decision to take responsibility. These «knights» are waiting until we have brought them all on a silver platter, but still complain that women become self-sufficient and do not particularly need a man’s shoulder. Themselves to blame!

Of course, there are other strong men. I am always glad to meet with Aleksei Yagudin, it is a pity not often see each other too, both occupied. We met on the project «Ice Age.» In figure skates I have never stood in the deep childhood skated on hockey. But if I do something interesting, ready to overcome any difficulty. Foundations of the first mastered figure skating with «guys-com» -professionalom. He gave me a little podnataskal and coach Alexander Zhulin was paired with Yagudin. Alex, of course, super professional, but his victory was gained as a single skater He often did not have enough patience, he let go of hurtful comments whenever my slip. In rehearsals, we are constantly in conflict, shouting at each other, quarrel, so that then did not talk for weeks. The «interpreter» took the Zhulin. I also wanted one thing: to turn around and slam the door. But that would be wrong.

Each output on the ice became a feat: I’m afraid so. It was terrible to horror when Alex turned me upside down and had to turn somersaults. All the time, it seemed that’s going to fall and broke his legs. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

One had to act as soon as we Lesha again quarreled violently. I tried to skate at full capacity. I’m not a master of the sport of figure skating, as some of the artists who participated in the project. But the jury, as usual, does not make allowances for my incompetence. Tatiana Tarasova me literally «rolled into the asphalt,» said that Dayneko simply awful and do not understand, why come here. And suddenly Yagudin abruptly interrupts the flow of «compliments». He stood up for me, despite the fact that he is constantly criticized my ice passages and Tatiana for many years was his coach and Alex it very much obliged! It was so pleasantly surprised that I had tears in my eyes just welled up. I am offended by the taunts stopped Yagudin: let him speak what he wants, know now — he treated me well!

After «Ice Age» I took part in «Star Factory. The Return «, which brought together the winners of previous competitions. If before we were taught the whole, we advised what to sing, how to look, but now we are accountable for their performances: selected repertoire, developed the idea of ​​each room.

The victory, like last time, I did not think. But one day, one theme that was sick of me and said: — You will be the winner.

— You’re wrong, you can not win at the «Factory» twice. No one will let me do it.

— To argue? If you lose, you do tattoos.

— Go!

Artyom Perminov like my brother. We are engaged in your own Peace in one House of Culture, with dancing and singing. Higher economic education theme was in St. Petersburg, and then I persuaded him to move to Moscow. He now works in a clothing boutique shop assistant, but continues to help with the dance: choreography is well aware of my team and learn their new girls from the ballet. On the one hand, you do want to come a day when I will be able to offer decent wages topic. But on the other hand, conflicts are inevitable in the work, and even to my rehearsals Perminov always late. I am angry, nakrichit — he is offended. Not smiling argue with the man who saved my life.

We then lived in Moscow in the neighborhood. I felt bad in the night: fever, chills, creepy, all the floats before my eyes, and severe pain in the abdomen. I tried to get up, but then he fell. With difficulty by reaching for the phone, dialed the number Perminov: «Temko, help!» And fainted. Perminov ran — he’s got the keys to my apartment — brought me to my senses. ‘Soon’ cause did not, I was not allowed. I had no idea that an attack of appendicitis and I was risking my life. Not until the hospitals were: Tomorrow appointed concert, and the scoring of the American cartoon «Rapunzel» is in full swing, and I have the title role there — I’m not only talking but also sing for the heroine. I hoped that would cost. However, after the show I realized: all the edge, there is no strength to endure the pain. In the emergency room she arrived in her car. And from there I was put directly on the operating table. Fortunately appendicitis cut time. The topic was near. Here I have a friend.

I agreed to a bet with the theme easily, as was really a hundred percent sure that another victory in the «Star Factory» does not shine. But wrong. And there was a second body tattoo — «V». This tattoo is not only corresponds to the first letter of my name, but also represents an important motto for me Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici — «the power of truth in the life of the universe, I won.» Wise words, they are often reminded, because I, like everyone, every day has to overcome himself or circumstances.

I am by nature a humble, private person and do not get much pleasure from the fact that I am constantly on the look or ask for an autograph. It is true, there is no coquetry. It’s one thing to come to communicate with the fans at the concert, and quite another — when it happens in everyday life. If the soul scratching cats, it is difficult to smile, to be photographed with strangers, which can easily ask for it on the street, in a restaurant, in a shop … But I try to keep myself in hand and are usually very pleasant.

For the same reason, rarely go to the party: it is necessary to smile all without discrimination, and I do not know how. I can not and do not want, as if nothing had happened to communicate with people whose favorite pastime talk shit behind your back or dissolve absurd rumors. Moscow, of course, a great city, but the gossip differ instantly, as if in the village. I try not to pay attention to the spiteful hissing, never anything in return do not speak. Just stop to greet the man who behaved correctly, pass by as if this empty place.

And once I get-togethers on the go. I fanatically devoted to their work, I demand the same from everyone who works with me. I can be strict and rigid. How else? A simple example: the fact that my team goes on tour, it is known at least one month. And suddenly the day before departure one of the dancers said that will not go: my sister is getting married, bachelorette party suits, which are not without cost. Search for replacement later, after the actress found insufficient, it is necessary to rehearse it all, but this does not have time, because we did not bother to warn in advance. If disgrace ballet concert, the audience will say that made bad Dayneko, not dancers. The face of this team — I have to be so demanding. Maid I fired.

Without Ballet else you can do, but without the backing singers are much more difficult — because the number looks pale, I’m basically not using a soundtrack, singing only live. And the New Year is approaching, performances are painted, but on the eve of December thirty-first of the two girls at an interval of ten minutes call with a message that poisoned and work in the New Year’s Eve can not. I am the same person, and also want to celebrate a holiday home, but go on stage and sing, because I was waiting for the audience. With this backing singers had to leave.

I myself am a man giperotvetstvenny therefore demand the same from others. For example I can not stand when people are late. If there is work, business meetings, interviews, I am in advance. It is better to leave the house for half an hour before, but I will not be nervous. It often happens: I’m already in place, getting ready for the performance, and the girls from the team still no. The administrator starts to ring each:

— Where are you?

— I was standing in a traffic jam. It’s amazing: I travel by car along the same road, but manages to keep up on time!

In general, with me easy. People often take offense at me. There was only one friend who forgave everything — Yorkshire Terrier Tosik, but a half years ago had to part with him. We lived together for six years in an apartment that I got as a prize for winning my first «Factory». Tosik accustomed to the fact that the hostess for days not at home, behave intelligently, the neighbors did not complain. But he was glad my return! It’s nice to come home, when you are waiting. We slept in an embrace, and suddenly I began to notice that next to Toshiko start coughing, gasping for breath.

Consult your doctor and to my horror I heard: «No dogs and cats, you have an allergy to them. Do not get rid of a pet — you earn asthma and then goodbye singing. » Toshiko had to find a new owner, who also loved and cared about him as I do. Parents take him could not, my mother found out exactly the same allergy. In the end, a good hand, I thought, were found. I trusted my friend a little miracle. It missed, Tosik constantly, I have dreamed. Wakes up with tears, my heart sank at the thought: and suddenly there it is bad? Unfortunately, I was not far from the truth.

Rumors that the dog is sick because of it is not well looked after, they came to me through mutual friends. The new owner on the phone assured me that this is not true. But I decided to make myself. Swallowed antigis-Tamino drugs and took the little dog for the weekend.

First we went to the veterinary clinic, where doctors were horrified. Because of malnutrition dog’s body was covered with scabs, sores Tosik combed and strongly suffered from itching and pain. I do not understand how it was possible not to notice ?! The coat became dull and climbed, his eyes dimmed, two teeth had to be removed immediately, they rotted.

On his return back is not out of the question. I took the dog home. All day he lay beside me on the couch, unable to eat or drink. If earlier Tosik barked at any) ‘over, now only sluggish barked a couple of times. I felt like a traitor, executed, that a friend had to endure such suffering. But — alas! — To keep him but could not.

New owners for Toshiko found a breeder of Yorkshire from which I bought a dog. Now he lives in a lovely home, where his love, care and cherish. My soul is at peace. And yet sometimes I come home and rolls longing: once again I was left alone.

My story is coming to the point where I had a third tattoo. It began when I decided to create their own new album. It seemed that she was ready enough grown professionally. Igor Matvienko supported me.

The album was looking for in England, where he successfully recorded Sergei Lazarev. He was negotiating with different people. Someone held my naive fool, trying to breed for money: that’s now the Russian bring to us on a silver platter thousands of dollars, preferably in cash, and we «vparim ‘s second-rate musical material, which is also implementing in parallel with another artist. Fortunately, I got mad not a story on the «tempting» perspective that drew in a respectable uncle played. As a result, I found a producer, having a very solid reputation in the music market. Suffice it to say that in his office all the walls are covered with platinum records, also have experience working with Russian artists.

We agreed on everything. Once again, he arrived in London to begin recording, and suddenly … scared, «What am I doing? Where to climb? This is world-class! «Everything was ready, ordered studio. I knew I am getting serious people that there is no reason to panic, but could not pull myself together and refused.

Upset, met with another Englishman, he was a dancer. She told me that she stopped the recording of the album, because the elementary coward. We sat in a cafe in Cam-den Town, a favorite area of ​​Amy Winehouse and informal British youth. Tattoo parlors there at every step. And suddenly I was like a stab: it is necessary to make a new tattoo! Word that pours on the body, always worked in the difficult moments of my life, to clear your head and help find a solution. Immediately I shared this idea with a friend.

— Do you really decided? — He asked.

— Yes, I think a suitable tattoo give me confidence, it helps to believe in themselves. But you must come with me.

— All right, so be it, do not give up on you.

And we went to the salon. Tattoo master offered to look through an album. Once read the phrase Aut Viam Inve-niam, Aut Faciam («or find a way, or even make it myself»), immediately I felt: this is what you need me now. Remember what I wrote about the physical pain that helps to deal with the emotional turmoil? And now I decided to resort to this radical way and opted for a tattoo is very sensitive spot — the ribs just below the heart. Rejecting the anesthesia, lying motionless for half an hour. Tattoo master was so impressed with my inflexibility, even made a discount for good behavior. «I usually take more money from those who begins to whine and hinder work, but you’re just a flint» — with respect in his voice he said.

After this «shock therapy» took me all week to gain commitment and re-cross the threshold of the studio. Now I do know that when your plans are crumbling and it seems that all is lost, we must not become hysterical, not to cry, and did not stop going forward. If you really something very wish, if you believe in success, all must come out.

Today, I have a lot of things dreamed about: favorite work, concerts, devoted fans and spectators. A new apartment — more spacious, which I thought out every detail. Engaged in the design itself, pretty trinkets dragged out of each trip.

I, of course, there is something to strive for. Plans have always been Napoleon. I want to release a new album. Go on a tour with a grand show. Finally got a diploma — I’m still do not have a higher education.

I am convinced that to be successful in the work, it is not necessary to give up privacy. In any case, the choice of the family or the scene — not for me. I want to have everything at once. Alsou fails because somehow combine the profession singer with a happy marriage and motherhood. That’s what I can. Be sure to meet your love, marry. And if before I sincerely believe that the thinking of the child is still too early, but now I’m sure — the time has come. I dream to me on the road began to go my little children. But their destiny I’m not going to wait with folded arms and questioning the heavens: when my dreams come true? Nothing just not given. Well, I will work hard. I always get their way. You just need to learn to make the right conclusions. Do not blame all their failures around and think and figure out where you were wrong, did not understand the people or situation. And work on the bugs at least mentally, that the next time to do it the way you want.

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