Wind Car

Wind Car

SMALL wind power unit on a ship or car almost does not slow down their movement.

And the parking lot gives energy to lighting, heating and charging • BATTERY «BOOK windmills will not lose» — advice to the author.

Wind energy in rivers, seas and oceans is characterized by force and more stable than on land. So why not use it on ships to generate electricity? This idea may seem banal. However, we take it seriously.

While the vessel or truck wind turbine can be operated from an oncoming wind stream and wind or associated side or both streams simultaneously. In any case, the mechanism will automatically set the orientation of the rotor in the direction of the resultant forces of the two flows

Not wasting fuel and without polluting the environment, wind turbine will operate the pumps, desalination of sea water and underground mineralized, radio, charge the batteries to heat and illuminate the cabin, cabins, tents, and so on. D.

The research and production association for wind energy «Cyclone» developed and designed a uniform number of wind power capacity aipeiaioe Article 1 kW to 1i0 «Tsiklon6», «Tsiklon12», «Tsiklon18» and «Tsiklon24» (the numbers correspond to the diameter of the rotor in meters). One of them — «Tsiklon6» — has successfully passed state tests and was recommended for serial production is, according to the plan for 1979

Wind generator takes almost no place in the body and takes up a tiny engine capacity.

water «Vetroenergomash» Ministry of Land Reclamation and Water Resources in Astrakhan will start its mass production.

New wind generators denounced by similar in that they are unified in the power depending on the operating speed of the wind, for example, «Tsiklon6» wind speed of 8 m7s operates with an electric power of 1 kW and 2, as above

8 m / s — turns the generator 4 kW.

The rotor is equipped with a centrifugal machine. frequency controller: rotation, which stabilizes the momentum with splash and wind power failures.

The entire structure is mounted on a mast-bearing and fixed braces mechanical rope. The mast may be telescopic with a device for raising and lowering the assembly.

Economists estimate the cost of manufacturing the unit «Tsiklon6» will be in the range of 1 40 ° C — 1 500 rubles. Due to the savings it will pay for itself in less than one year (saving motor fuel and delivery costs, increase operational moyuresursa)

In our association we have experienced wind power unit type 6E2M GAZ52 on a car body. It is well work /, at speeds of 8-60 km / h, and parked at a wind speed 5-16 m / s

Wind turbines can be useful for electric vehicles (charging batteries, power supply units, interior heating and windows, heated electrolyte, and so on. D.). Of course, motor vehicles are applicable low-power (0.5 kW) wind generators

Fears that the wind turbines will reduce the speed of traffic, have not been confirmed. Calculations and experiments have shown that the drag force is very small compared with the force of traction motors. In particular, the courts are technically feasible and justified the use of electric power arpeiatov to 16 kW.

The first application for five sets of wind turbine «CEC lon6» for power barges production of the agriculture department of the Tyumen region has already been accepted. Hurry up and you, the reader, to follow suit.

V. Sidorov

B. PAELOV NGO staff «Cyclone»

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