And no nails

And no nails

Staple gun. In the vastness of his native homeland is trendy foreign name caught on not everywhere: MASTEROVOY MEN aptly dubbed THIS DEVICE SK0B03ABIVATELEM, which is quite accurately reflects the PURPOSE of the tool.

Unlike his siblings, who are familiar Office workers stationery staplers, WHICH clenched bracket with the reverse side of the sheet of paper, building ANALOG drives FIXING ELEMENTS INTO THE SURFACE. As if to hammer nails.

Staples-zabivateli used at work on a much larger area than a sheet of A4. And much more durable than paper materials. They are indispensable in slinky sofa fabric and at the close of hardboard rear walls of furniture, when fixing polyethylene greenhouses, roofing material on the roof, posters under the billboards, heaters and so on. You can call a thousand large and small commercial cases, successful completion of which is impossible without the help of staple gun. The idea of ​​the invention of this tool more than banal: to facilitate the manual human labor. Agree to hammer small cloves hammer every 10 cm over an area of ​​several square meters is the «fun» on the fan. Besides staples proved as a convenient and reliable hardware: are driven at the touch of a lever or a button in less than a second, is stored in the cassette set in the stapler, they do not need to fish out one at a time as nails. However, in fairness we recognize that to completely abandon the use of nails in the construction and repair will fail. For this reason, some models staple gun on an equal footing with braces charged collars special studs.

And how does all this work? Of course, not «by magic.» If you speak the language of physics textbook for 7th grade, stapler uses the energy that drives a spring mechanism, clogging bracket. In terms of what is the source of energy, modern staples-zabivateli divided into three categories: mechanical or manual (spring actuated by the muscular power of the hand), power (used to connect to a network or battery) and air (using compressed air).

Mechanical or manual stapler for the most simple design and safest for the user. Other advantages: no wearing parts, independently of the electrical and pneumatic lines, compact size and good ergonomics, no wires, motors, hoses and batteries.

There are downsides, where the same without them. The main drawback is that manual staplers are not designed for high-volume jobs, and «penetrating» the force they are not as impressive as that of electric and pneumatic counterparts. Manual Staplers are often used by people without special training (at home or at the cottage), which should be carefully read and consider the following recommendations of experts.

• The firing mechanism and the lever must always be made of high-strength structural and better steel alloy. Unfortunately, on the packaging, such information is often lacking, so if the future owner wants to transfer tools for use grandsons, he would have run through the manufacturer’s website. It is desirable that the housing and also a metal for the reliability and protection against mechanical damage. While on the other hand, everything depends on the scope of work and strategic plans. If a person uses a stapler once a year, collecting a greenhouse in the country, it is suitable for such purposes, and the device with plastic housing. Besides these staples-zabivateli weigh less and are cheaper steel counterparts. Better to take a model, «dressed» in a shock-resistant ABS plastic. But the lever still has to be metallic.

• The case stapler, assembled with screws, not rivets, allows to disassemble the tool to clean and lubricate it and, if necessary, repaired. Note that the regular cleaning and lubrication significantly reduce, or at least postpone the moment when the device will bear the repair shop, so a small overpayment for the screws to be compensated at the further operation.

• It is also important what type of spring used in the percussion mechanism or twisted leaf (it is spring). Tool with spring cocked spring easier, such a device is less than the return, but such a stapler construction more expensive. We can say that this is an extra charge for additional comfort: the return is an important factor affecting the speed of occurrence of fatigue at work. In general, the lower the higher the efficiency is not only the class tool, but the tone of the user. For its suppression apply mitigating pad on the arm or on the handle special springs that absorb energy.

• Another important criterion for evaluating the performance of a stapler capture angle, t. E. As a lever spaced from the housing in the smaller the angle, the more comfortable working in such an instrument, especially in the weight.

• For large amount of work it is more convenient to use models with uneven swing arm: first, it is easy, but at least with increasing compression force hand pressure increases and the resistance of the spring. This allocation allows you to load long enough to avoid fatigue.

• The regulator disruptive force option to improve the quality of work performed. This can be an adjusting screw with a knurled or step switch. By adjusting the shock mechanism of clogging, we can ensure that the bracket will include flush. This ensures maximum aesthetic appearance: on the one hand, does not remain dented by the striker clipped and does not spoil the material, and on the other, the top brackets do not protrude above the surface. From the latter will save trouble and staplers, equipped with dual shock function (so-called reusable shot) when it is possible to turn off the feeder new brackets and cause additional impact (one or more) of the striker bracket «upryamitse.» And if you need to treat hard to reach places, then the rescue construction staples with remote-zabivatelya «nose» Staple mechanism.

• Not discharging excess seems to function, which allows the lever to fold and staple it to the lock body (or snap ring, depending on the model). It is convenient for storage or transportation, and fear of the «shots in the air.» If the discharge is not available, the bracket should be removed from the store. Of course, when the store does not have to swing open under the influence of recoil.

• And how do you know how much is left, «shot in the locker?» The special viewing window allows you to control the number of staples in the store, and the ability to lay the clips directly into the feed mechanism prevents misalignment and seizure of fasteners.

In addition to the standard models on the list of manual staplers found absolutely highly specialized devices, such as cable staples. They have a circular groove in the working section, allowing the tool to put directly on the cable. In this way, by means of special U-shaped clips fixed to the surface of the low-current (up to 50), the cable having a diameter typically in the range 4,07,5 mm. We can not say about the hammer stapler (or Staple hammers), which according to the principle of work and appearance are very different from all other kinds of staples-zabivateley. Such instruments have a longitudinal layout, and clogging of fastener is carried by inertia.

Simply put, they hit the surface, like a hammer. Used hammer stapler when you do not need a special accuracy, but it requires speed, for example, when fastening thin sheet materials (roofing material, vapor barrier, thermal insulation). The length of the staples in the stapler of up to 10 mm.

Next on the list is an electric stapler by the way, he is far more powerful than any mechanical analogue! The springs are charged no human hand, and the electric motor. It is understood that the spring itself more resilient and tough. Comparison of some characteristics eloquently confirms this: the ultimate «drilling depth» at the hand-zabivateley Staples does not exceed 14 mm at the same power, it is about 2225 mm, and very powerful up to 50 mm.

As mentioned above, power-zabivateli staples are AC and battery. Of course, electric staplers has all the advantages and disadvantages of the network and battery tool. Network staplers lighter and more powerful, but are tied to an electrical outlet. Storage devices are mobile, but the mass of the batteries need recharging and the one with the sad fact that the battery is, alas! cognac and not only deteriorates with age, a little overshadowed by the joyful prospect of independence from AC.

On the one hand, the electric staplers are ideal for deep tacking on a large area to be treated, but, on the other hand, have a low rate compared with mechanical counterparts. In fairness, we note that this is not treachery producers and the costs of the structure itself. In short, the more the device produces pulses per minute, the better, and when you buy should not ignore this indicator. But for the battery model is always current battery capacity and charging time.

Choosing an electric-zabivatel staples, it makes sense to pay attention to a number of options to help with the work and extend the capabilities of the instrument. Some of them are similar to the functions of mechanical staplers, some of a series of knowhow. Here are the most important:

• Adjust the force of the impact and depth of staples. It happens continuously or stepwise, the first provides better results, but the second is easier and cheaper.

• More than a necessary option, given the power of the springs, protection against accidental firing.

• The pulse frequency control allows you to monitor energy consumption in batteries.

• An original and exotic can be considered options such as a pressure-sensitive tip shot (with due skill it speeds up) and automatic multiple impacts (fires simultaneously with two staples).

Finally, it was the turn of the pneumatic stapler. Power and rate it out of competition. The design is not the usual spring staples hammered by means of pneumatic cylinder. Pneumatic devices are simple in design, durable, reliable and not too headroom. Everything is wonderful, if not one «but»: they work only with connection to pneumatic line or in a pair with a compressor, but it just is a pretty bulky, energy consuming and noisy unit. Therefore, the «pneumatic» landline phones and semi-fixed destination, only used in medium and large industrial plants or on construction sites.

Different models of pneumatic staplers have the same set of options as electric counterparts, but there are also its own «chips»: locking system accidentally shot, pin and split shot, a removable air filter, as well as a device to prevent jamming of staples. To sum up this mini review, it is necessary to focus on one performance requirements common to all types of staplers: use only those supplies that are specified in the instructions.

Once written, the tool works with the bracket 53, then do not attempt to «feed» it 140yu. And if the owner assumes the loading device to the maximum, it is best to take the most «omnivorous» model adapted for the greatest number of sizes of consumables.

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