Book series

Book series

Laugh from the heart, to reflect on his own, to admire the fortitude, afraid to make a decision — these emotions and feelings will give you news of October.

1 «Public recognition of middle-aged women aged 55 years and 3/4»

Sue Townsend

«Phantom Press»

The writer has a rare talent — to see the humor in the everyday: shopping trip, a trip on a vacation, buy household appliances. Warning: will laugh out loud at any time, anywhere — even in transport, even in the queue to the dentist. The best remedy for autumn blues!

2 «Invisible thing»

Valery Panyushkin


The ordinary life of ordinary people. That sadness, joy. Life as it is. The collection of short stories. Easy to read, but it makes you think about yourself, about your. Prose for every day.

3 «Sharps»

Gillian Flynn


A small provincial town rocked by a series of brutal murders. And so there will be an investigation, during which no secrets of the past is not exactly cost. All the skeletons in the closet will be pulled out and thoroughly investigated. The book is not easy. And not everyone will like. But if you do not scare the gloomy thrillers, hard fate of heroes, the gory details and descriptions of mental illnesses, it is «your» detective.

4 «Dinner»

Herman Koch


One evening, two couples (brothers and their wives) met at the restaurant. For a change of dishes every now and then pop up the details of their lives, and the closer to the dessert, the greater the tension. It turns out, the relatives do not celebrate dinner, they discuss their children committed a cynical crime. What to choose: Recognition and court or still maintain the good name and reputation and to hide all?

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