WORTHY schoolgirls

WORTHY schoolgirls

Romy Schneider has not received acting education. At the beginning of her career she acted as prompted directors or advised my mother. And one day the moment when playing on a whim she could no longer — she needed a guiding force. It was then that she met Luchino Visconti, who changed her style and creative life, showing the wonderful world of artistic talent.

Vive la France!

Once in France, Romi dreamed of two things: the new roles and happiness with her beloved. However, in a foreign country for her in those years we were shooting quite another movie in which there was no place to Empress Sissi. Delon Romy accompanied solely as a bride. Only once, during the filming of «Under the bright sun,» the director René Clément Romy suggested to play a small role. «The first time in my life I was jealous of others’ success,» — complained Schneider, who has been behind was the work of eighteen paintings and fabulous fees.

Resentment does not leave the «main bride of Germany.»

But everything changed when in life Romy appeared the director Luchino Visconti, who willingly undertook to train her acting skills. No wonder it was referred to as «the emperor of his profession.» Visconti was a man of unique — it is like no other feeling of true artists. He had a special approach to each: someone he never made the comments, providing an opportunity for the imagination, such as Anna Magnani, who, on the contrary, did not give a step without criticism as Marcello Mastroianni. By Romy maestro treated with a special, paternal affection and grateful actress she answered him with a vengeance. For Visconti taught her method that does not just help her in the future — play each scene as many times as needed to merge with the way together.

That day, like Romy was always there with Alain. There was a rehearsal of the play «You can not call her harlot», where Delon played a young man, passionately in love with his sister Annabella. Then the master offered to become my partner Romy Alain. «I laughed, I have never in my life have appeared on the scene. Imagine a girl without any stage experience, which plays a replica saying in French. In the play, staged by the Italian director on the play by the English author. How would I have carried criticism for such insolence! «- Later recalled Romy. However, despite the embarrassment, she agreed.

First, she needed to learn to speak properly. Began daily lessons with Mademoiselle Guillot, who taught French for those who have before and could not utter a word to «the language of love.» Four weeks lasted reading of the play. And then came the first day of rehearsal. Romy constantly told myself that everything will turn out on the stage and could not utter a word. Soon, however, the case moved from the dead point. When after the next rehearsal Visconti bestowed praise actress, she went to the first comer bar and got drunk with happiness: «I do not remember what I saw — champagne, wine, whiskey. It remains a feeling of boundless freedom. I was happy to finally realizing the actress herself. «

Romy tried my best, and even Delon said her success: «When we met, Romy says not a word in French, as I am German. A few months later I still just do not know a word of German, and Romy already fluent in French. «

Unfortunately, during the final rehearsal terrible happened — at Romy stomach ache. The worst fears were confirmed by doctors arrived: the actress had appendicitis. Five minutes to the star was taken to hospital, they operated put in the House for five days. After an additional ten-day hospital conducted at home, recovering Romy he was ready to conquer the demanding French public. The premiere of the play, which spent 50 million old francs, was scheduled for March 29, 1961. Among the spectators were celebrities such as Jean Cocteau, Jean Marais, Ingrid Bergman, Shirley MacLaine, Anna Magnani and others. After the performance, Alain Delon flushed embraced Magda Schneider with the words: «Today, she’s the queen of Paris, my queen.» Romy was in seventh heaven.

Over time, people will say: «In this young Parisian left by the Germans nothing but a slight accent and an incredible lust for life. The striking metamorphosis. » And this will be true in many ways — thanks to the clean feeling to Romy Schneider Alain Delon, who could not be more accurate to say about his beloved: «You love me. And I made you a Frenchwoman, a French movie star. Yes, this is my merit. And this country — France, that you fell in love because of me — became your homeland. «

Free swimming

Of course, Romy could not always remain only a shadow Delon, his eternal companion. She waited for a serious role and new acquaintances.

Interiors to shoot his part Visconti picked with care: all the furniture, dishes, ornaments were taken from antique shops. At the site the vital perfume «Chanel №5». After the shooting, the director to whom Romy beginning treated as a father, gave her a wooden ring with a diamond — jewelry, which once belonged to his mother, and had been transferred to her by inheritance. By this gift of Romy treated with trepidation — ring to become one of the favorite actress.

In 1962, Schneider won the role of Nina Zarechnaya Sasha Pitoeva staged «The Seagull.» «This little Austrian woman has done a lot for the triumph of the masterpieces of Russian playwright in the French scene … Her strength of the sincerity and spontaneity,» — wrote about this work Romy French newspapers.

With the staging of Romy has traveled to many countries: Morocco, Lebanon, Belgium, Portugal. Not all actors to provide comfortable conditions: in some theater was too cold, somewhere — too crowded. At Romi started having health problems, she fainted due to low blood pressure and even went to the hospital. In the future Romi will always dream to go back to the theater, but, alas, did not fulfill his dream.

In 1962, the actress was waiting for a new trial and a new triumph. Her acquaintance with Orson Welles many called magic. Before the actress heard rumors, though Wells who wanted to film the «process» based on the novel by Franz Kafka, arrived in Paris. Having found the eminent director (with the help of many friends), Romi has proposed his candidacy for one of the roles. Maestro agreed and allowed the persistent young lady playing Mrs. Pittl. However, after a couple of days, Romi was to his home and began to convince him that to play a nurse Leni. Slightly dumbfounded by such pressure co-director says to himself, noting that Romi «cat’s eyes». But more — more: Romy soon convinced the director that he should star in the picture! All the cinematic world was aware of how difficult character has Orson Welles … But Romi, emboldened during readings of the text, where Orson time to read Hustler role until he found a suitable actor noticed that only he and no one else to play this character. Initially, Wells laughed, then suddenly agreed and paid for an idea Romy dollar. «It was the best money ever earned me» — says Romi. And the director, when the film came out, said: «"The process" — This is the best film I’ve ever done. «

In the same 1962 Romi invited to An-glia to participate in the film «Winners», where she first had to pronounce the replica in English. This was followed by the shooting of the film «The Cardinal» Otto Preminger, where it was a real miracle — she spent a few days in the company of his mother and a father. At the time, Romy realized that her mother never stopped loving her former husband, because even after many years, she looks at him with some special look full of tenderness and devotion. With this thought came the realization that the two actors for a family — it’s too much … and with Alain Delon their union could collapse in the same way. However, at the time Romi dismissed the thought because it expected a dizzying ascent to Olympus cast!

A year later, the actress went to Hollywood, where he was preparing to premiere «Boccaccio ’70». Here it was noticed and appreciated … Then there were shooting all over the world — Hollywood, London, New York, Rome. Not having had time to recover, in 1963, Romi signs three-year contract with the American studio «Columbia Pictures». The contract obliged her to star in seven films; the fee for each picture — a million dollars. For simple layman exorbitant amount! But Romy money were given very, very difficult.

«For three months I have not seen the light of God, I do not go out. Only work at five o’clock in the morning I was awakened by a phone call:"Romy! Time to get up"… Wake up so early — it’s a nightmare. Imagine how a woman looks at five o’clock in the morning! However, I am very punctual … «. So did the work on the film «Good Neighbor Sam», which became a partner Romy Jack Lemmon, strongly supports unaccustomed to the rigors of Hollywood Austro-German-French actress. After the release of this painting to the interest of the audience Romy considerably subsided, and she realized that the European actress in America is not the place. It became apparent that the contract would have to terminate.

Since 1963, work started on a comedy by Clive Donner’s «What’s New, pussy?» With Woody Allen and Peter O’Toole in the lead roles. After this film Romi received the status of Europe’s biggest movie stars.

But 1964 brought the actress many disappointments, met with the director Henri-Georges Clouzot, Romy with great pleasure accepted his offer to star in the film «Hell». She was ever more difficult, but very interesting. Clouzot had seemed contradictory and complex nature, strive for the ideal in every way. What was Romy despair when the director had a heart attack — because the work could not proceed at all. Actually, it just happened.

To somehow dispel its confusion, has come to the aid of Visconti. He had a grand plan — to film the novel «Maria Tarnovskaya» publicist Hans Hub. Romy hit on the idea, bought the rights to the book, but the idea failed. Too much needed funds for the survey to be carried out in different countries. Depression Romy grew.

In 1965-1967 years, the actress almost shot, with all the free time to his family, but in 1968, after the «pool» with Alain Delon, her career took off again.

Second wind

In 1972, already worked with Clouseau, saute and Risi, Romi is back in his good friend Luchino Visconti, and, ironically, played in the film «Ludwig» the very Empress Sissi, on the role that so vehemently refused many years ago. However, it has been a different work — the image of a strong woman with a difficult character and hard life. Follow heroine Romy will be as full of incredible energy — thanks to the filigree execution.

On the tape in 1973 «train» the actress said: «The role of Anne — the best that I had proposed in recent years. In my country, it can be regarded as a betrayal, because I, a German, play Jew, who falls in love with the French. But I would like to draw attention to National Socialism, which still exists in Germany. » Germany really perceived this picture only as anti-German propaganda thinking.

A year later, there was a film director Francis Girod «Devil trio,» where Romy played with one of his favorite partners — Michel Piccoli. Particularly sensitive nature refused to view the big picture, get too naturalistic and abundant shocking murder scene.

Another work which has been undertaken Romy, Nadine was the role in the film by Andrzej Zulawski «The main thing — love.» In this picture, she appeared before the audience in an unusual role: instead of landscaped beauty on the screen looked a strange woman with a repulsive appearance. I must say, Schneider was proud of his achievement — not to hesitate to look frankly ugly. In support of the recognition of his talent Romy won the prize for this tape, «Cesar.»

Some films, by contrast, was left in her a feeling of dissatisfaction, such as «Group portrait of a lady», where the writer made himself playwright Heinrich Böll. The role in the movie Romy got only after she personally visited the author; before that Bell believed that the actress is not intended for such adaptations. After his work in the case of a German and a disgrace to the nation, joining the first affair with a Russian officer in the midst of World War II, and then work from Turkey, twenty years later. Romy was close to this story, but the film was not a success.

In recent years, the actress tried to immerse themselves in the work, not to think about the disorder in family life. That shooting helped her to forget, so she took on every role with particular zeal. For the remaining five years Romy starred in eight films — and they showed it with a variety of angles: the radiant light and infinitely unhappy …

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