CHINESE in the garden

CHINESE in the garden

In recent years, more and more in suburban areas, you can see the unusual very long cucumbers, reaching, according to the owners, up to 1 m in length! They are tasty and extremely fragrant. And they call them — the Chinese.

That the «beast»?

This is not the name of the variety, and their actual origin, because they come from China. There landowners huge cucumbers grown to 1.5 m in length. With such huge amounts Zelentsy remain soft and not overripe. They have excellent taste and aroma, flesh is firm and sweet, and the narrow chamber in the heart of occupied small seeds.

On the beds «Chinese» can be identified immediately. He gives little lateral lashes. It prefers to grow in a single stem. On the nodes generates a lot Netherbloom and few female flowers.

Planted in a greenhouse.

Farming growing Chinese cucumber is somewhat different from the usual. They show the best results when grown in a greenhouse.

— An empty wooden box without a bottom height of 40-60 cm 2-3 days before sowing the seeds of early cabbage or pick tomatoes I put the high pile of manure mixed with straw, — says Marina Protasov, our reader, a cucumber-growing third year. — Well watered with hot water and close the top film. 2-3 days «caught fire» bunch distributed throughout the hotbed and spread on top humus layer of 15-20 cm.

I watered solution of potassium permanganate, and sow the seeds of cabbage or tomatoes dive. Hotbed of covering nonwoven spunbond type, and the top film. When the threat of frost has passed, shelter rented.

When sowing cabbage 4 sow cucumber seeds by placing them in a row in the middle of the greenhouse. After transplanting cabbage in the ground a little spud cucumber plants and pour in the vacated space humus.


Q: I have such cucumbers somehow crooked and bent. What’s the matter?

— Scourge it is necessary to tie up vertically! Also make sure that there is as much perekladinok-supports for cucumber lashes.

Question: Please note that this year the Chinese cucumber whip were too thin and small leaves. And the harvest is, of course, affected. What happened to the plants?

— Most likely, there is a lack of nitrogen plant. To remedy the situation, it was necessary to feed the cucumbers with a solution mullein, made from 1 liter of mullein, and 8-10 liters of water. The resulting mixture had to pour 1 L under every bush.

Q: It is said that the Chinese cucumber, you can cut a piece, and it will continue to grow in the garden. It’s true?

— To a large extent this is true of lagenarii, which is also called Chinese cucumber, zucchini Indian or calabash. But this is another plant — the fruit of his resemble a cross between a cucumber and zucchini and reach a length of up to 1.5 meters!

Almost a meter!

Svetlana Mityukhin from Novokuznetsk grows cucumbers are not the first year. Her favorite brand — «China heat-resistant.»

— This fragrant cucumber — she says. — Blankets are very dense and crisp. And what they are delicious in a preserved! I remember when I opened the jar, they exceeded my expectations: ordinary proved tastier and more aromatic, «pulled» a howling notes of spices.

The planting and care, I think, they are not picky: only watered and closes the cold. And the longest cucumber was 70 I see!

Cucumber on a pumpkin.

Try to instill a cucumber on a pumpkin. What for? Cucumber thermophilic, growing at soil temperatures of 20-25 ° C. By late summer, cucumber roots begin to die. If you apply the vaccination thermophilic cucumber on cold-resistant plants — pumpkin, cucumber will have a strong root system, and as a result, the period of fruiting of cucumber increased. And I noticed, increases their productivity and reduces the gestation period of the plant. The case is troublesome. For information on how to do this can be found in the literature.

Good harvests howling!

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