Backstage LG plant

Backstage LG plant

Brief Introduction

The plant itself was launched in September 2006, became another important "building block" in a world empire LG, which currently includes branches, 6 design centers and 98 subsidiary companies. The Russian plant has been assigned a role: the release of monitors / TVs, washing machines and refrigerators. Currently, LG Electronics RUS produces more than 200 models of televisions, monitors, refrigerators and washing machines. A total number of employees in 2013 exceeded 2,000. But not all of it and are busy working on the assembly line. We were able to look into the "behind the scenes" Plant -testovye laboratory input and output quality control. They will is central to our story.

Control line

"What do you call a boat, so it will float"- I would say the captain Vrungel. In the case of the plant, from what materials you will collect the equipment, so it is in the future and will work. For this reason, the quality control of LG really paid much attention. In the past, we have considered only reportage assembly lines, and as a result, came across only one of the three types of control linear (aka "control line", Photo 1). As you might guess, the task of such employees include initial check of devices on the performance: poke buttons clap doors, etc. However, every year the process of trying to modernize and robotic. For example, now the correct installation of boards and cabling in the TV controls automation. Diodes illuminate the panel in the desired wavelength range. At this time, remove the image sensors that sent automation for analysis (photo 2).

If all goes well, the monitor turns confirmation "OK"And harvesting goes on (photo 3).

By the way, did you notice in the center of the roll frame with black labels? This is another, seemingly insignificant improvement, which actually allows the plant to significantly optimize the production process. In the frame of the printer, which is part of a single system, is responsible for overseeing the service and manufacturing labels.

Each piece of art through various stages of assembly and testing, pasted over in certain places of special service stickers. Previously, the process was as follows: on the assembly line had a few "points" with stickers. As you progress through the same TV, it gradually "overgrown" and they (photo 4).

The problem was that the rolls of labels were to be "synchronized" among themselves, since each of them is present the first unique serial number. Thus, if the TV at any stage is not tested and disconnected from the line to send to the repair area, it was necessary to somehow warn everyone else to "Now the label is not glued". You understand that the risk of error was quite large.

Now the process on all the lines is optimized. First naleyku naturally glues people. She does not need to check. Next "to battle" re-enter scanners (photo 5).

They read already pasted signs and instruct the printer to print "topical" (photo 6).

Thus, now the percentage of misunderstanding and error approaches zero. However, not all of the mini-check fails automate. I think this is primarily due to the fact that in order to check whether the TV stand keeps cheaper to add an action man than to buy a special robot. So, anyway, from manual labor to get rid of unprofitable.

And before you go to the input control, stop for a few more improvements that we were able to see.

So, in addition to anti-static gloves, now all employees involved in the process of assembling the sensitive electronics, wear special bracelets (photo 7). This ground. Himself bracelet is connected to"land".

And now, as promised, in the laboratory.

Inputs and outputs: two more quality control

Before anything will be built on the lines should hednoy quality control. Of course, every single item is checked, but the party is always a random sample, which is sent to the laboratory tests. We were able to look into the laboratory responsible for the control of flow to either in washing machines and refrigerators. Without false modesty, you can show that to aspire to, to test each node and every detail. Lab is constantly expanding and supplemented with new equipment. But today the range is impressive.

For example, the main task of this machine — tearing and bending metal (photo 8).

Based on these results the laboratory staff will be able to draw conclusions about the quality of drums installed in the washing machine. The appointment follows the installation clear without comment — it is designed to test the supply cable bending (Photo 9).

In the words of the staff, the technique is this: there is the number of cycles required flexion-extension (at the time of shooting the number of full cycles was about 176,000). After that, the wire is cut and examined for damage. There are internal tolerances — a test recognized as successful, if the percentage of damaged veins does not exceed a certain value.

They are followed by tests for vibration, humidity, temperature it.d. (10 photos)

Staff recognized that, despite the internal tolerances, they consciously make the tests more "hard"Since terms of use techniques that involve Koreans "at the head office"And reality may vary significantly. So sometimes you have to come up with your own settings for testing.

For example, the "pool" constructed themselves. Caveat is that the pumps do not pump clean water, and water with chlorine and sand, etc. That is, check Xia his work in conditions approximate to "fighting" (photo 11).

There are also designed for installation "endless cycle". That is, the test sample is in it as long as no failure occurs. This is particularly true for the kidneys and llamas light switch (photo 12). Board with the piston in this case simulates the "hungry man"That night opens the refrigerator door every 2-3 seconds.

Similar tests are endless and are provided for the other parts. But the most exotic, perhaps, turned out to be setup for testing the density of the foam and cardboard packaging (Photo 13). The foam is dipped into the water and the buoyancy is defined by its density. This is important because if the foam is too brittle, it does not protect the goods during transportation.

Similar requirements and cardboard packaging — it is necessary for it to be sufficiently dense and sprawling when wet. Its characteristics are also determined by the values ​​of the pressure force.

Final inspection

Test the camera output control is not less interesting. More able to study television lab, but managed to catch a glimpse and others.

For example, here are "heaps" sensors are used to check whether the refrigerator uniformly gathers and maintains the temperature (photo 14). Total for the refrigerator in one of the laboratories provodyat48 different tests. Unfortunately, to show the list of prohibited plant security service.

But back to the TV. In "output", As in "input"Also has a thermal camera. In the photo-camera 15 with a high temperature (s some 40 Celsius) and humidity.

There randomly selected television checked for voltage fluctuations as well as on the safety of not allocated or because of high temperature any harmful substances, if the body is not deformed, etc. There may also be tested for lightning strike into the house and to the wiring.

Interestingly looks camera noise. Unfortunately, the original photo to publish banned, so we had to look for the most similar to the Internet (photo 16).

The noise chamber technique is tested for temperature differences. Since the television is assembled from different materials (plastic, metal, etc.) depending on the temperature they dilate differently. The objective of the test is to determine the level of noise that can create housing televizora.

Well, at the end of the story I would like to show the installation to simulate traffic. And although in the wagon, all these processes may occur simultaneously, in the laboratory they are separated. Thus, the first TV tested on a vibrating table (photo 17). Then they drop their under all possible angles. And in the end carry the temperature in the room (photo 18).

And that "bottom line"? As a result, all the tests are intended to open the box with svezhepreobretёnnoy technique, you wonder how long it will last and how you will soon have to fix it, and just enjoy a quality product that works well.

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