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Venom Ink is enjoying a bit of success that comes with folks working hard at being passionate about their art. Owner Chad Chase has assembled a winning team of hard-working and talented folks to help him develop Venom Ink into a spacious and reputable shop in Sanford, Maine. Each with their own motivations and artistic style, the team comes together under the Venom Ink flag to collaborate on some of the boldest and most innovative tattoo work going on in the Northeast.

“It’s taken a lot of hard work and perseverance with a ‘never quit’ attitude and a desire to stand out.

Venom Ink has a beautiful, recently expanded and remodeled, shop and has been working hard to develop a solid name and clientele on the local front as well as in tattooing nationally. With the unprecedented “whole-shop sponsorship” by Formula 51 Ink, many convention awards, frequent publications, and an amazing reputation, Chase feels that the hard work it takes to succeed is paying off in spades.

Venom Ink was first opened by Chase in nearby Dover, New Hampshire, in 2004 but they’ve recently moved to a new location in Sanford, Maine, that boasts a 4,000 square foot layout.

Chad Chase has been joined by Chris “Chubbs” Chubbuck, Dan Kelly, Mathew Brown, and piercer Brett Castner. Chase also has the undying support of his partner Kelly to help glue the artists together with her fondness for organization.

“Kelly is my significant other, and I honestly can say the shop would spiral into a pit of hell if she wasn’t taking care of everything—from cleaning to bookings to website to appointments. She is overworked and underappreciated!” said Chase.

Chase, himself, is known for his bold realism, and with sixteen years at using the Formula 51 to make aggressive and rich realism instead of the often under-saturated and soft styles that tend to be so common in the realism genre. Even with his popularity and mastery of style, he feels that he remains teachable and flexible while surrounding himself with like-minded artists who encourage in the skin, he has really made a name for himself. He has excelled and challenge him.

“We stay pretty busy with our own customers; yet, we always try to help each other out and watch each other work whenever we can,” said Chase.

Tattoo artist Chris “Chubbs” Chubbuck has enhanced the Venom Ink custom experience with his smoothly blended flowers and animals tattoo work, but he definitely throws down on his share of horror inspired tattoos. “Chris is coming into his own style, and he’s my right hand man,” Chase told S&I. “He’s a very experienced custom artist.”

Dan Kelly is the youngster of the bunch at just twenty-two years old but with just three years in the skin, he is fast-tracked to becoming a well-known and innovative tattoo artist. He had a thorough apprenticeship under Chase and Chris Chubbuck at Venom Ink after some soft starts elsewhere, and he loves the home he has found there. His vibrant mix of bold new school and organic, but bold, realism is making him a favorite in those areas. “You can never bore me with a tattoo idea. Throw something at me and I will give the client a quality finished product that leaves people wanting to come back for more,” Kelly says.

Black and grey realism at Venom Ink is covered by buttery smooth professional tattooer Matt Brown. Brown is also extremely driven and while he’s more than proficient at all styles, he really enjoys laying down the value-driven black and grey work.

The team is supported by piercing professional Brett Castner who’s every bit as dedicated to the Venom Ink’s clients’ experiences as his peers. Brett is the best piercer in the Northeast. He has a big heart and is a great guy,” beamed Chase.

With the winning combo of atmosphere, quality, and crew, Chad Chase’s Venom Ink is the place to be in the Northeast.

Visit the shop’s website or stop by the shop to check them out for yourself!

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