We offer two cards, which marked almost all the lines, signs and features displayed on the surfaces of the hands and endowed with meaning.

No two hands. Nevertheless, we can map the lines of the hand, which we will follow in the course of the study and interpretation of personality. Of course, the map and the territory — are two different things. That is why we want to stress once again that every hand is unique. Not always on the palms can be found all the signs, the exact location of which is marked on the proposed figures. In addition, looking closely at the surface of the palm of your hand, you may notice certain features are not supported on these cards.

STUDY OF PALMS IN LINE CARD HANDS Initially, we recommend a look at the lines and marks on his hands and, without trying to interpret them, to compare with the features marked on the map that to your attention. Thus, you will learn the lines and characters that are endowed with a certain sense, and then be able to use them for the compilation of the interpretation. But so far it should be limited to a simple comparison of lines that are on the surfaces of your hands with the lines, characters and features that can be found in almost all human hands.

We again stress that some signs may be absent or invisible. This is not unusual. In contrast, this feature provides additional information.

Photocopy SURFACES their palms

Before proceeding to the study of their hands, and compared with those lines that are drawn on the two maps presented, we suggest you make photocopies of their palms. To do this, simply press the palms of each of the surface of the copier to reproduce their features. At the same time you need to press the palm of your hand rather tightly to the picture clearly imprinted all existing lines and signs. After this we recommend to compare the photocopies with the above figures. If you find that some items are not clearly manifested in the photocopies, you can check with the lines on the palms. But we should not with a magnifying glass or a magnifying glass, trying to whatever was to find signs that do not exist or are not very noticeable. You must pay attention only to the explicit signs and lines. Poor distinct dash of secondary importance, and their use as a source of information may cause confusion in the process of studying, summarizing and interpreting the data.

Left and right hand

On each of the cards, which we have by way of illustration shows a right-hand or left hand. However, the line marks and lines drawn on the cards exist both on the left and on the right hand. In other words, it is necessary to compare both hands with the above cards — first left, then right. When carefully examined the surface of your hands, you start studying and interpreting the data, find that dissimilar features right and left hands are complementary.

Map special marks on the palms of hands

1. Trident, or a sign of Neptune

2. The chain, or a sign of perseverance

3. Cross, or a sign of the victim

4. Star, or Venus sign

5. Point or sign loneliness

6. Islet or sign test

7. Double line or a sign of strength

8. Fork, or a sign of Pluto

9. circle, loop, or a sign of

10. The square, or a sign of Jupiter

11. The bar or counter sign

12. Grill or the sign of Saturn

13. Zigzag or sign Uranus

14. Triangle, or a sign of success

Practical advice that will help in the study of the hand lines

In palmistry, as well as in the other arts of divination, it is necessary to collect a variety of information, applying a certain way. By mastering them, you will have complete freedom to interpret the information received. For this offer, first of all, to reproduce on paper the two presented here maps, making them symmetrical map. Copy the 1st map, which shows the left hand, moving all the information on the image of the right hand, which will become a symmetrical display of the left. Similarly, copy the 2nd map that is drawn right hand, to reproduce it in the figure of the left hand. Then we offer to do the same with cards of their own hands, based, of course, on the copies that you have made. Because of this you will be able to meet the terms and basic principles of palmistry.

Map of lines and hills on the palms of the hands

1. Finger Jupiter

2. Solomon’s Ring

3. Phalanx will

4. Hill of Jupiter

5. Belt of Venus

6. Phalanx mind

7. Lower Mars Hill

8. Lifeline

9. Line of Mars

10. Venus Hill

11. A subsidiary line of life

12. Bracelets

13. Finger of Saturn

14. Finger Sun

15. Finger Mercury

16. The ring of Saturn

17. Hill Saturn

18. Hill Sun

19. Heart line

20. Hill of Mercury

21. Line of mind

22. Lines children

23. Line of marriage

24. Line Health

25. The line of intuition

26. Upper Mars Hill

27. The line of fortune

28. Line of the Sun

29. Hill Moon

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