A kaleidoscope of change in telecom

A kaleidoscope of change in telecom

Over the past few months in telecommunications was a large number of movements of top managers. We decided to just record them as facts.

Director General of FSUE «Mail of Russia» became Dmitry scary. Previously, he headed one of the largest cellular operators in the country the company «Tele2 Russia.» «Dmitry scary appointed Director General of FSUE Russian Post by order of Russian Ministry of Communications of 19 April 2013,» the ministry said.

Earlier it was reported that the government intends to fire the former head of «Mail of Russia» Alexander Kiselev. Shortly before his dismissal there was a collapse in the department: in warehouses accumulated 500 tons of parcels and packages. Recrimination in the occurrence of «parcel mash» exchanged «Russian Post» and the Federal Customs Service.

Dmitry scary was born in 1967. In 1991 he graduated from Moscow State Technical University. NE Bauman, in 1999, the business school INSEAD.

President Dmitry frightened «Tele2 Russia» in 2009, before that, he was Director of Operations. Previously, he worked in the division Consumer LifeStyle in the Russian office of Philips, a 1994 2000 he headed the Russian subsidiary of Electrolux Home Appliance.

It is worth a few words say about Alexander Kiselyov. He led the «almost» in February 2009. As a result of his activities in the «almost» was a difficult situation: of the 42 th. Its offices around 70% are unprofitable, almost all the infrastructure built even in the Soviet Union, worn out and needs replacing car park, you must build the automated sorting centers (currently about 65% mail is sorted by hand in Russia), as well as places of international postal exchange, where it is processed overseas mail. On the break-even level, «Russian Post» was published only in 2009, in 2012 its profit was 813 million rubles., But the bulk of the profit goes to pay staff.

In late March, the board of directors of Russia’s largest telecommunications operator «Rostelecom» approved the early retirement of President Alexander Provotorova and appointment to the post of the founder and former CEO «National Cable Networks» (now the «daughter» of «Rostelecom») Sergey Kalugin.

The issue of leadership change was not included in the agenda of the board meeting and considered in the discussion of performance management of key performance indicators of the company. The Board approved the payment of Provotorova, who headed the «Rostelecom» over 2.5 years, annual premium 40 50 million rubles., Moreover, Provorotov received a «golden parachute» in the amount of 200 million rubles.

The initiator of the change of leadership of «Rostelecom» acted Mink connection, the government prepared a draft directive. Provorotov and he wanted to leave the post of president of «Rostelecom».

Ministry of Communications headed by Nikolai Nikiforov has already tried to shift Provotorova as head of «Rostelecom» in the fall of last year, proposing to replace it with the general director of «Svyazinvest» (owns 45.29% stake) Vadim Semenov. Then, this initiative has blocked the administration of President of the Russian Federation, where the assistant head of state operates the former head of the Ministry of Communications Igor Shchegolev. At that time, when he was a minister, and led Provorotov «Rostelecom». In February, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that the question of change of leadership of the company is not closed.

Nikiforov and Dvorkovich has repeatedly criticized the management of «Rostelecom» for poor, they say, the strategy and investment program.

On the post of vice-president of JSC «Rostelecom» was nominated Larisa Tkachuk She will lead the company’s commercial unit. Pavel Zaitsev will continue to work as a senior vice-president of «Rostelecom» and headed by macro-regional branch of «Center», and will also participate in the development of other strategic activities of the company.

«We want to attract to our team the best representatives of the industry. I hope that the unique experience and personal qualities of Larissa will increase the efficiency of business processes and contribute to more intensive development of the business, «says the president of» Rostelecom «Sergei Kalugin.

Larisa Tkachuk was born in Kiev. In 1998, she graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine on specialty «Industrial Marketing». After graduation, she worked the head of a group of business analysis in the company «Ukrainian Mobile Communications» (UMC). In 2001 he became head of the marketing department UMC, in May of that year, the marketing manager of the company RTDC (Russian-American telecommunications holding company). Prior to joining «Rostelecom» from 2002 to 2012, she held the position of Deputy General Director of OJSC «MegaFon» on commercial matters, where, in particular, was responsible for the development and sales of new high-tech products.

In early June, the company «VimpelCom» has announced the appointment of Paul Zenkova as Director of Sales in the mass market of the Siberian region. Over the last year he managed to establish itself as a qualified manager in a local «Rostelecom», where he headed the commercial department of the mobile business. Under his leadership, it was launched 3G mobile network in the Irkutsk Region and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Prior to that, he worked in the MTS Zenkov, where he began his career in 2004.

«Today, the company in Siberia are very ambitious goals to increase customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency of existing business processes. The professionalism and expertise of managers in this regard, of particular importance. I am convinced that a successful managerial experience in the telecommunications industry in the region and result-oriented help Paul to focus on attracting and retaining customers, and provide a level of service appropriate to their expectations, «commented Regional Director of the Siberian region OJSC» VimpelCom «Sergey Kozerod.

MTS left and one of the most successful managers, Alexander Popovski, and left in the «Beeline». Popovski started his career in the MTS in 2001 from the position of Director of the MTS branch in the city of Kirov, from July 2004 to August 2007 he served as director of the macro Volga North-West, and from June 2007 to August 2008 led the macro-region South, after which he was appointed Director of the business unit «MTS Russia». Earlier, from 1999 to 2001, he worked as the chief Alexander Popovski telecommunication network transmission section of «Kirovelectrosvyaz». Not so long ago, and another vice-president Mikhail Gerchuk joined the «Beeline».

Changing personnel, and the Ministry of Communications: the last of the old guard Alexander Maslov leaving the agency. This is perhaps not surprising: with the advent of the post of Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov updated and the team of his deputies. Everyone who got Nikiforov «inherited» from Igor Shchegolev, is gradually dispersed, occupying no less interesting positions. However, it is interesting to not that where out of oil, and that’s where it goes. Since June, the former deputy minister intrudes on the post of Vice President of GR in the company «Rostelecom», which is now a former colleague Maslov Naum Marder. After the reshuffle, he also will remain in the semi-public companies, but it is not known what role.

It should be noted that Alexander Maslov lasted a surprisingly long time in the Ministry of Communications, since he began working here even during Leonid Reiman, so that we can say, caught all three times. And the fact that a former colleague Reiman appears in command of the national operator, said that the battle for the «Rostelecom» is not finished yet. Moreover, it is possible that the most senior minister again enters the scene. It is believed that he was the director of the performance of the bank VTB and structures Malofeeva. This was done in order to change the team, «marshals» who with the light hand of Igor Shchegolev settled in «Rostelecom».

New duties Maslova not yet been determined. It not also decided how it will interact with Naum Marder, the current vice president of GR «Rostelecom» and former Deputy Minister Igor Shchegolev. Representatives of the company say that the distribution of power will happen later, when the oil will enter into a new position.

What is a kaleidoscope of these movements? Wait and see.

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