Vincenzo Natali.

Were there any special reason to put the protagonists in the 80s but not understood the need to give them a look, «Groundhog Day»?

I grew up in the 80s. We are the same age with the heroine. It was great to go back in time, at least within the film.

That is, all these details robe like Siouxsie and the Banshees and Ankh in the ear, you can say private?

Have you noticed the ankh? Great! Well, in general, yes, it was a fun time.

Are there any examples of the genre that you review before the shooting?

I like the whole genre classics like «Shine,» «Alien» and «Rosemary’s Baby.» When I started to engage in «Limbo», I again reviewed all, but only to turn over all the contrary. What sense to repeat something, even the greatest? But in general, I like movies of the time, because their strength depends entirely on the talent of the creators. Then, because there was no such drastic effects, and it was impossible to simply fill the screen with blood. It was necessary to be able to escalate the tension. You are probably surprised, but one of the classic films on which I relied in «Limbo» is a «Person» Bergman. We, too, there is a strange connection between the two women, living and dead.

You have to have a picture about the wonderful replica door where «everything that you wish.» She’s very right for you, in the sense that all your films — pretty grim stories chamber.

Yes, all my movies are a little similar. They are all in varying degrees about the abyss, about the relationship with the other world. Well, then, I have in fact always modest budgets. (Laughs.) This can also be explained by the love of a closed space and a few decorations. The plot of «Limbo» I did not come up with, and screenwriter Brian King, but all of the above criteria it suits me.

Why, after the cooperation with such recognized masters as Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody, you suddenly decided to withdraw starring a very young, though already quite famous actress?

Sarah, of course, the incredible actress, but I was surprised, too, Abigail. And in addition to the rare professional hell with it a pleasure to work with. I wanted someone younger to add intrigue. Most often because the hero — a man, and there is not even a woman and a young girl. To me as a director, too, I had to search for the remains of a teenager. (Laughs.)

Suppose I — a young director and I’m going to shoot his first horror film. What do you advise?

I think the best topic for any art — to try to understand what it means to be human. Well, if you specifically … The first film does not have to be big. The main thing — to find a new, anyone not like his voice, manner of conversation with the audience. Still highly recommend to add a bit of madness. And with the pragmatic point of view I can advise to minimize the number of locations and characters. Do not try to chase amount. Something definitely went wrong. The passion for minimalism significantly reduces manufacturing and everyday risks.

And finally, perhaps the most frequently asked question for you: How’s «Neuromancer»?

«Neuromancer» is still in development. I understand that it’s all a bit tired of that phrase in the last few years, but this is a very complicated project. To accelerate its not yet obtained. I hope that all srastetsya.

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