Wild Wind

Wild Wind

Script writers — Zivojin Pavlovic, IGOR Bulgarian, Victor Smirnov directors — Alexander Petkovic, Valerie Jereghi operator — Vadim Yakovlev artists — Nemanja Petrovic, NIKOLAI APOSTOLIDI composer — sound engineer Eugen Doga — I. ZHAKICH

Roles performed:

Nat — Lyubov Polishchuk

Nikolai — VICTOR Proskurin

Carmelita — Svetlana Toma

Angelina — ELENA Kondulainen

Zlata — SYLVIA Berova

Costa Sekulic — MILAN PUZICH

Svetozar — Svetozar FLOWERS

Mitre — Bronislaw LECHICH

Nesterovich — George Montgomery

German officer — ROBERT DALE Cummings

«Moldova-Film» (USSR) —

• FILM-Danas. (SFRY)


Imprint according to the permissive certificate.

3 .2 / 5

The action of the new Soviet-Yugoslav film takes place in the autumn of 1941 in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, which every citizen in those days had a choice of moral and political position. The dedication and patriotism of the best representatives of the people brought them in groups of the Resistance, cowardly and treacherous henchmen joined the ranks of the Nazi invaders.

The main characters of the film — the members of a small guerrilla group, which is headed by a former carpenter Bobovich. By force of circumstances, and is in the squad who had escaped from German captivity Soviet officer Nikolai. He understands that his patriotic duty he had to perform here, along with Yugoslavia, fighting against the common enemy. The knowledge of military affairs, the experience gained in the battles, personal courage and determination — these Soviet officer allow him to quickly gain recognition among the partisans and become a reliable assistant commander.

Significant place in the film is given to the family of Yugoslav peasant Costa Sekulic. At sixty years of op is still full of vitality and has not remained aloof from the terrible events that are happening in his native land. He clearly against whom he must fight and with whom to be in these difficult days. After making your selection, the Costa is a complete break with his sons, Mitra and Svetozar using war for profit, does not disdain with the most despicable means, and even murder.

Tragic fate of one of the guerrilla leaders Mile. Feeling in the hands of power, he lost the ability to understand people, to trust them, for him «this bloody dance of death» has ceased to exist boundary between right and wrong, between good and evil. Not by chance in the final film to address partisan court shot Mile …

Strictly realistic style of the film allowed to show the events of that terrible and cruel time in all their severity and complexity.

The film is directed by the Soviet side VALERY Jereghi. They put the picture, «I want to sing,» «Things could have been different.» Yugoslav director Alexander Petkovic known Soviet audience in the film «outlawed.»

The role played by the Soviet officer Nikolai Proskurin VICTOR (cm. Materials of this issue in the film «To marry the captain»).


In drawing up the text for the press, radio and television programs should take into account the importance of the military-patriotic theme paintings, set up jointly by Soviet and Yugoslav filmmakers. The advertising film should pay attention to a number of ethical problems posed by its authors.

When working with a painting it is advisable to focus on the participation therein of Soviet actors Lyubov Polishchuk, Victor Proskurin, Svetlana Toma. In all kinds of display advertising, use footage with their participation.

For audio ads, as well as for radio use music from the film, written by the famous composer Eugene Dogoy.

The film is intended for a wide audience, it may be included in the thematic shows dedicated to the Second World War.

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