Wobbler Minnow and Shad.

Wobbler Minnow and Shad.

Class minnow — is rapidly growing and gaining momentum taiching, which is inextricably associated with this class of lures. The high degree of efficiency and excitement of catching these lures, and so gained popularity twitching. Oh I gained that popularity that immediately took advantage of manufacturers of fishing tackle, to begin issuing national method of specialized gear. Most rods today are full of the inscription on the form: «Twitch Special», eloquently making it clear that buying a spinning angler guaranteed yourselves ideal tool for jerk guiding. There were even bait bearing in its title the word «Twitch». Attractiveness jerky styles harmoniously complemented by a wide range of options for the most postings supported by an abundance of bait …

Many, perhaps seem strange that in this article, and shad minnow crankbaits I combined in one material. However, if we look at the concept of the past, can be easily traced back to their common features. And some shad lures class and did very difficult to distinguish from the minnow, for example, Maria-MS-1D. In general, different shedy broader profile of the body in a vertical plane of a transitional form to the Crank minnow. This shedy successfully absorbed the positive qualities as the one and the other. From Krenken they got easy handling and the ability to work flawlessly, even on plain uniform wiring. By the way, mine is also working on a uniform wiring, but not all models while retaining efficiency. In the Shed with this no problem.

Posting «stop End go.» Option somewhat similar to the previous one. Characterized in that the coil is executed. Angler makes several revolutions of the handle coil, followed by a pause, after which the cycle repeats. Many will wonder: what is the difference? The difference lies in the fact that with the rod we can more clearly be varied rate plus a wiring easily make some elements of diversity that the coil is not so easy to perform. For example, you can dramatically accelerate and decelerate phase potyazhki at its different stages, whether at the beginning or at the end, all this coil is also achievable, but will not have the hardness and clarity that can be achieved by performing a wiring rod.

The most obvious — uniform wiring. It is permissible to wobblers, which is inherent in its own game. The stagnant water is not as effective. This harness is very useful in cases where a purposeful hunt for «white predator.» Important in uniform wiring — be able to accurately select the tempo, and the result can be quite revealing. In the case of shallow minnow it will be posted at an average pace, because at a slower pace is more difficult to get the minnow consistently attractive to the predator game. We should also take into account the catch on the course. There, in addition to the rate of bait given by a fisherman, a significant role to play bait and has the power flow. If you are used to work the bait in standing bodies of water and, using uniform wiring experiment has revealed the perfect pace wiring and hitting on the river, the habit will be working here in the «pace of the Lake», the bait will often stray from the correct tempo and play. All this is a consequence of the neglect of power flow. To restore the balance just enough to reduce the pace of the usual wiring, leaving more opportunities for bait under the force of the current. It should also be noted that the most effective uniform wiring will manifest itself with wobblers geometry shad.

Catching on sites with average depth of standing water.

This case, by using minnow crankbaits and shad, is the most common and widespread, most tvichingovyh minnow crankbaits is under these conditions and calculated. You can use bait with any degree of buoyancy and all sizes (depending on what trophies are assumed).

Wiring used in this fishing, no different from those that we use in the case of fishing on melkovodniki. The only thing — using the lures with neutral buoyancy have a wide field for experimentation with pauses. There experimenters are so fond of playing with pauses that they have the same wiring can take up to several minutes! Fortunately, there is no flow, the bait will not demolish, the game plenty.

This is necessary if these protracted pause suspending fishing — another question. As practice shows, sometimes, especially during periods of low activity predator, this scheme works, it will bring from the state of torpor passive fish. Besides suspending allow the angler just do not prolonged pause in the time of posting, but also during these pauses, for example, a little bait on the ball, performing micro-movements of the rod tip. Here, as they say, untilled field for experimentation. Actually this is the main attraction twitching: this method is very, very creative. For example, some fishermen (and I myself picked up swirling in my head melody literally under her set the pace jerks wiring, pause and so on. And oddly enough — this approach is often very effective. But suspending as none other lures, open in this regard, a wide field for experimentation.

Floating wobblers different from suspending the fact that at the moment of pause start to float to the surface, the speed of ascent, they may be different. Therefore, floating minnow occupy the second in popularity and prevalence position among the lures of this class. As suspending, they allow animations these embodiments. The duration of pauses between jerks often be chosen based on the rate of ascent bait. The slower the lure floats, the longer you can make a pause.

Another useful feature is shown floating crankbaits when fishing in snags. Because the lure floats at the moment of contact with the bait can be an obstacle to pause and wait for it to pop up, and then resume the wiring. This way you can successfully bypass the underwater obstacles without losing any bait.

Sinking wobblers — not the most popular bait, in this context, but, nevertheless, and they have their own advantages. One of these can be considered an attractive bait to fall off, ie at break in wiring. Many models are slowly sinking at this point impressively pumped along the longitudinal axis, that looks very attractive for the predator. Another important plus sinking wobblers — the ability to «break through» greater depths than floating and sinking model.

Wiring used with this type baits are the same as in the case with the others. But thanks to the ability of sinking wobblers sink to the bottom, they can be used for fishing on various depths of water. This method is called «sampling method». Its essence is that the fisherman, making the throw, did not immediately begin to carry out the wiring, and is waiting for the bottom of the crank touch, mentally driving timing for which the bait reaches it. After she started posting any of the selected methods of animation. The next throw is performed in the same place and, once again leading the countdown, begin wiring without waiting for touching the bottom, and for 2-3 seconds before. Thus, the lure will be held at a higher horizon. The cycle continues until the detected horizon, which at the moment is an active predator fishing.

Along with the advantages, from sinking crankbaits have the drawback pronounced in zakoryazhenyh reservoirs — sinking model exposed hooked. Given the high cost of these baits, it becomes very significant disadvantage. After sinking model obstacle can not be evaded, as is the case with floating wobblers, and they do not have such large blades, like dips, employees often «striker» of obstacles.

Fishing on a plot with more depth

The stagnant water.

So, catching at intermediate depths, we figured out what to do if the depth of the fishery is large enough, the use of midwater wobblers is no longer effective? The first thing that arises in such a situation — to use the sinking lure. After sinking minnow in stagnant water bodies are able to reach considerable depths due to the fact that they are not pushing to the surface of the counter-flow of the tide. Thus, performing the most slowly and steadily sinking minnow can be carried out at the very bottom, regardless of the depth of the fishery. This is a very effective method to treat the deeper parts of the pond.

Another way — to resort to the use of dips versions minnow and Shed with varying degrees of buoyancy. The disadvantage of the use of dips is to limit these baits for burial. Given that all dips are either floating or suspendernom performed in, the skyline of the wiring is limited. As a rule, the maximum limit for the burial dips minnow in the range of 2.5-3 m. The more solid the depth they can not afford.

Shedy able zanyrnut a little deeper, but they have their own threshold. Especially clearly limit burial manifested in jerky wiring methods. The most effective is considered posting, including long enough uniform component. That is posting a «stop End Go» goes well with dip versions of wobblers. It is necessary to underline — all dips wobblers has clearly expressed its own game, which is always taken into account. And the longer the straight uniform wiring component, the greater the depth of the dips can drive wobbler. Also, increasing the penetration can be achieved through the use of thinner woods.

Suspender good in that and in the process do not lose jerk guiding fishing horizon, ie, remain at a given depth. This allows more efficient use of jerk guiding in-depth fishing. Most recently, it happened to me on a fishing trip when I was catching pike and perch in one of the ponds. The fish was extremely passive, single bait, who brought from the state of torpor pike became dips shad from the company «MARIA», which, incidentally, was a suspender. Because of this, I quickly drove it to the working depth, and then use soft tactics twitching, the diversity of its prolonged pauses. It is these pauses and played a crucial role in the capture of the fish. Pike stood at depth and was passive. Fast aggressive wiring it was not interested, so Oblov depths even floating dipami not bring success, but it was worth only as much as possible to slow down the wiring, and the result did not wait. It is a pity that such a slowdown in deep fishing is impossible with floating wobblers models.

Paid to the floating glubinnikov is considered active fish catch through rapid and aggressive options for wiring. Due to the fast wiring, the lure maintains a working horizon. The ability to surface can be used, as in previous cases of fishing in conditions when it is necessary to handle zakoryazhenye areas of the pond. In an unfamiliar place, in general, it is better to start working floating lures — this will allow the site to study the specifics of fishing with minimal risk of losing expensive in all respects bait. When the presence or absence of underwater obstacles set, focusing on the activity of the predator angler is free to choose the future strategy of fishing.

Catching on the average depth on the course.

Fishing twitching on the course, with respect to the wobbler minnow class, deserves special attention. For many, it becomes a stumbling block misunderstanding of how to post in these conditions. The presence of the flow, sometimes very strong, puzzles angler. The main problem here — a failure in a game of bait and the inability to perform wiring, familiar for fishing in stagnant waters. However, fishing twitching on the course is not only possible, but also very productive!

Soft twitching. This wiring is carried out on the course as well as in standing bodies of water. The gist of it is banal simple: after casting soft potyazhkami wiring is done using the rod. An important point — potyazhek force must be chosen on the basis of power flow, because the lure strong potyazhkah easily breaks into a tailspin

Very good at a wiring pattern with a distinct own game, should also pay attention to the sinking wobbler minnow — just on the course they show their best qualities. The main advantage of drowning models — high driving stability on the course. You’ve probably noticed that a large number of minnow lures designed for trout fishing, is performed in a sinking version. The reason for this trend is just covered in high Stability sinking models.

Sinking minnow allow almost any option tvichingovoy wiring on the course, whether it is soft or hard twitching, back to the subject of mild twitching, it is also worth noting the feasibility of its application in the river due to the fact that some species of river predators do not particularly responsive to sudden chaotic jerks the bait If we take, for example, asp, then for all his long practice of catching this fish, I did not notice that she prefers sharp jerk minnow. But when fishing with smooth potyazhek asp often found himself in a catch.

But a good minnow lure designed for catching on a current, do not necessarily have to be sinking. Some firms are very well realize the task and environment floating models. This is achieved by making wobblers special geometry. Of all, I used netonuschih minnow (suitable for fishing within), especially liked the little known success as long as we have the firm «TIMON». Actually, this is not a private company, and a division of the popular company «JACKALL», specializing in the production of lures, made specifically for trout fishing. Their products, regardless of the degree of buoyancy, and is a remarkable example of a competent and properly solve the problem of stable and sustainable working bait on the course thanks to the correct geometry.

Another, quite an interesting way to lure animation on a current, well suited for hunting passive predator is shallow podygrovke using bait rod. The essence of the next posting. Once we exhaust casting bait on the working depth. Further, the rod tip perform minor tremors so that the bait was kept almost on the spot — Perform rod movement make tempting lure flutter in the water flow. After a brief shiver rod, retrieve the lure at a certain distance and again small tremors rod. Posting frequently works on passive predator — using it as long as possible to keep the bait in one place that is much more difficult to do using other options transactions.

It is very promising for fishing on the course are wobblers and shad geometry. Having pronounced his own game, they can be used as uniform wiring, and «stop End go.» Many anglers do not like these options transactions, but use them not only possible, but necessary. At one time, a uniform entry and «End Stop Go» were the main methods of animation voblernoy wobblers in my practice. They even today, especially on the course, I used with different types of lures, including a shedami and minnow.

The main advantage of uniform wiring believe the ability to quickly assemble an active fish over large areas. The only important nuance — the choice of speed wiring. Slow wiring is almost always preferable, but sometimes it is also the acceleration leads to good results. It is useful to diversify uniform wiring pause, fast and slow motion, you can sometimes include the best samples of animation with a slight twitch. You probably noticed in my practice a time when during the bait (in the process of posting it through the water with a different direction of flow). That is the purpose of provoking these most bites and should make diversity in the monotonous rhythm of the movements of a wobbler.

Posting «End Stop Go» is often triggered when hunting asp. And lovers of pike, it is also quite amiss, especially when you expect the river to catch the larger specimens. An interesting fact is that large trophies are not often come across cases when tvichingovyh animation bait, but just for a smooth and uniform dimensions and animations like «stop End go.» What is the reason, it is difficult to say, but the fact remains. Twitching gives more bites quantitatively ravnomerka and «Stop End Go ‘catch less, but more significant trophies. This does not mean that if you use animation jerk you do not catch a trophy, a percentage from twitching here are a few less likely.

DEEP WITHIN catching on.

On the rivers, as well as in standing bodies of water, there are always areas with decent depth that fans minnow crankbaits and shad can be very interesting and helpful .. There are several reasons. Firstly, there is a higher chance of meeting with a solid fish. Secondly, to have decent depth opportunity to meet quite a wide range of representatives of river fish fauna. Here and pike and perch, chub, chub, ide, well, if we’re lucky, and the mustachioed owner can hook depths.

For deep-water dips twitching fit different size version minnow and Shed. Options transactions used are the same as in the case of fishing at medium depths. The only difference is in the degree of penetration of bait.

If the depth of the fishery is not too much, and the lure is chosen in such a way that breaks the horizon to the bottom, you can try a very effective method, as the wiring with a scratching blade wobbler bottom of the reservoir. When the angler performs potyazhku, wobblers and deepened some point shovel stumbles to the bottom. At this point you need to stop posting and give a little wobbler emerge (after suspending bottoming will also be a slightly higher due to the fact that after hitting the bottom of a little bounce). After a pause potyazhku repeated again until it touches the bottom. This method allows you to trigger on any predator bite, located in almost every phase of activity. The only thing in this method of fishing can cause difficulty — the selection of a wobbler with the most suitable degree of penetration. Lures with too much too fast will be recessed to dig and do not give a clear effect. Ideally, the depth of the fishery should roughly correspond to the actual burial wobbler, or rather, even be a little bit more.

Interestingly enough in the deep fishing lures large wobblers work longer than 100 mm. The combination of a sufficiently large depth and big lures can expect to capture a meaningful trophy, the struggle which will be remembered for a long time.


Fishing lures versatile and fascinating. In this article I have touched on only one side of voblernoy fishing. But in the world there are wobblers and other types of baits, and work with them in many ways different from that of a minnow wobblers and shad. In the future we will talk about them, but for now only wish all anglers successful Fishing trips and, of course, the successful development of voblernoy fishing.

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