Vydvinesh one drawer, the second … then there just is not: sewing, crocheting, darning and sewing needles, various ribbons, sewing buttons … a whole placer To make it easier to understand in this economy, drawers are covered with patches flowered cell, small polka dots

And now to work! House Master of the well-planed and peeled spruce or pine boards or plywood 10 mm thick. According to the dimensions shown in the figure, mark the details: two sidewalls, one base, the rear wall, five shelves, ramps roof and a triangular pediment with a hearing hole. Every detail of the lines marking neatly Saw saw with a fine tooth rasp sawdust and carefully treat different grit sandpaper. All items should match with each other without noticeable gaps. If everything is in order, proceed to their color. The color of the wood can be left the way it is, but stains can give it any color. For stains, use dyes for wool. Finally, the wood should be covered with two layers of clearcoat. While the paint dries, do some manufacturing boxes. But first determine their number on each shelf. To simplify this task to scan shows three combinations of sizes, they meet the large, medium and small boxes. Specifying the amount, proceed to their pattern. For this cardboard sheet thickness of 1.0 — 1.5 mm mark so that there is less of-way. Cut a piece. By dotted lines sharp end of scissors with a ruler to push the groove — they facilitate folding cardboard. Each drawer zagotovte rags to overlap faces with an allowance of 1.5 — 2.0 cm. On the underside of the flap valve and apply glue BF-2, tighten parts, lock in that position and hold until the adhesive is completely set.

Handles-buttons sew strips of leather, suede or bast planes on the front of each drawer.

The ends of the strips of conventional tie knot and cut to a length of 1 — 1.5 cm ^ numbers will look bad. The easiest way to cut them out of last year’s wall calendar.

All mating surfaces of parts promazhte adhesive strength and pull the small screws. Until the glue hardens, all spoke drops gently remove with a damp cloth.


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