We must do better

We must do better

Spring 1962 we had a warmer and came early. Yellow acacia blossom at 14-21 days earlier than usual. Nectar allocated it long and hard.

Such early bribes could use completely only strong family. Those beekeepers who had them, have achieved good results. For example, the farm beekeeper Cheremshansky IK Kondrashov received 103 gross honey bee colonies at 80.6 kilograms and 1530 grams of wax and AI Lavrentyev — 145 bee colonies by 92.9 kilograms of honey and gross 1200 grams wax. Overall Cheremshansky farm of 11 thousand bee families received 34 kilos gross honey and 640 grams of wax.

Well bother beekeeper farm «Zarya communism» LE Berdyugih, received on 52 kilograms of the gross honey from 120 households, and beekeepers farm «First of May» Predgornenokogo area Smolnikov-II on 88 kilograms of the gross honey from 79 families and VA Panchenko- of 80 kilograms gross honey from 66 families. Beekeepers of the collective farm should be emphasized — their apiary gave an average of 67 kilograms gross 880 grams of honey and wax from 406 bee colonies.

However, there is an apiary, where, because of the poor conditions, improper care of bees and a small amount of hives families are weak and low honey harvest. If you look at the gross figures for honey collection, it appears that the beekeepers who have received more than 10 kilograms of honey — 112 people, more than 20-157, 30-107 over, over 40-70, over 50-38, 60-14 over and over 70-5, 80-3 over the person and only one person had the honey yield in excess of 90 kilograms.

These figures indicate that the majority of beekeepers working poorly. On apiaries bad set breeding, 80 percent of families contained in a 12-frame hives. Beekeepers bad waxy feedstock processed and the resulting reduction of its grade declining revenues. Only a few farms are host to honey.

In 1962, on the grounds of territorial administration was planted 27,034 hectares of sunflower, not counting other cultures. If the economy were taken every 2 hectares for a family of bees, we would have received an additional 500 tons of honey, and 40-50 per cent increase to the harvest. However, pollination of bees exported only Cheremshansky -100 farm families Lenin State Farm — 90 families, the farm «May Day» — 40 families and a few others.

That is why the management of Ust-Kamenogorsk of Territorial Administration

44,657 families (which is half of all the bees of the East Kazakhstan region) just pumped 622 tons of marketable honey, or 14 kilograms on average per household.

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