Challenges in the interior.

Challenges in the interior.

Anyone, even the most remarkable quality and the carpet did not look equally good in the various rooms. The carpet with a long nap luxury perfectly fit the romantic bedroom interior, adds comfort.

In the hall better to choose a carpet with a short nap and a small figure (will not be too visible dust and particulate pollution). For the living room will suit the classic wool carpet with high density.

Children choose carpet with bright pattern or image of cartoon characters.

Carpet with textured pattern to add to any interior style and luxury. Do not be afraid to play with the shape and color, as even the most boring room can be transformed. To accentuate luxury furniture, pick monophonic rug or carpet calm colors. A simple furnishings sparkle with new colors, if you combine it with a luxurious bright carpet pattern.

If the color of the carpet is too active, it is desirable that it was repeated in the interior details, such as pillows, curtains, vases, etc.

Correctly choosing the color, shape and size of the carpet, you can visually increase or decrease space, make it warm and cozy.

What should be the interior of your home — it’s up to you! But remember that the right carpet enliven the room, make it unique.

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