Amazing salty sornyachok

Amazing salty sornyachok

I would like to join the «portulachnoy» theme — Asked by Elena Prokofiev (№11,2012) and complete response to Q. Kurepina (№4,2013).

Yes, purslane — a weed, but it is remarkable in pickling! We lived in Turkmenistan, and my mother often bought his bundles in the market and salted. After moving to Moscow, there was a break, but my children know the taste, and one day my daughter saw the shop around the flower bed with purslane and collected seeds from it.

Now purslane growing in our country, the daughter of his very salted, eat with pleasure, we entertained neighbors, some also have planted it at home. About two years ago I saw the seeds of purslane salad (it bigger), now it is salted my son and daughter continue to pickle-weed purslane. And now — a recipe.

Putting the top of the grass (closer to the root stalks rough), sorted out, washed with a large capacity, we shift to another, without water. Separately, boil the water and pour the boiling water over the green mass of the top, then passed on to the plate, from the top — the yoke, and let steamed, gradually cooling down.

Note: immediately impose a lot of impossible, and at the bottom are not steamed. Then take the free enamel pot and a handful of lightly pressing to be placed on the bottom layer of purslane, sprinkle with salt (to taste, the experience will come), and then — finely chopped garlic.

And so — layer by layer, is not very tight, then back cover with a plate of oppression. Now let him stand up in the heat in the kitchen, so come quickly. Three or four days — and you can try. If a little salt — add. The bank is very tight stuff should not be as good if the brine does not apply, the grass can zamyaknut, moldy.

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