A well-known proverb advises: «Eat breakfast myself.» For children, this is not recommended, as a rule, because they are doubly necessary energy: to form a growing organism, and to the learning process is successful.

A well-known proverb advises:

Why do I need breakfast:

Schools often cause a child mental stress (especially the first lesson, when the student has the least sensitive), and stress on an empty stomach provokes gastritis. Fed same person transfers much easier to increase the emotional background.

Timely and regular meals will help students maintain normal metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the work of all organs, including the brain. Improves memory, increases the rate of reaction.

Another indirect benefit of regular breakfast time is that the child is accustomed to the regime and systematic action. This skill is useful at any age.

The cornerstone

The nutrition of children and adolescents must attend four elements.

About Fruits and greens — IC sources of vitamins and fiber, preserving the health of the digestive tract and immune system support. Particularly relevant this element of the diet in the period of beriberi.

H Cereals and nuts contain vitamins A and D, iron, carbohydrates, giving energy. Muffins, biscuits, and the like pastries are high in sugar and fast carbohydrates is limited, but the grain breads and cereals should be in school feeding means. In addition, vitamin B1, which we get from grains and nuts, calms the nervous system, improves memory, concentrates. High content of this vitamin in the pine nuts (34 mg per 100 g).

And dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk) are very important for the growing organism due to the high content of calcium.

And glucose — a good assistant in maintaining brain function. Breakfast is sure to be something sweet -tea sugar, a piece of chocolate, etc. (but, of course, do not abuse these products).

2 cooking school

Menu in school week

This version — one of many possible, the final menu is easy to form the parents themselves, based on the individual characteristics of its student. First of all in the preparation of the menu need to focus on the culinary preferences of the child (of course, within reason). If he can not stand most useful porridge, you have cause this mess is by no means impossible. We’ll have to replace the product or come up with an unusual pitch, for example, add fruit or change the consistency of food.

The size of portions is determined according to the age of the child — after all, students of the 3rd and 9th classes physiological needs are different.

On Monday

Banana. Cheesecakes with condensed milk. Toasted grain bread with cheese. Cocoa and milk.


Fruit salad with yogurt. Porridge with jam. Bun with raisins. Tea.


An Apple. Cottage cheese with herbs. Sandwich with salted fish. Tea.


Smoothies of pears and oranges. Millet porridge with pumpkin seeds. Oat cookies. Cocoa and milk.


Muesli with nuts and milk. Pear. Hot sandwich of corn bread with chicken and cheese. Chocolate. Tea.


Cottage cheese with orange. Buns. Cocoa.

Cheesecakes «Food for Thought»

Require: cottage cheese — 400 g egg — 1 pc., Sugar — 2-3 tbsp. l., semolina — 6 tablespoons. l. vegetable oil — 50-80 ml -1 pinch of vanilla, salt, 1/4 ch. l.

Mix the cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt and half the semolina, mix thoroughly. Leave on for 30-40 minutes. to dissolve the sugar and swelling semolina, mix well again. Divide into 16 equal parts. Wetting your hands with cold water, formed into balls, breaded them semolina shaping the washer. When breading is convenient to use a metal spatula. Fry cheese cakes should be on medium heat on both sides until cooked. When serving, you can add the condensed milk, whipped cream, fresh fruit and berries, jam or preserves. It is important to try to make the dish attractive appearance — if your child is happy to eat the rest of the dishes offered at breakfast. For example, decorate the cheesecake with mint leaves — they are not only refresh the look of dishes, but also positively affect the appetite.

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