Billets from the soil.

Billets from the soil.

If your plans for the coming garden season listed item on self-cultivation of seedlings, then now is the time to think about the blank soil mix for her. Do not expect to gain land from the nearest city park or flower beds — it is saturated with harmful substances metropolis that is absorbed by plants, and simply kill the seedlings. Of course, you can buy a substrate, but, first, you can not be sure of its quality, and, secondly, the extra money saved can not hurt. As the saying goes, «good hocheshsdelat -Make it myself.» Thus, any components can be used. Grassy land a better harvest in the meadows where grow clover, legumes or perennial grasses. Carefully remove the layer thickness of approximately 8 cm and 20 x 100 cm. Cut seam fold in the shoulder, and from time to time moisturizes and shovel it.

Humic (greenhouse) land harvested from 2-3 year old manure. Better if it will be horse or a sheep, a cow is also nice, but the pig is not necessary. Compost soil. It’s simple — you’ve already got the right compost heap?

Ground sheet is formed from the decomposed leaves. This process can be accelerated, occasionally spilling liquid manure heap. Due to the high content of tannins, oak, willow, poplar leaves are not suitable. You can replace the rotten grass. Garden land is harvested in the fall from the fertile areas of the garden (except where grown cabbage, and tomato). Peat can be used only from lowland (black). His punching, folding layers, and that lime slurry spill.

The sand is better to use a coarse river. It acts baking powder substrate. It needs to be washed, dry and warm. Interchangeable sawdust

Do not add to the soil for seedlings fresh sawdust from coniferous or residues of varnish and paint. The first plant will scare her frail phytoncides vtorye- harmful chemicals.

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