Ilya Kolmanovskii — zoologist, science columnist, radio host, a school teacher. His wife Ksenia Reitz — a psychologist at the Center for Curative Pedagogics. Ilya, Xenia and their children, and Gregory Dean — surprisingly positive — the family, the result of a merger of two large clans. Ilya told us a few family stories.

The ancient seat of our huge Kolmanovsky Clan is in our house in the most prominent place. It is a pre-revolutionary times belonged to one of the branches of the family, who moved to Israel. In the early 1960s, they were given one of the first large individual apartments in Moscow. There initially was very spacious. Then it began to come to the family with their belongings Apartment quickly will spam will soon take a step was nowhere. And then they bought the TV. Patriarch of the family name was Yuri. And my father, while still small, said Yura: «Where did you put the TV?» And he replied sadly Jura: «To where I was before.» In fact, he had in mind this chair — it has always been clearly animated.

Not without ceremonies.

I do not drink coffee and I love tea. And around the tea we have built a special life. In our family, there were two veteran father of my grandmother and her beloved older brother. Brother came to war in 1944 as a private. He provoeval three weeks and was killed on the Karelian Isthmus. Last year, my grandmother over the Internet found his grave, and we went there. My father returned from the war, did not bring anything, even funerals, which he lost during the shelling. He does not then say that his son was killed. All he brought — two tin containers for tea, one of which is kept by us. It says «Berlin». Tea, we do not keep it, but keep it very very carefully.

While I was living alone, always arranged very regular tea ceremonies. It is believed that when a bachelor marries, his life is getting better and everything is orderly. Paired socks, hot food three times a day … All the way, but instead of tea from the kettle after my marriage formed bags. How can I save time at the ceremony when next to me a woman and children? But different kettles we still are — waiting for our older son Grisha.

With immersion.

We still have a few stories from the travel and cooking utensils. For example, when Xenia was pregnant with our first child Dina, I was souped diver, ready at any cost zanyrnut any puddle. It was December, we went to Israel. I went to Eilat lived there at some hut and diving with the Bedouins in the moonlight. Terrific was beautiful, but very cold. I’m scared froze, and I proceeded suit. For 10 shekels, I bought a thick-walled glass with the words Coca-Cola, and nearby found a free hot water. I save tea. Xenia at the time was with his grandparents in Batyame, in the central part of the country. It was a cold and miserable as any pregnant woman whose husband threw for diving. And my compensation plan included the presentation of glasses — Xenia loves Coke and gifts. I then came up with her something beautiful, but now when you said really opened.

When I retired from the «snob», I realized that terribly tired. And I certainly need to go to relax. Good Xenia, by that time I had two children, let me go to the Philippines and punished a good rest, and in any case do not bring durian. I really liked that Filipinos all her delicious food to eat not only sticks and spoons. And all the food was in such posudinkah with spoons. And I brought this Ksjushe posudinku, believing that she will like it very much. Presented right at the door, and he pulled the suitcase bochkom- sidled into the office, I took out wrapped in three layers of packages durian and put on a mezzanine. Ksenia smelled it in 20 minutes, and I would not say that she was happy. But posudinka she really liked.

Vocal exercises.

At home we are very much appreciated the interesting history of glasses. Classic glasses of brandy with golden rim I have learned from the mother-in-law to the garage. I think they are very rich correctly with some moldings, apparently from the GDR. At Susie grandfather very GDR people had many things like that.

And again, there is in Egypt a UAE hotel. We will boycott all the UAE due to human rights concerns. But this hotel can not we boycott because she is the best. There’s great food, and we have a few favorite restaurants. Italian Located near the pool, there are a number of bushes (they come in handy). And in this great restaurant -Heavy glasses, colored glass, as it were, a little cracked. I liked it so I asked the waiter how much it costs to buy them. They are not sold. Then I asked how much it would cost if I break a glass.

He said that the manager would require him to pieces. And then I began to steal them. Ksenia I was not allowed and was very scared, but at that time I could still boo in this family — has not exhausted its limit. And I threw the glasses into the bushes, the ones. And how it was getting dark, I come and pick up. Here they are, we are, we cherish them — for them I could easily cut off his hand.

The old record

We Ksyusha introduced my father. She was 14, I was 19. Xenia went to his father’s workshops. A few years later she had to do the biology department, and I was called repetitorstvovat. Zoologists have to draw well to depict the bones, muscles, ligaments — all this anatomy. I specifically went to the Art Institute to study and was considered a very good draftsman in his course. And so I began to explain Ksenya how to construct a horse.

And then she began to laugh and say that she had never met the man who would paint as badly as she was. This, in her view, was very friendly. It struck me that completely, of course. Xenia got «four» and entered. And one day I came a little bit shy, in her family: I poured the soup and vodka, and very well received. Grandmother and mother remembered that knew both my grandfathers. Ksyushin grandfather worked at Mosfilm television producer, as we would say today, and all the films for which he wrote the music, my grandfather Edward Kolmanovskii (such as «Big Break» or «For family reasons»), passes through it. After one of the films Edward Savelievich Ksyushinomu grandfather gave his plate, having written on the envelope: «Dear Semyon Mikhailovich with New Year’s greetings, cordial and friendly.» 1978 Year. I have two ode and Susie yet. This, of course, a major historical value in our family.

Brownie from her friend Masha, who taught Ksjushu not be afraid to cook:

6 servings

What do you need:

150 g of bitter chocolate and tasty

90 g of butter

2 large eggs

200 g of powdered sugar

90 g flour

300 g cherries, pitted

1 h. L. starch

What to do:

1. Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Melt the butter cut into pieces and mangled chocolate on a steam bath, a little cool. Add the eggs and stir. 2. Put the icing sugar and mix. Stir the flour (sifted better), stir again until smooth. Add to the dough roll in starch cherries. 3. Cover the form with baking paper (otherwise exactly stick) and for greater certainty grease the paper with oil. Pour the batter into the pan, put in preheated oven and bake for about 30 minutes. Cool before serving, if you have enough willpower.

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