Year hours.

Year hours.

Earlier this year, leaked to the Internet and very vague rumors that Apple is in a situation of deep secrecy has been developing its own hours. No other information is not leaked, but to the fact that the clock will run on IOS. Subsequently, various leaks only confirmed these intentions: Apple iWatch registered trademark in some countries, as well as patented, flexible batteries, which are very reminiscent of the patent scheme bracelet watch. But anonymous sources with Foxconn to mention that the iWatch be integrated pulse sensor.

The rumors were not ignored competitors. After a very short time a number of companies have announced the release of its Smart hours. WearlT first demonstrated a working prototype of hours on Android. They have polutoradyuymovy screen, run on ARM-based processors? equipped with Wi-Fi and Bfuetooth and now at least know how to work as a navigator.

Then Sony seriously presented SmartWatch 2 — hours, working in tandem with the smartphone. On their screen, you can watch the tape Facebook, to use as a player, answer calls, to control the camera phone, the navigation display — adapted to the SmartWatch application have about 200. Together with Sony in this field are in full investigation of its main competitors in the business of smartphones: Samsung and LG .

From their camp, however, no rumors and news.

Finally, Microsoft has taken aback with all the news about the development of their hours. About them we know only that they will have polutoradyuymovy screen, removable straps, and the body is made of transparent ceramic aluminum oxynitride, which is several times stronger than tempered glass. Obviously, the clock will be running Windows 8 and have the functionality of a simple smartphone. Official data has yet been received, but it is not necessary to wait hours before Microsoft end of 2014.

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