Again, the «intensive greenhouse»

I want to thank the editors for the publication of my article «Intensive greenhouse» (№1-2, 2013). And try to answer the questions raised about my notes Tatyana Nadolny («And in a small greenhouse can a great harvest!», №4).

It all starts with misunderstanding

Dear Tatyana! Your note is felt long experience of growing cucumbers in teplichke, but also observed some conservatism. In particular, it is manifested in the 15-year-old using the same technology in the cultivation of the same three varieties of cucumbers (by your words). Noticeable and lack of information on other regions. And now — to the specifics.

Here you write: «What’s wrong doing, Anatoly, growing its cucumbers, especially as he lives, according to address, in a warm, favorable climate. Cucumbers here can grow without shelter. «

Of course, the climate of the Leningrad region is different from the climate of Kiev, but our climate, especially in recent years, is far from favorable. We are in May and frost and incessant rains and the heat at which the temperature on the ground is greater than 55 °. Therefore Teplicka in our economy — not a fad, but a necessity. I checked for a long time: in the open field cucumber yield reaches us almost half the yield in teplichke.

You ask: «And what to put in the second tier banks? Let the side of the Scourge to develop, and they will bring you the same extra weight! «

It seems to me, dear Tatiana, you do not understand the basic: the other was described, different from those of you growing technology, and it is, by the way, does not exclude the traditional, but complements it and can be used with it at the same time. And the idea of ​​my teplichku suggested at one time a note on a piece of tear wall calendar.

«Horizontal» cucumber

The idea is that the cucumbers are grown in raised to a height of 1.8 m of trenches cut longitudinally asbestos cement pipes with a diameter of 40 cm. Between the gutters tensioned galvanized wire mesh, forming a horizontal trellis. Shoots cucumbers are not directed upwards, and at her. This achieves the same light and temperature conditions even for all parts of the plant. As a result, the fruit ripens 10-20 days earlier, the yield per plant is increased by 2-3 kg. A ridge of the greenhouse can be used in this case for others, such as greens, you can even grow mushrooms.

In a manner consistent, interesting and, in my experience, giving a significant effect. It clearly can be widely used in our small teplichke. My Teplicka with its high shelves and pots — just a special version of this technology: instead of pieces of asbestos cement pipes is only natural use of light shelves and «pots» of 5-6-liter plastic bottles.

Cucumber cultivation shelves allows to obtain an additional yield not only due to a simple increase in the number of plants. Stress that the temperature inside the teplichku depends essentially on the heights: it is closer to the ground below, the roof — up.

On the shelves of plants develop in a more favorable temperature conditions, and their leaves are covered better and more evenly, and therefore the fruits ripen faster.

Seedlings on the shelves is also possible to put a little earlier, without waiting for the soil to warm up at the bottom of the beds properly. Later, when the plants are still in the furrows are drawn up and not yet reach a height of 1.5 m, with which you, Tatiana, start to leave the side shoots), the plants on the shelves already entwine horizontal trellis and begin to rapidly bear fruit.

In addition, while cucumbers are not yet on the shelves «dug» in the trellis, pots can be moved on teplichke, choosing the most favorable place in spring — on the shelf south side, the number of pots on it can be for some time increased substantially. This is a very positive effect on seedlings. And later, when the seedlings will grow and get stronger, the pot is determined by a fixed place.

Plants in pots are usually healthier than plants in the ground. In particular, due to the fact that the pot can be filled with fresh, uncontaminated soil. Mice and slugs before they get too difficult.

Cucumber conveyor

Relatively early placement of seedlings in teplichke allowed me to get some (at trial — eight) «seats» for the two crops. For this 20 April, I issued in teplichku seedlings super early hybrid (start fruiting period — up to 35 days). With these shrubs we collected about cucumbers from 25 May to 25 June. Next bushes that «played their» hybrid removed from teplichke and installed in their place pots of seedlings resistant hybrid early (beginning of the fruiting period — up to 45 days). In August, we’ve collected the fruits of the bushes. All this made a significant addition to the crop.

Once you write about his experience: «The harvest of my teplichke — desyatilitrovoe bucket through the day.» I believe you. But for how long had such a crop, and how much of buckets you have collected?

For example, we plan to obtain a long teplichku constant returns, and therefore «stretched» consistent transplanting early-, mid- and late-maturing hybrids (five hybrids somewhere in the month. Harvest filmed from late May to mid-September.

This mid-June to the end of August — a day or two an average of 5 l bucket in the rest of the time — somewhat less. For us it was already abundantly …

It does not deal with time

You Tatiana writes: «A lot of time and care required by your advice, dear Anatoliy, while working gardener it is not too much.»

I can not agree with it. Further development of existing teplichek costly and time does not require: take a dozen empty plastic bottles and arrange them in your existing teplichke — that is so tough? If you wish, please try one or two bottles, fill them with soil, hang on racks teplichku with wire hooks, plant seedlings, and then — as usual, not much more complicated than the usual hang flower pot. And you can not do it all at once, and when the free time.

Naturally, the use of new technology has increased the hassle me — after all I really increased about twice the population and teplichke, and thus harvest.

But this work did clearly less and is easier than it would be at a magnification of two times the square teplichku!

In conclusion, I want to say.

Perhaps, dear Tatiana, you harvest your teplichku enough and you think it is possible to stay there. But I think the majority of gardeners gardeners will continue to experiment, to invent something new — especially with greenhouses, plant varieties, their protection, irrigation, tools, fertilizers, etc., will test and develop the positive experiences of others. And — share it on the pages of our «Villas».

Or maybe you are reading these lines, try cucumber in his farm has something new and unusual. Worse because this will not be …

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