Get an invitation to hang out at Chloe Grace Moretz’s house on a Friday night, and it would definitely include a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon, tons of Instagramming, and a massive Call of Duty battle. Not exactly what you’d expect from one of today’s hottest new stars, normally seen rocking major designers on Hollywood red carpets. But Chloe likes to be a bit of an iconoclast. “There’s definitely Chloe who’s an actress, and then there’s Chloe who’s with her friends,» she reveals.

“When I’m on the carpet, I’m more demure. I’m not in my pajamas, I’m in heels and a couture dress.”

Chloe made a name for herself when she stunned people in Kick-Ass for playing an 11-year-old potty-mouthed vigilante. Then she got to work with legendary director Martin Scorcese on Hugo.

And on May 11, she goes goth in the campy horror movie Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. Although her career is exploding, she’s very specific about the kinds of films she wants to do. “I like to do movies that are sweet and soft, but at the same time they have an edge and are hard,” she says.

Chloe works equally hard to keep her Hollywood life and her real-girl life as separate as possible. Like most girls, she’s seen The Notebook hundreds of times (“I love Ryan Gosling-he is just revolutionary and beautiful, and Rachel McAdams is my girl crush,” she says), knows exactly what her dream wedding will be like (“I’m down for a country wedding with a banjo and all-I’ll have Taylor Swift perform!”), and gets grounded for talking on her cell phone too much. Her one secret vice: video games. “I just love them,” she admits. “I probably play video games more than any guy does! I have four older brothers.”

But to Chloe, succeeding at school is as important as winning a video game-or a coveted movie role. When she is not at work, she’s being homeschooled. “I was taught that whatever you want to do, always put school first,” she says. Although she is currently living in Los Angeles, she plans to go to Columbia University when she graduates from high school. “I’m so competitive and driven that I know I’m going to get in because I want to,” she says. Just before running out the door to a photo shoot, Chloe grabbed some elusive free time to talk to Seventeen and spill the secrets of being successful while staying true to herself.

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