And you will be cured, and I will cure

And you will be cured, and I will cure

Cats, horses, dolphins … animals can heal people and having fun doing it. NOTE, absolutely free, and sometimes at the cost of their health and life

Animaloterapiya — so-called treatment involving animals as doctors. And though the recognition it has received relatively recently, in the 50s of the last century, about the animals’ ability to influence people positively known since ancient times. The ancient Greeks wrote: "The greatest happiness of the Earth lies on the back of a horse"Noting the benefit of riding for people. Hippocrates noted that horse riding helps wounded recover and leave the state of melancholic "dark thoughts" and return to "thoughts cheerful and clear". Celsus claimed that riding a cure for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and other well-known physician, Antila — that it strengthens the entire human body. But not only the ability to treat horses!

What is the force, brother?

We call animal brothers our smaller, but has long been clear that they live much happier and more harmonious us humans. As they are a notch below us are aware of this life that is unknown to us? Deprived of doubt and torment, these individual with the vaunted freedom of choice, animals live in harmony with yourself and nature. Because kittens grow cats and cats of cute puppies — loyal dogs. And only a small child can get anything you want! Because he has the freedom of choice-to live as you want, there’s that like and even die when they like. This greatly diversifies our, human life, but, alas, makes deviate from the nature of the pledged vocation. "We have forgotten how to do a little foolishness. We stopped to climb in the window to the beloved women …" — Due tipsy hero of the famous movie by Eldar Ryazanov. But this is not the worst. We moved away from its natural essence. They learned how to drown out the call of instincts, including basic (hunger, self-preservation). Imagine a cat that is eating something because it is advertised on every billboard, or a dog that is sent to a bowl because not hungry, but because "wow dinner". Nonsense! A person can — there when you need to and do not have and are not always what we need. And stress, and social stereotypes … How to stay true to yourself, when so many temptations around! And the animals can, like thousands of years ago. That is why they are able to help us.


OR TREATMENT INVOLVING horses. Communication with horses, horse EZDA- That’s all WISDOM OF SUCH TREATMENT

In 45 countries in Europe and North America have special therapeutic riding centers. So have we. The main indications for this therapy: diseases of the musculoskeletal system, atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal disease, polio, scoliosis, and even mental retardation. Therapeutic Riding helps with a variety of neurological disorders, such as autism in children with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries. Positive effects of hippotherapy in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system due to the fact that a person has to strain almost all muscles to keep your balance while riding. For example, a child with cerebral palsy during a session of hippotherapy have to use those muscles, which in ordinary life remain unused. It develops the physical activity of the patient, the recovery of lost skills and disturbed functions. Hippotherapy as a separate animal-assisted therapy was formed only some 30-40 years ago, but it was known in ancient Greece.


Or treatment with bee venom.

During the treatment you will have to bite

But not more than 20 per session BEES

How else bee venom may enter the human body? This is an excellent tool to combat sciatica, low back pain, neurological diseases. In a way similar to acupuncture apitherapy, because the bites are produced in biologically active points, so it is also called apitoksirefleksoterapiey. Bee venom has anti-inflammatory, and is warming effect, which reduces pain. Furthermore, improves blood circulation, metabolism. Treatment for 10 to 15 treatments are made in a day. In a broader sense, apitherapy involve the treatment and prevention of diseases by means of bee products (honey, royal jelly, propolis).

Dolphin therapy

Or method of rehabilitation of a man using a dolphin. It shows as patients and healthy people

Dolphins help cope with stress, nervous tension, rescued from depression, many people after a session of swimming with dolphins feel a craving for creativity, a splash of creativity and efficiency. There is even a special term — "the effect of the dolphin", Which refers to special psychic, almost mystical ability of the animal. Explain mysticism can be the real thing: the ultrasonic signals that provides dolphin, a beneficial effect on the acupressure points in the human body. And amazing things happen: the kids with delayed speech suddenly start talking, and kids with learning disabilities, hyperactivity disorder, minimal brain dysfunction, Down’s syndrome, autism symptoms begin to show improvement. And most importantly, everything, absolutely everything feel happy. The treatment course consists of 10 sessions.

Pets not very

Animaloterapiya is of two types: directed and undirected. Pets living with us side by side, health-restoring effect on their hosts, as they say, nothing. Such is the side effect. We will not start a dog or cat in order to have it treated, right? This is a non-directional animaloterapiya. The four-legged family members simply live side by side, creating a positive energy and psychological climate in the house. Purring cat calms down, if the owner angry. Rejoicing you come home dog rescues from depression and loneliness.

Directional animaloterapiya — this is when you are going to be treated to a specially trained animal. For example, kids autistic or suffering from cerebral palsy recommend a course of dolphin therapy, or hippotherapy.

When they help?

Impact on animal we could be diversified. They help the very fact of its presence next to the person. We make fun of women who have not developed personal life, no family, no children, but there is a cat, or even one or a dog. But these pets rescued his mistress from loneliness. These tailed therapists give people something that he does not in reality, but in what remains a need. This sense of importance ("depends on me a living being"), And the need for love (and the animals like their masters faithfully, they say, "never"), And communication. A man can not be satisfied with their lives, unhappy with the way it has developed, but at home waiting for his faithful friend who’s like any career heights and has achieved the owner if he had a stamp in the passport. This greatly increases self-esteem.

In addition to the psychological impact of the animals and it brings tangible benefits to human health. Only the deaf, probably have not heard about how useful the purring cat, or about the fact that the presence of the dog in the house reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in the two-legged family members. Why are there cats and dogs! Even aquarium fish, which does not scratch your behind the ear, can help us. The process of leisurely observation of them is able to save people from stress, nervous tension, and the presence in the room of the aquarium water moisturizes the air, making it more useful.


SHOWN TO AND WHAT cures "Doctor of dogs"?

Dogs primarily save their owners from inactivity: at least 2 times a day is necessary to bring the little dog in the yard and walk with him there at least an hour. This alone reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, twice! Dog pet is very positive, it can be a loyal and true friend, a good companion, attentive listener. That is why Canistherapy often practice with mentally ill people, as well as in hospice with seriously ill patients. Communicating with animals such people brings relief, soothes, relaxes and soothes. Very good results with hyperactive Canistherapy the children with attention deficit and with kids with Down syndrome. And no matter what the breed and size of dog, the main condition — calm, balanced, non-aggressive character.


Or method of treatment and prevention, based on the effects PER PERSON BIRDS

"Singing pharmacy" — So even called our feathered doctors. And though this method relates to the non-traditional therapy, in many countries it is used officially in medical clinics. For example, in the Netherlands orniterapiya present in cardiology clinics, and in Australia — in the centers dealing with the spine and joints. Singing birds soothes and relaxes. At the same time develops the hearing (including music), activates the cerebral cortex, which in turn positively affects the entire human body. All organs and systems begin to work simultaneously and smoothly. It is estimated that every day is enough to listen to the birds singing for 10-15 minutes, and you will forget what is depression, chronic fatigue and stress. Normalizes blood pressure, reduces the symptoms of vegetative dystonia. And you do not even need to go into the woods or to get a bird house. Curative effect does and listening to discs with birdsong.



How is the treatment? Through sound: a cat purrs, and it creates sound waves range from 16 to 44 Hz, which, scientists believe, include defense mechanisms, improve human immunity. It is no secret that the cat always knows where a person is ill, and it gets to this place. And the pain goes away. Perhaps because of the warming effect of the heat (body temperature above cats than in humans, 2-3 degrees), and perhaps due to the peculiarities "cat power". It is believed that the cats eat negative energy, which is why there is, in the house where a mustachioed doctor likes to sleep, man, it is desirable not to make beds. Thus, going straight into the epicenter of the disease, the cat pulls the entire accumulated in this place bad energy, and the person becomes easier. Felinoterapiyu recommended for cardiovascular diseases (stroke, heart attack), migraines, gastrointestinal disease, sciatica, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, hypertension and hypotension and even cancer and schizophrenia.


Or therapeutic effects of the medicinal leech

That’s really who never suffered from a lack of patients, so it is a leech. They began to be used for medical purposes for another 200-130 years before Christ, as evidenced by the ancient manuscripts (the doctor of the Greco Nikander Colophon apply them in their practice). 7-10 sessions, each an hour and a half, can bring relief from diseases of the joints (arthritis, low back pain, rheumatism) of the circulatory system (hypertension, including hypertensive crises, dystonia, an atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease), digestion ( gastritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, constipation, colitis), respiratory (asthma, bronchitis). Hirudotherapy used in urology and gynecology, disorders of the endocrine system, nervous and skin diseases.

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