Canadian restructuring continues

IN PREPARATION FOR its disbondment on August 1, 1995, the Canadian Forces 7th Wing (based at CFB Uplands, Ottawa) has lost both its subordinate squadrons, the 412th Transport Sqn and 450th Tactical Helicopter Sqn.

The 412th Transport Sqn was virtually decimated during 1994, having retired its CO 109 Cosmopolitans on June 30 and recently transferred two CC144A Challengers (CL-600) to the 434th Combat Support Sqn at CFB Shearwater, the home of the 12th Wing.

This leaves the squadron with the sole responsibility of maintaining the administrative flight service with four CG 144B (CL-601), serials 144613-144616, owned by the Treasury Board. They are scheduled to take up residence in Transport Canada’s hangar at Ottawa International.

Its sister squadron, 450th Tactical Helicopter Sqn, officially ceased operations at Uplands on August 15, and stood up with the 1st Wing at Montreal on September 22. The squadron conducts standard tactical helicopter operations with an unnamed military task force, which saw it deployed to Victoria in August to support the Commonwealth Games.

Three Canadian Forces’ Twin Otters were delivered into storage at AMDU’s detachment at Mountain view during the last week of August, pending handover to the Crown Assets Disposal Corporation. All three have been put up for sale — 13801 (c/n 303), 13806 (c/n 308) and 13809 (c/n 382) — the latter had previously been reported, as being registered to owners in Toronto as C-FSLR.

The Air Reserve Group was disbanded on April 15 after 18 years. Its responsibilities have now been integrated into the Air Command Headquarters, also based at Winnipeg with the 17th Wing.

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