One of the more intriguing Adobe Creative Cloud services is Kuler, originally a Flash-based web app that allows designers to experiment with and save five-color swatches (called «themes») for use in the company’s desktop applications.

Derived from the Mauritian Creole word for «color,» Adobe Kuler has now expanded to a free iPhone companion app that faithfully reproduces the web-based playground, adding the ability to capture colors using the handset’s built-in camera and automatically sync them back to a Creative Cloud account.

Kuler features a full range of color rules: Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound, Shades, or even something custom, and individual color swatches can be manually edited in both RGB or HEX, if you know exactly what tint you’re looking for.

Even if you just love casually playing with colors, Adobe Kuler is exceptionally fun Themes can be edited, renamed, deleted, made public illustrator cc. for others to enjoy, and shared via the Copy Link button online or through email and Twitter on the iPhone. While public themes can be exported to any CS6-era application that supports them, Illustrator CC can now access themes synced to your account—no import or export required.

Curiously, Adobe Kuler isn’t listed as one of the services inside Creative Cloud, but the company’s marketing prominently features it as such. While the service and free app can be used with a free Creative Cloud account—or even without one, if sync isn’t important—Adobe clearly has bigger plans for its colorful playground in the months to come.

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