CHINA: mystery and majesty …

In this country every traveler wants to get there at least once in life. Indeed, the reasons to visit a completely different world, ancient civilizations, gave us many incredible discoveries and a lot of useful things typed enough. It seems that China destined to constantly surprise the whole world wonders.

If earlier traveled to the East to grasp the great philosopher and immerse themselves in local exoticism, but now many more want to know the secret of such a rapid progress far the vast country.

The Chinese are now everywhere in the world — always smiling and clicking cameras, tourists, diligent workers, diligent students. They massively teach English and Russian languages-do collective gymnastics exercises … The whole world is talking about the mysterious oriental in nature and seeks to «catch» the Chinese wisdom.

We are fortunate that China — our closest neighbor to the east. This made the trip there for half the population of Russia in the reasonable price.

Kunming: a city of different nationalities

Those who will be in Kunming do not regret the long road. Before you appear pagodas and ancient city of narrow streets, full of parks and ever-blooming trees, small lakes and ponds, overgrown with lotus, where almost around the clock played by local musicians with a very nice national classic repertoire. And you will be surprised incredible diversity of people and types. Yunnan Province, the center of which is Kunming, famous for lots of different local ethnic groups, lived here.

So you have to get a camera often. By the way, the Chinese has long done business on the ethnic richness of good business: around the city is located ethnic village with a full range of tourist attractions: singing, dancing, peace gatherings, souvenirs, meals together. For tourists, the city is attractive as the most famous supplier of fresh flowers — they are in bloom incessantly. Neither Chinese wedding «on a grand scale» is not complete without the famous Kunming bouquets, and tourists are enormous flower fields, breathe in the wonderful aromas and trying to remember it in the splendor of his entire life.

Without exaggeration, China — a great and unsolved country. One of the best examples — many folk festivals.

Thus, the coincidence of two nines considered unlucky omen. Therefore, the ninth of the ninth lunar month (this year the date falls on October 13), they are not sitting at home waiting for trouble, but prefer to wait this time. For example, go to the mountains, where to pray for happiness and liberation from adversity and be sure to drink rice vodka, infused with petals of white chrysanthemums — a symbol of longevity. In early October, the Chinese celebrate one of the most favorite holidays — the moon. This celebration is not for sleeping especially for children. There is also a special treat — moon cakes. They need to eat only at night, then it will be all happy. Of course, it should be noted, and Day of the People’s Republic of China — the main state holiday. Celebrate it in a big way — with military parades and demonstrations.

BEIJING: China capital

October is considered the best month to explore the capital metropolis. Beijingers call it themselves during the days of clear sky and fresh air. In October, not so noticeable eternal haze over the city, and the temperature of 18 + 20 ° C is perfect for long walks.

Cover everything at once is difficult. This is a real metropolis, an area 15 times (!) Exceeds the size of Moscow.

Shoppers traditionally visit the silk, tea, and an antique pearl markets. If you really want to buy unique products of pearls, then keep in mind: the higher the floor is a shop in the building market, the better the quality and higher value of the pearl.

Even in Beijing, there is a certain market Yabaolu where so accustomed to Russian buyers, which can sometimes even take into account the ruble.

But the main thing in Beijing — its cultural treasures. The first — the Forbidden City Gugup. The largest palace complexes in the world is located in the precincts of the capital. In the Forbidden City have been living twenty-four rulers of the empire. And if in ancient times, a simple man of insight into the city could easily pay with their lives, it is now one of the most visited tourist centers in the world. All tourist sees in the Forbidden City, it is based on the philosophy, symbols, beliefs Chinese. For example, all the main facades facing south, to turn away from the north — the place where the enemies were.

Forbidden City began to build in 1406, he burned many times, but its hard to restore — always on the initial draft. The Last Emperor lived there in the early XX century, the place is empty total of only 100 years.

The second national treasure of China — Great Wall of China, the eighth wonder of the world. Giant defensive structure has a total length of about 8850 km (by current estimates). Construction of the wall lasted for centuries and still amazes anyone who has decided to walk along its ancient stones. By the way, you can easily walk only on the part of the wall, which is not far — about 60 km from Beijing. Examination of other sections of the wall has a good athletic training required — no wonder because it was built to fend off the foe!

Flight Moscow — Beijing — Moscow — 19 000 rubles.

HAINAN: island resort

It is the second largest island after Taiwan. He has long been a favorite resort area of ​​Russians: now 15-20 years are a great time residents of our Far East and Siberia. This island in its unique natural features. Hainan is called the Chinese Hawaii, as the islands lie on the same latitude.

Hainan is famous for its beaches, groves of mango, banana, pineapple and very warm South China Sea. You can rest here almost all year round, the temperature remained stable around +25 ° C, in October, the air warmed up to +25, +26 ° C, and the sea water is +26 ° C.

At the southernmost point of the island is the famous resort city of Sanya. Here affordable prices, because everyone, without exception, there is a beach hotel, all enjoy the city. Sanya City appreciated for gay nightlife, lively shopping arcade and the possibility of a decent save. But if you like a vacation «away from the hustle of the city», then you can go into the next bay — Hollow. Here, all the decorum and respectability, higher prices, the sea is cleaner and almost always without waves, each at its own beach with a white-and-white fine sand, not crowded. Hotels almost everything — 4-5 stars, with vast landscaped area and fun — swimming pools with artificial streams and fish, whirlpool spa, and other tricks. The Yalong tumultuous nightlife there, but people come here for the tranquility of romantic sunsets, sunrises, excellent massages, high-quality and unobtrusive service. Prices for hotels in Yalong Bay — from $ 100 for a double room.

In the neighboring bay of Sanya all democratic: the beaches are mainly urban, with a large yellow sand, the wind drives the waves — so here love to gather surfers. In Dadonghai Russian tourists for a long time to compete with Chinese vacationers. And this is a lot of pluses: enterprising Chinese are well mastered Russian, and already understand us there! The shops, cafes, restaurants — all in Russian. Prices for hotels in Daduhane — from $ 60 per room.

About the national cuisine is certain: some of it in delight, and others — can not stand. But if you go to China, try new foods, such as sugar-coated or meat pies with lotus. However, in the early days to observe moderation and caution — if stomach opposes get Russian or European cafe.

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