Youth Palace in Moscow.

Youth Palace in Moscow.

On the eve of the festival in the central part of Komsomolsk Avenue opened before the eyes of the new snow-white building — the Palace of Youth.

In terms it is a trapezoid. This form has allowed the most naturally fit it into the border free area. But here’s the problem: Here is the ground Metro station «Frunzenskaya». Architects «put» right at the palace out of the subway, incorporating it into the overall structure of the building and the composition of the side facade.

According to the authors, the structure will be reflected in the mirror of an artificial pond. In a cascade of wide stairs, visitors can descend into the shady alleys of the park.

Easy operation is white pylons around the perimeter, forming a cloister. It’s like a transitional link between external and internal space, which gives shaped construction integrity and stylistic unity. Under the golden aluminum canopy between pylons located exhibition of sculpture.

The rhythm gallery architects stressed ribbon mosaic located in the depths of periptera Palace. This monumental mural — a necessary element of the composition. Soft, but rich in tone and color of precious relationships paint puzzle falling slightly muted by the shadow of the visor. There captured images of the Komsomol — the heroes of the Civil and Great Patriotic War, the first five percussionists, conquerors of virgin land, the builders of BAM. We have before us the whole story of Lenin Komsomol, inseparable from the history of the Soviet Union. Author mosaic — People’s Artist of the RSFSR Yuri Korolev.

Architect as a huge orchestra conductor, determines the overall interior color harmony and monumental panels, arranges the necessary architectural and sculptural accents, creates a powerful one-piece plastic chords and harmonic way. When you look at the prospects of unwittingly presents itself this architectural space. So we in the palace — from the lobby to get into the Hall of mass action.

This is one of the most beautiful buildings of the youth center. Streams of light pouring from above through a huge lamp, give the interior a dynamic and spatial depth. Round opening lantern if repeated filigree ring shining chandeliers. And at the bottom of the concentric circles of chairs running down. Large stained glass windows facing the park overlooking the parterre lawn with dense greenery of trees: park like entrance to the palace!

Now go to the auditorium for two thousand places where you can hold conferences, to give concerts, show movies. Technical equipment allows the most unexpected transformation. For example, one press of a button — and the scene is removed, but from «hold» rises movie screen. And you can change the configuration of the ceiling, if you need to strengthen the natural sound. Furthermore, the walls are solved as semi white surfaces, which contributes to a more even distribution of sound waves. Dark red carpet on the floor, white walls, golden play of Curtain — oval hall all promises a festive mood!

It adjoins the premises of creative sections. The local youth club will bring together under one roof a theater and art studios, clubs of military-patriotic and philosophical directions, all kinds of scientific and technological circles. It will be a kind of methodical and educational center.

The holy of holies of the palace — Lenin hall — the ceremonial room. Home interior decoration — Florentine mosaic. This ancient form of monumental art requires a lot of tact and hard work. Here is what the author of the panels of the RSFSR People’s Artist V. Castles:

— First, the artist in the layout is a common color and composition solution, and then a large scale painting the main parts. Step by step, discarding all superfluous, it makes the overall composition in color — cardboard. Now napilennyh plates of finely colored marble, the so-called marble veneer cut masters and customize all the components of the figure are divided into rectangles. The special metal cassette do set one of them. Artist last update items, pieces of paste on paste polish. And …

Yes, but it is only one box, and a panel of the Youth Palace of more than eight hundred!

The composition is dedicated to Komsomol orders. Each is surrounded by characters, reveal the meaning of the award. Mosaic six-meter ring as it hovers over you: the noble paint natural stone, balanced composition helped him to merge into one with the architecture of the room.

Against the background of dark red banners read clearly sculptural portrait of Lenin People’s Artist of the USSR AP Bondarenko. Image Ilyich majestic and at the same time full of inner warmth. Perhaps such a portrait, and it should be in the ceremonial hall, where the leader as if talking with young people, «as the living with the living words.»

Along the walls — stands here under glass are precious relics to us: bullet pierced Komsomol tickets, yellowed photographs, letters, leaflets, military weapons.

About all not to tell. In the palace of a few small rooms for 100 people, a library, a coffee shop — the whole world!

Youth Palace at the Komsomolsk Avenue organically fit into the architectural ensemble of the capital, which welcomes its envoys youth of the world.

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