Years of nutrition and health promotion: the life not in vain, even for those who are not interested in such things

Years of nutrition and health promotion: the life not in vain, even for those who are not interested in such things. Today,

«From the protein you will become impotent and die at age 40, the same anabolic», «gainer from the girls grow mustaches and in general, it destroys the liver, as well as steroids» … Let’s separate the wheat from the chaff and find out what it is for power is — sports?

To begin with a few words about why we all need to eat. Because the cells of the body to a greater or lesser frequency divided, update * are, for die, we need to get outside the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water, voe- performs energy, grow and develop, in a word — to maintain basic physiological processes (metabolism ) at the appropriate level.

Active exercise — sports, fitness — are a kind of stress to the body, changing its metabolism, and this leads to the fact that conventional power Stana vitsya enough, or the ratio of its components fail to meet potreb-of athlete, and if in the second case You can adjust the diet (for example, «drying» — decreasing the thickness of subcutaneous fat — reducing the share of fats and simple carbohydrates in the diet), the first option is more complicated. For example, if you want to build lean muscle mass, you have to eat a lot more protein-containing foods, and preferably every two hours. Not everyone can afford it, in addition to a load of not adapted to the gastrointestinal tract, as well as muscle mass is needed sous-Haya, a condition generally makes it mission impossible — even lean meat is not devoid of fat. It is here and comes to the rescue SPORTS NUTRITION — concentrated product (eg, a protein) that does not contain unwanted substances (such as fat), and easy to prepare and use (powder corny dissolves in water). Incidentally, it can be applied not only to improve athletic performance, but also, for example, in medicine — to normalize metabolism or food debilitated patients.

The point is not the amount of protein A in a positive balance: the body must


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EVERY sports nutrition products time-ops for specific activities. Consider this relationship in detail. Let’s say you decided to build muscles — to teach the body, conditionally lifted 100 kg, but not 20. It takes more protein (also known as protein or polypeptide), since the muscle cell (myocyte) reduced by the proteins actin and myosin, and in general job myocyte vovle-Chenoa many other proteins. In order to get the appropriate amount of nutrients will have to increase servings — and if you can eat for just 600 g steak? Even if CNO zhete stomach will not have time to adequately all re-cooking, and the piece will go to nedoperevarenny sad journey through the intestines, disturbing digestion and absorption impairing the right nutrients.


To prevent the situation and the need sports nutrition: protein in the form of powder, dissolved in 200 ml of water, concentrated cook turns e-Theil, freed from the ballast substances and supply the body with missing easy-digestible protein. Yes, this protein is chemically semi-chen, but our body is of no importance. At the molecular level, chicken protein, beef protein and protein powder from a package made up of the same elements — amino acids and digestive enzymes protease not distinguish one from the other, all of them recognize, as the castle «recognizes» key. In principle, such a spatial «lock-key» built all biochemistry.

how to get protein powders, races, say the example of whey protein in which the maximum content of BCAA-amino acids (valine, leucine, isoleucine) — that are mainly build muscle mass. If separated from milk fat and of the protein (ka-zein) remain liquid component — whey (a by-product in the production of cheese and cottage cheese). In order to obtain whey protein concentrate, it is necessary to filter, to separate particle diameter 0.001-0.05 mm — casein and whey proteins. The resulting product is not a maximum proportion of protein (about 80 percent) contain fats and carbohydrates. Such concentrate — the most common and inexpensive supplement and the effect of its admission is not inferior to the effect of whey protein isolate. The latter is produced by more thorough filtration, during which removes fat and carbohydrates, respectively, the percentage of the protein increases up to 90 percent or more. Such a product is more expensive because of the complex technology, but it is suitable for people with allergies to milk laktozu- main carbohydrate.

Sports nutrition Our compatriots are often confused with steroids. Steroids — a substance whose structure is based on the alcohol molecule cholesteric roll, an important component of cell mem-branes. It is on the basis of cholesterol in the biochemical process of steroidogenesis built the stress hormone cortisol, male and female hormones. Athletes used anabolic steroid hormones act on the cell nucleus, stimulating protein synthesis. Steroids and components of sports nutrition, thus — very different classes of chemical substances.

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