Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart

I must say that the WMC was one of the few (very few) of toys, the waiting period is from the «trial» before the release seemed unbearably long time … As of despair replayed a thousand rows demo not to lose one’s attraction, but sowed the seeds of the soul vaguely unsure.

Indeed, in the full version there is nothing that would be absent in the «demo» … The new tanks are not in the bill. The principle of all WMC, if anyone has forgotten, is extremely simple: collect all the different colored capsules — you pass the level. And yet! That is, there are no bosses in the end, no mysteries and groove-fishing, there is no disparate missions and tasks, not even a door with keys — outdoors all the open, what there … If the door is amused on a pair of demonstration cards, it does not mean that in a dozen or stay the same opinion … Huh?

Tempus fugit

The main trick is that the location of the capsules is shown only when the direct approach to them, either during billeting under the shadow of a flying shtukentsii, which at the same time point of reception of containers, — found the capsule dragging at this point, not only to see the place of residence, but are and to secure the achievements (if do not want all your farm rumblings around the neighborhood after the next spraying your unit into atoms), because the usual saves in products no DMA Games in principle. On average, the level takes about twenty minutes (not specifically zasekal, just at the end of the counter there) — but it’s average. If what is called a «hit», the irrevocable loss of two to three hours is guaranteed. It required some courage, dedication and self-denial in order to find finally that damned little red and the last to reach that same flying figoviny where finally allowed to keep between levels …

If the task is always the same, without any variation, whether it is possible to avoid the monotony of a natural revulsion from the endless repetition? With that, the design levels no one never heard of — the same chaotic maze of hilly piles as in «Deme»? You will not believe, but — it is possible.

Capsules scattered because not somehow … The position of each carefully thought out and calculate most often the place is completely unexpected and at the same time, the logical containers of them are difficult, but not so much that puffing angrily, climbing at an incredibly steep hill under heavy shelling and crossfire, and that minute or you scratch his head and marvel the ingenuity of the authors, and then understand how to take and take.

The capsule may be, for example, in a neat hollow under the watchful guard of three to four tanks. It should be noted that the battle WMC are in the nature of this duel one on one, so cool intelligence.

Memento more

First of all, hit a moving target direct fire only in-when the melee, drove the projectile into the reptile so that the lower part of it simply evaporates. But more often practiced skills Castles, or, if you will, «Worms» — carpet bombing, shooting canopy for preemption. Art cover the opponent from behind mound iron brains better than your own — you are no sighting shots, the shells fall heap at the same time … It is necessary to maneuver, moving away from the fire, and at the same time aim — most of the time palish at random, until a sudden accident you will not see at close to the desired goal of tearing trajectory, and … the first shell reptile unfolds, sets fire to the second — he begins to drive around, I spin the barrel and postrelivaya as lined fascist, and then that it covers the last time, and flies in ditch towers … But in an unequal battle against two or three outcome will be the opposite, and disastrous. Well, if all of the collected capsules where to put …

So, in order to pull darling from the trunks of protection, will have to work a little brain. That is to hit the road again for a couple of bonuses that meticulously distributed throughout the level of transport helicopters, select yes on sadanut entrenched … not overextended? Caliber is capable of performing miracles … For example, the shells at number four — the classical shrapnel. In the air, the charge is divided into three, each fragment — for three more, and so, not yet touched the ground … completely removes any ballistic or missile turret. Number five shies discontinuous, the damage radius of which is such that in the melee, these missiles successfully play the role of ritual seppuku sword for. There are long-range, discharge air monogram, there flying in a spiral, there is even a type of ammunition teleport the tank to the point of impact of the projectile. Robust design helps to evade pursuit — almost like mines. A heavy and ranged boldly come to the aid during a firefight with an artillery tower, freely located on a strategically advantageous position. By the way, mortar shells and heavy artillery to fly inevitable shrill squeal, moan cutting air — and this despite the fact that they are easily visible.


Mina — it’s cool. In the same example, with guarded capsule completely effective solution — throw down a dozen kegs. They explode immediately, but will lie down quietly, as infinitely many grenades in American action films, then so shandarahnut — just fly larvae.

And our capsule …

If you hang on the tail and breathe in the head, then delayed fuses do kegs difficult to apply. But there are still mines and normal pressure action and magnetic «mine-hunters», drive past them on anything the heavy iron and passion as it is not recommended. They successfully maintain a competition with all kinds of ballistic frills — no wonder bombers, three-wheeled mine-handlers and manipulators mortars discourage bread from the self-propelled guns, tankettes, portable mortars and tanks, hovercraft (finally!). With regard to the latter, they roar cut through the hills, desperately hanging out, and when their inner propeller is aimed in your direction, balance tank is greatly disturbed — and very hard to aim.


Incidentally, the reception number two in the charts DMA — space capsules exactly under manipulators discharged bouncing barrels on a single approach — a narrow rocky path. If fail to get close to the other side and how to adjust, yet deal with the spreader, you understand how they feel unhappy tanks, was tragically killed in the line.

Yes, it’s all nonsense in the end of it all, that we — from a gun on turetke not get? That’s when the capsule is really God knows-where in the mountains, it is a problem. Immediately say, that there will not push it out of malice, but only because of our krivosti with you — always on the wrong side … If we drive to correctly understand the thinking of developers (let’s call them «capsule distributors,» right?), Basic grasp the image of each level, the capsules themselves fall under the tracks one by one, as the tusk (or there was a horn?) abundance, and the stage flies by like a rocket.

But I’m not so «smart» in the sense smart to just grab it here this idea, especially because everything around is hidden in dense fog or cover of darkness (there are cards … then the nose appears pretty light cone. Lights on tank? Okay …) and in the mad hope of the incident on the slope at the top of which is so tempting to see the reflection of the light corresponding to (the color depends on the container capsule … very handy). Here, of course, much depends on the machine on which I have the honor roll.

Although WMC — easel thing, that is, «with tanks,» in this sense is not all that easy … In addition to the good old Rhino (a square with a bucket, as the name suggests, is capable of butting — almost a melee, you know) Turtle has a similar flat Manta, far from the people Sheetah, great and terrible, Roadrunner (yes now, now tell all), and obscure Bulldog. «Manta», also known as «scat» -the most stable, so if it turned, then back to the tracks without assistance of any life will not rise. Z-shaped «Cheetah» has a high turret, it is vertical rather than horizontal, if you know what I mean. Ranovesie, and so on … In «Bulldog» instead of the usual tracks flaunts a pair of wheels (!), And behind them are still perched a small caterpillar track — it is, in fact, and turn the tank. But «Rodranner», also known as «bird beep-beep» … This thing is one of those that exhibit at the show race «crazy hands» between load chuguevtsami super penalties («Zaporozhets» with engines from the F-117) caterpillar and pleasure yachts. Instead of wheels or caterpillars, or an air cushion, or feet, he — Attention !!! — Rubber ball with a pair of JET ENGINES sides. To steer.

This thing goes on anything and somehow, climbs on anything with whatever speed … If you still do not have enough traction, it does not matter — the gun turn 180 degrees back and shoot. Reactive principle returns heard? ..

Do you think that’s all? Yes, I am, in fact, so nothing very interesting and has not told yet … It is known that about the good of the game wants to talk and talk, while the bad draws only observe a minute or two of silence. A WMC — a very good game … Which only tricks are not hidden from her sleeve than just the beats in the stomach at a time when it seems like nothing more than to be surprised. The same capsule may be inside the triangle of force field (there is antigravity field — just next to two sticks and will go in between — so twirl … Purely «stalker»). It is disabled by detonating a small mill, which, incidentally, is always in the line of sight. But if it is absolutely in the straw … Besides the obvious urge to use teleportation stone, you can accelerate the hill and simply jump over power line (my «Rodranner» still can not do …). And the most beautiful way — knock container with a capsule through a barrage of exploding shells, because the laws of physics are valid to the fullest. The same trick can be easily applied in all other cases, heavy and hard.

If you hear crackling nasty — do not shake their waste column, you only … jammed. Special finders ride around the level and hammer crosstalk. With him disappears everything — even the designation of the north. It is almost as vile a thing as radar and impervious rovers, drag and drop a capsule in her womb. Of them, it seems, it was already — in the «first glance». There wedgies bombers — these, you know, a bomb on the tracks, shoot well, which is very harmful for health. And something like the bosses, by and large, there is — gray armored hulks, self-confident and arrogant.

On this, perhaps, and rounded. I do not know about you, but if I had anyone told about the direction finder, Silencing notation on the radar, «Rodrannere» and magnetic traps, I would have been (although srodu these phrases did not write) halfway into place on the shelf stands beautiful box with WMC — «stupid arcade, where you can do nothing but to collect colored figovinki.» Because, good citizens, from the usual collection of colorful figovinok not get such a buzz. No options.

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