WAR without gaps

The problem of increasing cross was always relevant. But even a tank on the roads has a margin of safety: with numerous illustrations mired in mud fighting vehicles example. One of the favorite exercises negligent tank — tank solemn landing on its belly. To like this happened, the engineers have to go to various tricks

In May 1940 at the address of the People’s Commissar of Defense KE Voroshilov received a letter from the Novocherkassk Industrial Institute. Sergo Ordzhonikidze. Voroshilov were often letters with unusual ideas about the creation of various types of equipment. This time, Voroshilov wrote Associate Professor FS Seleznev, proposed a draft extraordinary fighting machine. We give its description in abbreviated form preserving spelling and phrasing: «Glad successes and defensive might of our invincible Red Army, which continuously grow under your everyday leadership, personally and fervently wishing for its part to help and multiply these successes, I, being in reserve armored forces, along with the main job of the teacher of technical colleges, watching and studying literature armored case and concluded that there was no use to manufacture and test the tank without clearance.

In my opinion, a tank without much difficulty can take obstacles, and in the coming battles for socialism, for the cause of Lenin and Stalin could have our invincible Red Army unconditional aid.

The essence of my proposal, which I mark the sixtieth birthday of Comrade IV Stalin is as follows.

Design and build a heavy tank without clearance with four driving tracks, according to the appended with the conceptual design scheme. lt; … gt;

The proposed concept of the tank is not intended as something complete, and in the design process may change, depending on the charges against the tank combat and technical characteristics (number of turrets, their location, the number of firing points, and the like), but the main purpose of the tank — taking artificial obstacles that are on it to a greater extent it can be effected in the absence of clearance in the proposed design. This is his first advantage over tanks having clearance.

Its second advantage is that in case of damage, left or right track and any of the medium, it can reach its own base.

As for centering the external dimensions, of the motion, protection armor, they are the same as in existing types of medium and heavy tanks, and ground pressure, thanks to the presence of the four caterpillars, clearly lower than that of existing tanks that It can be attributed to its third advantage. «

[CAMD RF, fund 38, inventory 11350, case №1645, p. 4-5] The idea of ​​associate professor in the Main armored management of the Red Army did not appreciate. A month later, in Novocherkassk took the letter, which was made disappointing findings of the invention Selezneva. According to experts GABTU SC, five volumes of housing tower monsters used irrationally, in addition, for undermining mines undercarriage had jammed. Based on the findings of Inventions idea considered unsuccessful, and from the sale of abandoned.

Learning of this disappointing decision, the inventor demanded the return of the project, but here he was disappointed. In response to the repeated statements by June 9, 1941 in his address received a letter from the Department of Inventions «In your letter of 05/28/41, it was reported that the materials of inventive proposals are not returned, so satisfy your request for the return of your materials on a proposal» Tank without clearance «can not.»

[CAMD RF, fund 38, inventory 11350, case №1645, p. 14] Because of unrequited policy of Inventions «Tank without clearance» I did not go back to Novocherkassk, and went to the archive. There he took a worthy place in a series of their own kind, so this superideya and preserved for new generations of researchers!


In a review of the sentence «without clearance tank» experts of Inventions GABTU mentioned that the idea of ​​such a construction is not new. And they are not cunning: indeed, similar machines abroad is not only designed, but even built! Therefore, it is possible that the assistant professor Seleznev even seen one of these devices in popular science magazines. The most famous among these samples is considered to be the unit of development Frenchman J. Lehaitre. The invention, which the author himself called traktorotsiklom, was a odnogusenichny motorcycle. The device, developed in 1937, had a good cross, but handling it left much to be desired. Besides traktorotsikla speed does not exceed 40 km / h. Author repeatedly altered his invention and hoped to military orders, but the machine, alas, is not interested. Deficiencies she was much more than the merits …

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