Vitaly Gibert: Dreams come true obligation

Vitaly Gibert: Dreams come true obligation

The winner of the 11th season of «The Battle of psychics,» not only impressed the audience with his exceptional gift, he was truly loved magician country. So who he is — an ordinary man or explorer of the truth? Where does your teaching, what they think, and to aspire to?

Vitaly, I heard that the last time you do not give interviews — what is that?

— After the «Battle of psychics,» I realized that our media is only interested in my personal life: what my car, I sleep with someone. And I do not need it all — neither the PR nor antipiar. I’m ready for the interview, which will reflect my philosophy that people read it, and began to think about how to change your life for the better, that he could find useful information. But journalists tend to expect a very different.

— That is, if you go to the contact for you the main thing — to reach at least one heart?

— Probably … But actually I maximalist. Since I do something, something with dedication and with meaning. For example, my publisher suggested a trial run first edition of the book. I do not understand this. What does «trial»? If you plan a circulation of 200,000, and it should be printed. I knew I felt it go, because we are doing a good job.

— What purpose do you put in front of him, when he wrote the book?

— My goal — to help each person to believe in themselves. And in God. Then life will change in a positive way. And indeed, now I read reviews of people — the book has helped many. I know a woman who for several years was diagnosed with «infertility», and she became pregnant and gave birth.

— You think believing in yourself, people can realize all your dreams, and even overcome some kind of disease?

— Absolutely. Recently, at the presentation of the book I was approached by a girl of nineteen. And she said the following: «If not for your book, not your teaching, I would not have been born. Thank you very much». She put a heavy diagnosis, but she overcame the disease. When she told me her story, her eyes direct light. So, what I’m doing — not in vain. And it pleases me. Of course, it is difficult. Appeals to me a lot of people — thousands, tens of thousands — with severe problems, illnesses, feelings. But when I see the fruits of their work, the fact that thanks to her world becomes healthier, cleaner, brighter, happier, for me it is a powerful incentive.

— You once said that your task is not to make money, and the healing of souls. You do this using interviews, books, seminars. All turns out, you’re satisfied with the result?

— On the one hand — yes, but satisfied — then I stopped, and far from it. The plans I have very big. After the «Battle» I gave up on the individual devices. No matter who asks about it and how much money offers. My goal — to encourage people. That is, if you’re willing to learn, to work on myself — I can help — if not, you need to remove damage, conjure happiness — it’s not me. I teach. I just listened to the words of Jesus who said that every time it is impossible to give a man a fish, you need to teach him to fish, then it will always be full. That’s it I’m doing. Conduct seminars, field training, has written a book. And people think: well if I live properly, the way you go? Maybe the money — not the most important? They begin to listen to your heart — that’s what matters. Then, maybe, I’ll do a TV show, a movie. My goal — a personal example and an example of those who were able to change their destiny, to make a person believe in themselves, to inspire actions to find a way, walking on which he will be happy. Now as the world has gone mad. There was a substitution of values ​​that people pursue money, some external trappings of success, forgetting about himself, about the soul. Imitate a star of show business, which shine in the scene, in fact, many are unhappy. And this desire for false ideals arises zakompleksovannost. And I suggest to be themselves, because each person is unique. We must learn to love yourself and free your inner light, and then you will find your only, your half — in this world, both in the lighthouse. I believe in it.

— You say that you are an ordinary person, not a magician, and your life is also likely failure. As you yourself are struggling with this?

— You know, I’m a little differently saying. The bottom line is that I am an ordinary person, and thus I magician. And I want every discovered a magician. The magic is in any of us. And about the failures — I have none. I’m easier to live and is not tied to some purpose. When they become attached, then really worried, suffer. For me, yes — yes, no — no, it’s okay, I take events as they are. All the will of God.

— But still, it was probably not being able to reach someone’s heart and worried?

— Probably, but a long time ago, when I started to pursue the case with all the zeal of the novice. With boyish wanted to break into every heart, help to fix it. I make sure: we can handle! Although seen that people do not want, do not go. I’m terribly worried. I took someone else’s problem as his. But then, after all realized that if someone does not need my teaching, and let him go his own way. It is free. It is necessary to realize the desired changes, then I can not help but without effort, desire, work on his part will not. I suggest that the way health, success, financial well-being, and walk it or not — it’s not for me to decide. There is a Chinese proverb: a vessel full of water, it is impossible to add more, first it has to be empty, and only then can be filled again.

— But how? And if the person is blind? Doctors in fact save the sick, the wounded, they want to or not, or are asked to swear. Perhaps it is necessary to insist at times?

— I believe that man creates his own reality. Our thoughts are material, our every act is reflected in karma. Why do we draw the test, the difficulties of the disease? All in order to learn how to overcome them, and thus become a better, stronger, wiser. Why I became who I am? Because four years suffered from heavy relations even harbored suicidal thoughts. But as a result learned a lot, I realized that any problems — change from the standpoint of universal scale, there is no need to worry and pointless because of them. And now I think that person should be given the freedom to choose, even bring themselves to the edge, and then he realizes, will push from the bottom and begin to rise. And if you drag it up by force, he did not understand, and will once again be at the precipice.

— Now you travel a lot, where were you?

— In Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka. I went to the holy places, watching the rituals of different peoples, a lot of experimenting with his state of health. I can not give something to others without first experienced firsthand. You should know by that feeling through what is this or that practice. Some are very difficult to pass …

— For example?

— In Bali, I tried the old spiritual method — starvation. There are many articles on the topic, where everything is very beautifully described. I decided to try. I think Jesus fasted for forty days — a week I stand. Seven days he lived on the water. The first few days were very hard. The body gets rid of any toxins that have been accumulating over the years in the organs, tissues, bones.

You feel bad, rolled strong emotions, childhood experiences and fears, but on the fourth or fifth day of a state of euphoria — mind cleared. After the first week I normally eat for ten days, recovered, and then another ten days on hunger strike.

— What gave you this experience?

— I felt an incredible state, felt a grain of sand in the ocean of life, infinite space and at the same time felt a very deep communion, unity with all things, the entire universe. It’s amazing: you lie near the ocean, hear the noise of the jungle — and feel a part of the universe, a single entity and the ocean and jungle …

— It is conceived with the help of fasting?

— At the same time I meditated, I went into higher states of consciousness. And immersed in a deep state when you razotozhdestvlyaeshsya with itself and merge with the infinite space. It is difficult to convey in words …

— How did you discover all this knowledge? Where to learn to meditate so, to enter into a particular state?

— My journey began six years ago. Initially attended various workshops — workshops on hypnosis, magic, qigong. I tried a lot, even in St. Petersburg. Practiced, I experimented. And then through meditation learned to enter the state when there is a feeling that I already «are.» I could sleep and see some iconic things … Well, like yesterday, he closed his eyes, and he saw his second book. And immediately I began to write — all thought formed. That is, I think about something, meditate and accept the flow of information. Or another example: I am in contact status — a small quotes to help change lives. They come to me yourself, I quickly write them down, do not even remember them. I — conductor. Sometimes then I cite some status, and I ask whose it is words. Just through me is the flow of information, I should convey to people the world. It is because I do not do it, and done through me, and it «touches» people. Is Christianity a man prays, and it descends the Holy Spirit, there is something like that. I’ve prayed and meditated, when he wrote the book and finished it in the past month — in two passes for two weeks. My goal was just to write.

— But whose idea it? Who dictated the book?

— You know, I believe only in God. And honestly believe that it is from God. Because God created all things. It is said that there are still features of the devil — the other, the opposing side of the universe, but I think that in the world there is no «good» or «bad.» All of God. Unfortunately, we often do not see the big picture. We must trust God to address him. I call him «Father», «Father», «The Creator of all things.»

— I would like to learn about the world, how you see it … The philosophy of the people closest to you?

— Every nation, it is very special, but you can always find what you congenial. For example, from Orthodoxy I take that «man is a brother,» and concern for one’s neighbor as oneself.

Hinduism teaches that our life — a dream that dream of God. And it is also clear and close. The Buddhists I like their freedom, the ability to be happy. It’s very simple really, although in different ways I traveled mainly in Asia, and I like that the people there are very devout. They believe that the world — an illusion, a true communion with God. We are obsessed with their own problems, that just is not so — all «the world is collapsing!» I suggest that these people look at their problems as if from outer space. From there, they are insignificant, and once it becomes clear that nothing is falling apart and all problems are solved in the end. That is life.

— Themselves? ..

— You just have a different way to treat yourself to people who are not afraid to talk about love — and all things will shape themselves. Here businessmen often ask me how to succeed, financial well-being? I say find your favorite thing that you do with joy, forgetting about profit, to help other people — a kind word, an attitude, then the success and the money will come themselves. Where has your love — there will always be a green corridor. Use this resource state — a state of love, happiness, joy — all will begin to take shape, because you’re on the other vibrations begin to exist attract good energy — love, creativity, good. True love — it is unconditional. Whatever you may be, no matter what mistakes made, I still love you. Look: the children love their parents for not toys and not for care, they just love, it is pure love. And when you’re with a cool head just trying to «calculate» each step, the world is indifferent to your efforts.

— What for you happiness?

— This state of mind, it does not depend on anything external. Happiness does not bring money, an apartment or a car. But I meditate, and feel the energy flowing through me love, I am, I’m good for people — I’m happy. Bliss comes simply from the fact that I live. I picked up a used car, the money goes to charity or the development of the doctrine … When I conduct a workshop and see a half thousand people, everyone feels their child and everyone wants to find himself, from the heart. If you live wisely — will attain happiness is not.

— When you started to engage in workshops, which the first words you said, referring to the people?

— I saluted and said that all dreams have come true, just have to come true.

— Remember, after the «Battle of the» people first just came to see Gibert? Today your «children» changed? Grown?

— You know, it was such a trick reality. Girls, let’s say, you just have to look at the beautiful boy. Once arrived, the two, but the knowledge that they received as a seed to grow into their souls. And they are changed. Now, at the seminar, I see already more mature people who are ready to change. After the release of the book, many men began to arrive. By nature, men are conservative, but now they are not afraid to be themselves. And Vitaly Gibert has changed — it is no longer what it was yesterday, and tomorrow will not be the same as today. The future is constantly changing. Steady-state and invariably only the dead and the life of mobile and swift. I initially was difficult, something I did not take anything shy, but now I’m ready to help people.

— How do you relax?

— Rest for me — it is meditation, merge with the world, when you come out to his father, the source of life. Sometimes I get very tired, «the batteries sit down» and have yet to do this and this, reach out to people and to give himself entirely, to ignite their hearts from their hearts. Then I just sit down and ask God to give strength, and they come, and I do my task.

— Well, as an ordinary man Vitaly Gibert as the rest?

— Well, I like to ride a bike, walk in the park — where nature, harmony. I love a good movie — peace, love. Fiction. Cinema for me — it is also a kind of magic. It teaches something, expands the boundaries of our reality. Unfortunately, too many movies cultivate violence dirt. Their creators simply do not understand what this means, and among the direct consequences — war, murder and terror. But this is our planet, we can not destroy it, our kids live here! I would like to make a good movie. Now comes the era of spirituality and all the fake dies.

— I hear you — bright person had never met. You always like this?

— I am different — and quiet, and impulsive.

— Can you angry, ruffle?

— Ruffle me hard, because I see all the manipulation hand, I am led on provocation. But I can be upset. For example, narrow-mindedness, fixation on reason, even. When I arrived after the experience of fasting, it weighed 55 kg with height meter eighty-eight, even if the hair had grown. Went to the people — through me was light, heat, and on the forum wrote: postrashnel he lost weight. What people are watching — on a candy wrapper on the wrapper ?! So it was unpleasant. I even said, you come for the sake of my appearance, body? But I still grow old, grow fat, it is better to go to the other.

— You pozitsioniruesh himself as a psychic?

— No, I’m even on the «battle» as yourself called. I consider myself a conductor because I know that the doctrine is not of me, but through me. While many perceive me as a teacher, a guru. When I was well treated, I blush.

— When you find yourself in front of God, that you tell him?

— I always am before God. And now. I’m open and I do not want to die, to appear before him. God is with each of us. And everyone — from God.

— What is destiny?

— I do not believe in fate. We are building our lives. If you think about the difficulties, disease, fear of failure, then this is what attract into your life. But if you open love, breathe deeply and enjoy every moment — your life is filled with happiness. All you self-composed.

— What would you like to wish our readers?

— I wish everyone to just listen to your heart, plunged into it, dissolve it, to go through a great love and he shared it with the world. To this love had spread around the globe, and multiply a hundredfold, back to each of you.

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