Historically, that the more ancient forms of art are recognized and more sublime, clever in some way elitist. Queen bitten considered literature, cinema — also an art, but with a reputation for the entertainment of the masses, well, a video game only recently gained recognition from the critics. In some ways, this hierarchy is valid: Literature gives more opportunities to express thoughts and ideas. This book often serve as the basis for movies and games.

But now the usual hierarchy shaken. In the age of computers and universal literacy it was found that of all the arts, literature accessible to all budding creator and completely protected from the amateurs. In order to somehow write a book, it is sufficient to own native language, and to share with the readers of the text, you need only internet access. Of course, this is not enough to write a good book. But fame can be achieved without much talent — just look at the «vampiryatniki" and «popadancheskie militants» that swamped bookstores. The author of such books is not seen as a master who has achieved legal success, but as an amateur lucky, it is not clear for what merits to gain access to readers. «Commercials and I will write.» — Grins reader, and, worst of all, is often right.

But to create a film, especially a fantastic, not only need a decent amount of money, but also a team of associates who can shoot, play, and mount. Every serious film project, not even the most successful, is seen a huge and complex work of professionals — directors, actors, artists, composers. We know that we can not «remove the commercials,» even if they give us the same millions. Film — is the master who does a miracle available to us, it is no less respect than honored science fiction writer. And, of course, much more than achiever graphomaniac.

HE be back!

Arnold Schwarzenegger will play in «Terminator 5», which will begin shooting in January 2014. Former governor of California announced that appear in the same role — fighting robot T-800, the news are not happy unless makeup artist the next movie, which will have to hide gray hair and wrinkles shesgidesyatapyatiletnego actor. The film already has writers — Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, but the director has not yet been declared. Justin Lin, who offered this chair, refused because of a busy schedule. What exactly is the film while you can only speculate. Among the rumors — a scenario of war in time or even a full restart of «Terminator.»

Rights kinoseriyu since 2011 belong to Megan Ellison. the producer and the owner of «Oscar», but to delay the premiere she could not: under US law it has time only till 2019. When will celebrate thirty years with the premiere of the first «Terminator», all right back into the hand of James Cameron. During this time, Ellison, of course, try to remove as many films. The reality has not shot «Terminator 5» has believed the company Paramount: its leadership leads to Allison talks about the rights of the future movie rental pas.

The Naked Truth about the «Star Trek»

Western publics angrily criticized a scene from «Star Trek Into Darkness,» in which the beautiful Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) appears in one kupalnike- Oddly enough, the filmmakers are not accused of obscenity and chauvinism and misogyny: they de exploiting female sexuality, that, as you know, very bad. In fairness it must be admitted that this scene is really useless for the scene and apparently inserted into the picture for fanservisa. Screenwriter David Lindelof, who is responsible for it offends someone’s feelings disgrace, had to bring viewers an apology and a promise «to continue to be smarter.»

But director JJ Abrams did not give up so easily. In response to the accusations he immediately posted the clip from the film scene with Benedict Cumberbatch, to take a shower.

Make sure they say: we are for equality and, if necessary, undress people of any gender. Now, the creators of «Star Trek» can be blamed for anything, not just misogyny: Well, not for the male audience is stripped Cumberbatch! And the guardians of morality can only wonder why it has caused outrage Alice Eve and scenes with half-naked Chris Pine as Kirk went unheeded. Double standards?

The Dark Knight Superman is not a friend

Studio Warner Bros, gave the go-ahead for the production of SIC-led «Man of Steel"Without waiting for the results rolled. Superman Henry Cavill will play again, which, according to some reports, the contract for three films. The director is likely to remain Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan’s part here is open to question — the creator of «The Dark Knight,» a lot of their projects. It seems that in the second film, finally appears Lex Luthor, who was screenwriter David Goyer describes not only as a local Bill Gates.

«Man of Steel» will have to lay the foundation of a series of films based on comics DC, from which have developed kinovselennaya «similar to that already have Marvel. It has long been developing the script of the film «Justice League», which should be a response to DC at «The Avengers.» And kinovselennaya built from the ground up — forget about «Dark Knight", Burton films and other films on comics DC, they are for the new series will not be canon. Snyder and Goyer specifically stressed that «The Dark Knight» describes her, a separate universe, and the world’s «Man of Steel» live some other Bruce Wayne. And his face was certainly not like Christian Bale.

Jodorowsky and Moebius — screens

French comics, aka BD, paving the way to the big screen: Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn («Val Gallo: A Viking Saga,» «Drive") Intends to film dystopia «Incal». This graphic novel, created in 1981 by writer Alejandro Jodorowsky and the painter Jean «Mobius» Giraud, talks about the metropolis, which is steeped in debauchery, violence and drug abuse. The protagonist, a private detective John Diful (his name can be translated as «Ivan d’Urak») accidentally becomes the owner of a very valuable artifact called the Inca because of what preys on the poor half of the city. «Peak» was the first comic book, united universe Jodorowsky — «Hodoversom» and, perhaps, the most famous creation of the magazine Metal Hurlant, more than a worthy choice for the movies, though the writers probably have to be removed from the story of sex, drugs and everything else, so as not to cause scandal.

For fans of BD is not the first good news lately. Recall a year ago, Luc Besson has promised to undertake the adaptation of another no less famous French SF comic — «Valerian and Laurelin.» And six months ago, all the same Refn became the director and executive producer of the television series «Barbarella», which is removed based on BD in the genre of erotic fiction.


Master scale disaster movies Roland Emmerich («Independence Day.» «The Day After Tomorrow. *» Stargate «) intends to return to the theme of an alien invasion. In addition to the continuation of the Independence Day, «which premieres scheduled for July 3, 2015, he conceived a brand new project called» The emergence »(Emergence) * Screenwriter Nick Kelman is appointed — a writer and researcher of video games.

| The creator of the television series «Life on Mars» and «eternal law» Matthew Graham will write the script for the feature film based on the short 3D-animation «Ra» (R’ha). According to the plot of the original chegyrёhruky humanoid — oddly enough, Earthman future — is captured by the BoE, have become machines that tortured him, wanting to find out military secrets. The picture put cartoon creator Caleb Lechoeski,

Sony is preparing to release the second part of the «New Spider-Man» and has already announced that it has plans for a third and even a fourth movie. So in the hands of Marvel superhero will not soon return.

Ryan Reynolds will not play the immortal Scotsman Connor MacLeod. Restart kinoserii «Highlander» stuck in «production hell,» six months ago, the project has left a potential director Juan Narlos Fresnadilo and now the actor has lost patience.

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