And we can get high honey yield

And we can get high honey yield

In the Minsk region can obtain high collecting honey. For this it is necessary that the family has always been strong, workable and had the required number of frames of the land.

I am engaged in beekeeping since 1951. First, preparing the family for wintering on the outside, cut back the nest, straw hives sheltered and belong to the same place. But soon I came to the conclusion that it is unjustified labor and time. Now I leave the hive in the same place where they were in the summer. The nests in the winter is not reduced, only at the end of honey collecting check them feed stocks. Top potolochin put insulation cushion. That’s it, though frost in our area are often more than 30 degrees with strong winds.

Hives I have all 12-frame supers with shops, single planks of 40 mm and double-walled with a warming bed of sawdust, but the difference in the results of wintering bees I have not seen.

Bees make the first cleaning overflights in March, when there is snow, and sometimes even in February. I noticed that the bees, wintering in the wild, obletyvayutsya much better overwintering indoors.

In the second half of April, after the spring audit, despite the presence of food in the hive to give families a sugar syrup (1: 2) as an incentive dressing, and cold snaps, when the bees stop years altogether, I fertilize them again. Whenever families receive half a liter of syrup. At the end of May, when they will take a full brood and feed 12 frames to put hives shoplifting extension.

Queens I usually after two years at the end of honey collecting. Bees in my local populations.

These simple techniques work every year I achieve good results. In the season of 1962, I received 58 kilograms of marketable honey in the middle with the hive.

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