Bison LPP — 750 — 115E

Bison LPP - 750 - 115E

Network saber saw can be made straight, oblique and shaped cuts in a variety of materials — wood, chipboard, plastic, metal, foam and others. Power 750 Watt motor would be enough to solve the problems of the traditional circle.

Operation of the instrument is simple. The speed is controlled in the range of from 300 to 2500 strokes per minute. Required range is selected wheel located on top of the housing.

The saw blade at the LPP — 750 — 115E mounted using quick-chuck. The supplied key only need to adjust the desired cutting depth — change the angle of the foot can be without a key.

D-shaped handle has a soft grip. The kit includes two paintings — for wood and plastic, and metal.

Price: 3220 rubles.

DeWALT D25301D

The model is compatible with all AC and battery «plyusovskimi» punches DeWALT, except D25404K and D25405K. Suitable apparatus with industrial vacuum cleaner, which is provided with a connecting tube diameter of 35 mm and a length of 1.5 m.

A telescopic spring-loaded guide allows you to punch deep into the material. The maximum length of drill suitable for the work — 224 mm, drilling depth — 150 mm. This device is intended for drilling holes up to 16 mm inclusive.

Doubtless convenience — quick installation system to punch, allowing to do without using the key. The kit includes an adapter side handle.

The device is reliable, small and weighs little — 1.2 kg.

Price: 3100 rubles.

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